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27 Nov 2011 description

Andrew was a year old when he was brought to Potter’s Village in Kisoro, Uganda weighing just 4kg.

“In Kisoro, where the soil is fertile, you would think there would be plenty of food,” said mission partner Jenny Green, who started and heads Potter’s Village.

“But as food prices soar the land is increasingly being used for growing potatoes to sell at a high price…lunch for many children is two potatoes, one in each hand.

"Little Andrew could not thrive on that meagre diet.”

Andrew was admitted to Potter’s Village for emergency care.

17 Oct 2011 description

People living in remote Obongi, Uganda had access to healthy food right under their noses – or rather, above their heads – but they didn’t know it until mission partner Heather Sharland made the effort to visit them.

Nestled on the banks of the Nile, Obongi residents’ diet consists mainly of fish and cassava, with no vegetables. “The women were saying they would like to cook and eat vegetables, but they are difficult to grow,” Heather said. “We looked around and saw many Moringa trees growing tall with many leaves.”

29 Jan 2008 description

Families fleeing killing sprees in western Kenya over the border to Uganda have found their needs met by staff of a rural training centre - and friends in Britain

More than 600 Kenyans suddenly arrived in a small village in the foothills of Mt Elgon in eastern Uganda with nothing but the clothes on their back.