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28 Apr 2018 description

by Tyler Graf

Uganda is home to a silent crisis.

You won't read many headlines about the refugee mother forced to trudge down dirt paths for a week with her child clinging to her back. But everyday, tired and sick refugees pour across Uganda's borders, their lives uprooted by spurts of raging violence back home.

In this unstable environment, swift action must meet urgent needs.

02 Mar 2018 description

by Helen Manson

Right now, in this very moment, even as you read these words, there's an invisible crisis unfolding in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Refugees are leaving in droves because of violence, heading to nearby Uganda where health clinics cater to their needs.

10 Feb 2018 description

by Tyler Graf | Feb 09, 2018

By the time the Mission Aviation Fellowship pilot makes the announcement --"10 minutes to Moyo"-- the Ugandan landscape beneath the airplane has become a dense forest with barely any roads visible from above, just one or two isolated dirt tracks. As the flight nears its destination, the ground below is a vast expanse of semi-arid scrubland. 

02 Jan 2018 description

by Tyler Graf

For the tired and sick, the scared and weary, those affected by conflict and poverty, the new year comes shrouded in mystery—the next 12 months are uncertain. But if we remember that hope overcomes fear, that medicine heals sickness, that knowledge empowers communities, and that faith invigorates the spirit, we know our path forward and can boldly break barriers to health in the new year. Here are the 18 ways that we will work to keep the world healthy in 2018.

25 Jun 2017 description

With the world gripped by the worst humanitarian crisis of modern times, we must unite behind the power of consensus to serve those in need.

That’s the thinking behind the first ever World Solidarity Summit, held this week in Uganda, a country at the forefront of the fastest-growing refugee crisis of 2017 and home to the second-most refugees behind Turkey. The summit is bringing more than 500 dignitaries together with a goal of raising $2 billion.

29 Nov 2016 description

Grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Support Refugee Health Services in Uganda

PORTLAND, Ore. – (November 29, 2016) Many are calling it the world’s fastest growing refugee settlement – and Bidi Bidi is exploding on a daily basis with thousands of women and children in dire need of basic health services. Now an $850,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will help Medical Teams International, a Pacific Northwest-based non-profit, boost its urgent work in northern Uganda.

31 May 2016 description

by Sarah Austria | May 17, 2016

Veciana and her husband, Simeon, were excited to have children. Twice, the excitement of pregnancy was followed by the devastation of a miscarriage at three months. But she remained hopeful as she sought help at her local health clinic in Burundi--Maybe, with treatment, she could have a safe birth. Unfortunately, when she inquired about treatment she was told that she was fine - and that there were no solutions for her. After the second miscarriage, Veciana was afraid she would may never be able to have a baby.

05 Dec 2012 description

In this issue

Life of Women in Nakivale, Uganda.
MTI Director of International Programs, Disaster Relief reports on the struggle thousands of women face in the Nakivale refugee camp where MTI is providing care.

Meet Patricia.
Midwife Patricia is working to keep mothers safe and healthy. Learn about her and her work for Medical Teams International in Uganda in this video.

Safe Motherhood in South Sudan.
Anna Summer, MTI Africa Health Advisor reports on how community health workers are helping ensure safe motherhood.

21 May 2010 description

(PORTLAND, Ore., May 21, 2010)- A two-person volunteer team from Medical Teams International travels to Southwest Uganda this week to help sick and suffering Congolese refugees. They will provide primary health care services for families forced from their homes by ongoing fighting in the Congo.

Cynthia Bickley, a Registered Nurse from Deer Park, Wash., and Dr. Patricia O'Hora, General Practitioner from Edgewater, Md., will leave Saturday, May 22.

14 Oct 2009 description

(PORTLAND, Ore., Oct 14, 2009) -The 2,000th team of medical volunteers sent by Medical Teams International takes place tomorrow, Thursday, October 15 and will travel to Uganda, where Medical Teams International has been working for the past 4 years.

Jo Hauser, an Emergency Room physician from Ottawa, ON will lead the team of three volunteers.

06 Oct 2009 description

PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 6, 2009-Medical Teams International started a four-year, $2 million program to reduce child morbidity and mortality in Uganda on Oct. 1, 2009.

The Child Survival program is an initiative to serve 107,000 people (46,000 children under 5 and women of reproductive age) within Lira District, northern Uganda.

01 May 2009 description

On May 9, Kathy and Calla Holmgren, the wife and daughter of former NFL Coach Mike Holmgren, leave for Uganda, Africa where they will care for families who have been forced from their homes by the ongoing fighting in neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo...fighting that has claimed the lives of nearly 45,000 people every month - half of those children.

30 Mar 2009 description

(PORTLAND, ORE.-March 30, 2009) Tomorrow, a Portland physician, a Seattle nurse and a nurse from Colorado Springs, CO, leave for Uganda, Africa. There they will care for families who have been forced from their homes by ongoing fighting in neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Dr. Steve Boyer, a physician at St. Vincent Medical Center who cared for war survivors inside DRC last November, will provide medical assistance for the sick in refugee camps across the border in Uganda beginning this week. Dr.

20 Feb 2009 description

Dr. Randy Jacobs cared for thousands of Congolese refugees; now ready to talk about experiences

(BEND, ORE.-Feb. 20, 2009) Dr. Randy Jacobs, a Medical Teams International volunteer, helped save 150-300 lives a day for a month in southwest Uganda. This emergency room doctor from Bend, Ore., cared for thousands of displaced Congolese families who fled severe violence and intense rebel fighting in their homeland.

Most have witnessed shocking atrocities and traveled dozens of miles on foot into the safety of neighboring Uganda.


11 Feb 2009 description

(Tigard, Ore.- Feb. 11, 2009) - The U.S. State Department's Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) awarded $594,000 to Medical Teams International last week so it can continue its lifesaving care of Congolese refugees inside Uganda.

Medical Teams International provided medical treatment for 27,627 refugees in December with volunteer teams and staff from Uganda.

02 Feb 2009 description

Dr. Michael Sluss volunteers with Medical Teams International; cares for refugee families seeking safety in Uganda

(WILSONVILLE, ORE.- Feb 2, 2009) A Wilsonville physician with Medical Teams International leaves tomorrow to care for families fleeing war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Dr. Michael Sluss joins the third volunteer team sent to a Ugandan refugee camp where thousands of Congolese people are seeking medical care, food, clean water and shelter. Sluss, a neurologist at Oregon Neurology PC and tropical medicine expert, will be in Uganda for more than a month.

21 Jan 2009 description

Medical Teams International sends in more teams and medicine

(Juru Refugee Camp, Uganda - Jan. 21, 2009) Aid workers estimate more than 5.4 million people have died in a decade-long conflict that primarily affects the central African countries of Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan and Uganda. Up to 45,000 people continue to die each month-most of them women and children-from easily treated diseases like malaria, upper respiratory conditions and chronic diarrhea.

24 Dec 2008 description

Portland community leader will care for families fleeing the violence in the Congo

(PORTLAND, ORE. - Dec. 24, 2008) This Friday, a local physical therapist with Medical Teams International leaves for southwestern Uganda where she'll help thousands of families fleeing the fighting in neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.

Portland community leader and business owner Katherine McCoy first volunteered with Medical Teams International in 1989 when she traveled to Jamaica during Hurricane Hugo.

16 Dec 2008 description

Two volunteers are only medical providers for more than 26,000 people

(PORTLAND, ORE.-Dec. 16, 2008) Today, U.N. refugee agency, UNHCR, appointed Medical Teams International to deliver critically needed medical care in a Ugandan refugee camp. The camp is now home to 26,000 Congolese who have fled ongoing violence in neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.

Two volunteers with Medical Teams International-Dr. Tom Martin of Portland, Ore., and volunteer nurse Anne Blaufus of Camas, Wash.-will begin working in the camp tomorrow.