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22 Nov 2017 description

A new SOS Children’s Villages programme will improve livelihoods and gender relations between host communities and the growing number of refugees

SOS Children’s Villages Uganda will launch a programme to help the surging number of refugees in the country’s southwest, with a focus on vulnerable local and refugee families.

05 Aug 2014 description

5 August 2014 - With no permanent home in site, SOS Children’s Villages proceeds with construction of a temporary village for refugee children and families from Malakal, South Sudan.

Despite political and ethnic polarisation that has plagued South Sudan for the last six months, the youngest country in the world celebrated three years of independence on 9 July 2014. The streets of the capital, Juba, were lined with troops singing and dancing, carrying banners proclaiming "One People, One Nation".

31 Aug 2012 description

28/08/2012 - Returnees to South Sudan come in many forms. Some are recent and impoverished, desperately in need of humanitarian help, while others are well educated, offering much needed skills. Robert Sakaya, a nurse at SOS Children’s Villages Malakal, is a returnee who has become part of the relief effort.

Robert Mambo Sakaya was 13 when he left what was then Sudan to go to live in northern Uganda. He was alone at the time, leaving his parents who were living in an IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp in the south of the country.

15 Aug 2012 description

14/08/2012 - Since late July 2012, the already fragile stability in eastern Congo has been further undermined by violent clashes between government and rebel troops. Nearly half a million people have been uprooted from their homes according to the UN. As thousands of families seek food, shelter and safety, SOS Children’s Villages prepares to act.

20 Sep 2011 description

Already robbed of their dignity and their humanity, some child soldiers find themselves open to prosecution and faced with having to account for atrocities they were forced to commit.

According to the United Nations, about 10,000 children linked with armed groups were rescued or released in 2009. However, for some their fight for freedom remains uncertain as justice systems the world over are struggling to assess whether the children should be treated as victims or perpetrators.

08 Jan 2008 description

The humanitarian crisis in Kenya - the result of violence after disputed elections - is deepening, especially around the town of Eldoret. Fredrick Ochieng, youth leader coordinator at the SOS Children's Village Eldoret, gives an eye witness account.  

Following post-election violence causing over 400 deaths and the displacement of thousands of people, it is feared that the crisis in Kenya could turn into an enormous humanitarian catastrophe unless action is taken soon.

16 Apr 2007 description

16/04/2007 - Although the Ugandan government and the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) have just agreed a new six week ceasefire, the long term prospects are still in doubt. Despite this, northern Uganda is experiencing normality for the first time in many years.

03 Mar 2004 description

Entebbe, the second-largest city of Uganda, will see the official inauguration of a new SOS Children's Village by President Yoweri Museveni on 6 March 2004.

20 Aug 2002 description

While the military conflict was escalating in the last few months, large numbers of children in northern Uganda, abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), have regained their freedom. The children, abused as soldiers, slaves and "brides", include child soldiers, underage mothers with their babies and orphaned children. In an initial response, SOS Children's Villages has established an emergency aid centre in Gulu city to take in abandoned children until November, when a temporary SOS Children's Village will be ready.