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12 Feb 2009 description

Funds Sent To: Norwegian Church Aid

Amount Sent: US$ 49,013.64

Date: 12 February 2009

Details of Response

Emergency: Displacement in Southern Sudan Caused by LRA Attacks

Date of Emergency: 11 February 2009

Implementing Member(s): Norwegian Church Aid/ ECS/SUDRA


Since mid-December 2008 a series of brutal attacks by the Ugandan rebel Lords Resistance Army (LRA) has hit the border areas either side of the DRC/Sudan border. To date 23,569 people (OCHA, 28 Jan) have been displaced within Central and Western Equatoria states of Southern Sudan.

23 Jan 2009 description

The Lords Resistance Army (LRA) has attacked a series of villages in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mundri and Yambio counties in south Sudan since 25 December 2008. Information has been slow to emerge from this remote part of the country but church and other civil society organisation leaders have reported vicious attacks on women, men and children as well as burning and looting of fields and houses.

16 Dec 2008 description

Appeal Target: US$ 2,731,452

Geneva, 12 December 2008

Dear Colleagues,

The humanitarian situation across much of conflict-affected northern Uganda continues to progress along the transition from humanitarian to recovery and development action. In 2009, distinct humanitarian needs will continue to require a coordinated response, even as recovery and development are recognised as the dominant thinking across the majority of existing areas of operations where ACT members in Uganda are operating.

05 Nov 2008 description

Funds Sent To: Church of Uganda Planning, Development and Rehabilitation Department (CoU-PDR)

Amount Sent:  US$ 56,333

Date:  November 2008

Details of Response

Emergency: Congolese Refugees in Uganda

Date of Emergency: 5 November 2008

Implementing Member: Church of Uganda, Planning, Development and Rehabilitation Department (CoU-PDR)


The Democratic Republic of Congo borders Uganda on the southwestern side and borders Rwanda on the northern side. The DRC has experienced a number of ethnic conflicts.

05 Feb 2008 description

Funds Sent To: Church of Uganda, PDR

Amount Sent: US$ 60,000

Details of Response

Emergency: Assistance to Kenyan Refugees in Uganda

Date of Emergency: January 2008

Implementing partners: Church of Uganda, PDR

Details of the Emergency: The Nation of Kenya that borders Uganda on the Eastern side has to been known as a bastion of peace in East Africa for the last 45 years since it attained independence from Britain in 1963. Its economy has also been the strongest in the region, partly due to peace and stability.

28 Sep 2007 description

By Catie Corbin, ACT International

ADURUKOI, UGANDA. September 28, 2007 - George William Odeke is a local councilperson in the flooded village of Adurukoi in the eastern Ugandan district of Katakwi. "I don't know what will happen next year because the food is just finished. If the rain continues, we will undoubtedly need food relief," said Mr. Odeke.

17 Sep 2007 description

GENEVA, September 17, 2007--Recent heavy rains have caused extensive flooding and damage throughout much of west, central and east Africa. The floods have destroyed homes, farmland and local infrastructure, while displacing hundreds of thousands of people.

Members of the global alliance, Action by Churches Together (ACT) International have been assisting people since early August, as the emergencies began to unfold.

04 Sep 2007 description

Assistance to IDPs in Northern Uganda - AFUG71

Appeal Target: US$ 4,589,603

Balance Requested from ACT Alliance: US$ 1,983,702.87 (Revised September 2007 for Flooding in Katakwi/Amuria)

Geneva, 4 September 2007

Dear Colleagues,

Please find enclosed the revision of the Lutheran World Federation LWF Uganda appeal AFUG71 issued on the 8th of January 2007. The implementation of this appeal has been to focus on reducing human suffering among internally displaced persons in Northern Uganda in Katakwi, Amuria, Pader, Kitgum and Adjumani districts, through an emergency preparedness.

21 Aug 2007 description

Amuria and Katakwi flooding

Geneva, 21 August 2007

Heavy torrential rains that started in mid-July have resulted into flooding in the low-lying areas of Amuria and Katakwi. The region has not experienced flooding of this magnitude in any recent memory.

10 Jul 2007 description

By Karen Ressel

Opakwi, Uganda. July 10, 2007. Rose Imilima lives in the eastern Ugandan district of Katakwi. She never imagined that she would spend her life struggling to survive. In fact, she never thought she would spend her life alone, but when her husband died, she was left without a means to support herself.

Struggling to make ends meet, Rose's physical condition deteriorated over time, until she was having difficulty digging in the garden or getting water. The plot of land she planted continued shrinking until the food she harvested was no longer enough to sustain her.

08 Jan 2007 description

Appeal Target: US$ 4,789,074

Balance Requested from ACT Alliance: US$ 4,273,528

Geneva, 8 January 2007

Dear Colleagues,

20 Sep 2006 description

The partnership between the Church of Uganda and The Lutheran World Federation in Kitgum

By Jenny Williams, ACT International

Kitgum District, Northern Uganda, September 20, 2006 - There's an old adage that says, "Two heads are better than one." Adapted to a case of humanitarian organizations working in situations of emergency relief - two working together is better than one - the adage rings true.

In the district of Kitgum in Northern Uganda, a region of the country ravaged by 20 years of rebel warfare, the scale of operations required to assist the 300,000 …

18 Aug 2006 description

A message from the ACT Coordinating Office

02 Jan 2006 description

Appeal Target: US$ 4,621,506
Balance Requested from ACT Alliance: US$ 3,861,506
Geneva, 2 January 2006

Dear Colleagues,

13 Jul 2005 description

By Stephen Padre, ACT International

Abirichaku, Northern Uganda, July 13, 2005 - When strangers showed up in Mariam Abdulai's village in northern Uganda, rather than ignoring them or hosting them as short-term guests, she treated them as if they were her own family. In fact, her view of the outsiders is deeper than that.