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20 Jul 2018 description

The World Health Organization estimates that 15 per cent of the world’s population have a disability and that a higher prevalence of disability occurs among people in lower-income countries.

01 Sep 2017 description

Stephen Thompson
Institute of Development Studies
14 June 2017


In the context of refugee crises, what is the evidence base that moving from emergency humanitarian response to longer-term development-focussed activities that promote refugee selfsufficiency and resilience reduces overall operational costs and saves money in the long run?


24 Jul 2017 description

Kerry A. Millington and Mina Bhardwaj

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine


11 Jan 2017 description

Mutahi, P. and Ruteere, M.

IDS Evidence Report 217

Publisher IDS

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17 Nov 2016 description

Huff, A., Dowd, C., Okech, A., Muteru, A., Shahrokh, T., Zadi Zadi, P., Alidu, S.M. and Allouche, J.
IDS Evidence Report 210
Publisher IDS
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21 Mar 2016 description

Executive summary

Men’s experiences as victims of sexual and gender-based violence remain little recognised in research, policy or practice. Mainstream narratives generally continue to depict men as perpetrators of violence and women as victims. Yet, having been linked to forced migration in contexts of armed conflict, sexual violence against men is slowly becoming recognised as far more widespread than was previously thought.

31 Jan 2013 description

New IDS rapid response briefing calls for more integrated approach to zoonoses

In the latest issue of the IDS rapid response briefing series, authors from the Dynamic Drivers of Disease in Africa Consortium explore the benefits of developing a more joined up approach to tackling zoonoses.

12 Sep 2012 description

Abstract: This paper provides a comprehensive view of household responses to insecurity by examining chances along the extensive and intensive margins of livelihoods during a conflict.

13 Jun 2012 description

Abstract: This paper investigates the relationship between violent conflicts and risky sexual behavior in Uganda. We use geographical and temporal variation in conflict intensity and a difference-in-differences approach to evaluate how individual exposure to conflicts in the past 5 years influences the decision to engage in risky sex. We find that exposure to more conflicts leads to safer sex practice. We further investigate how the relationship between risky sexual behavior and violent conflict exposure varies depending on the malaria risk in the region where individuals live.

23 Apr 2012 description

Abstract: We study the effect of civil conflict on social capital, focusing on the experience of Uganda during the last decade. Using individual and county-level data, we document large causal effects on trust and ethnic identity of an exogenous outburst of ethnic conflicts in 2002-05. We exploit two waves of survey data from Afrobarometer 2000 and 2008, including information on socioeconomic characteristics at the individual level, and geo-referenced measures of fighting events from ACLED.

16 Jan 2012 description

Author: Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex
No. of pages: 114
Publication date: 2012
Publisher: Institute of Development Studies
ISBN: 978 1 78118 043 3

06 Apr 2011 description

Development experts, policymakers and academics, meeting at a major conference on global land grabbing, being held at IDS, were told today that a new 'scramble for Africa' is taking place. A major study released by the World Bank last September found that in 2009 deals were being struck for the allocation of 45 million hectares of land, 70 per cent of this was in Africa.

04 Feb 2011 description

4 February 2011 - David Hughes

Agricultural development in Africa is hampered by a lack of investment in the physical, scientific, financial and human capacity required to transform the continent into the breadbasket of the world that it has the potential to become. Global financial and food crises have brought agriculture into even sharper focus reminding us again of the close link between poverty and food insecurity and signalling a need to reinvest (and prioritise) agriculture.

But without agricultural researchers advancements will be slow.

25 Apr 2008 description

Hilary Benn called on April 24 for a mass movement involving the public and politicians to tackle the 'global and historic struggle' of climate change.