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02 Mar 2015 description

In Iganga, Uganda, the community group Musana has changed its model from dependency on outsiders to local initiative.

By Beth Alaimo, Global Envision MARCH 2, 2015

Iganga, a town conveniently located along the central highway from Kampala to Nairobi, is much more than a popular truck stop. It's where Musana, a community organization breaking Uganda’s reliance on foreign aid, has made its home.

09 May 2013 description

The information farmers in Uganda provide via mobile phones does more than just help them order and pay for supplies. It allows the collection of data that will help them sell their crops, build a credit history, and receive other services, such as crop insurance.

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09 Apr 2012 description

Brewing conflict with Sudan in the north, and Joseph Kony's LRA in the south, are just two of South Sudan's challenges. Nonviolent Peaceforce is working to protect the population, especially women and children, from these and other threats.

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22 Mar 2012 description

A protest march in Kampala by Uganda's opposition leader Kizza Besigye leads to the murder of a police officer, highlighting how combustible Uganda's political situation remains.

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13 Mar 2012 description

Invisible Children's Kony 2012 film has sparked a global conversation about African warlord Joseph Kony. So far, however, little has been heard from those living closest to the conflict.

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09 Mar 2012 description

Invisible Children's Kony 2012 campaign includes an early warning radio network and crisis map that help civilians prepare for attacks by Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army, guest blogger Patrick Meier says.

By Patrick Meier

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13 Dec 2011 description

Tiny Burundi has seen a modest turnaround since it put a civil war behind it. But continued instability in Congo allows Burundi's rebel groups a safe haven to launch attacks.

By Elizabeth Dickinson

Bujumbura, Burundi

As post-election turmoil rippled across the Democratic Republic Congo over the past week, no one was watching more anxiously than the country’s neighbors to the east.

27 Sep 2011 description

Uganda's Constitutional Court has ruled that former Lord's Resistance Army Commander Thomas Kwoyelo, the first LRA member to be prosecuted, can't be denied amnesty.

By Ashley Benner

Uganda’s Constitutional Court has issued an important ruling that will significantly affect the future of the crisis caused by the Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA. The court upheld the Ugandan Amnesty Act as constitutional and ruled that it should be applied to the trial of former LRA commander Thomas Kwoyelo, the first former LRA member to be prosecuted.

07 Sep 2011 description

After a decade of Ugandan military operations to disarm rival clans, Uganda's Karamoja region has become more secure. Now the region is becoming more self-sufficient.

By Max Delany, Correspondent / September 7, 2011

Kotido, Uganda For the vast majority of his life, Mateo Longoli has known little but the nomadic life of a cattle-herder in the remote Karamoja region of Uganda.

24 Aug 2011 description

While the Ugandan and US strategy of chasing the brutal Lord's Resistance Army leader, Joseph Kony, has produced some attrition, it has also generated a massive recruitment campaign by the LRA.

By Philip Lancaster, Guest blogger / August 23, 2011

19 Apr 2011 description

Despite similarities, the protests in these three African countries don't symbolize a broader movement for change in Africa.

By Alex Thurston, Guest blogger / April 19, 2011

Three African countries are experiencing major protests this week: Nigeria (specifically the northern part of the country), Uganda, and Burkina Faso. The three countries have vastly different political situations, but it’s worth exploring the differences and commonalities between these protest movements.

28 Oct 2010 description

By Max Delany, Correspondent / October 28, 2010

Uganda's 112-day presidential election campaign kicked off in the capital, Kampala, today amid concerns that violence could mar the run-up to the Feb. 18 vote, in which President Yoweri Museveni is favored to win a fourth term.

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27 Oct 2010 description

Sudan has not been included in meetings to discuss ways to fight back against the Lord's Resistance Army. This is a missed opportunity, says Ledio Cakaj, a guest blogger from the Enough Project.

By Ledio Cakaj, Guest blogger / October 27, 2010

Meeting in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, CAR President Francois Bozize and representatives from Uganda, Congo, and South Sudan worked to find a regional solution to the Lord's Resistance Army.

13 Jul 2010 description

Less than 48 hours after twin Uganda bombings claimed by Somalia's Al Shabab militants killed 76 people, the Somali community in Uganda is now worried about being attacked.

08 Nov 2007 description

A delegation of the brutal Lord's Resistance Army is traveling the country this week in a peace bid.

By Alexis Okeowo | Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor

Gulu, Uganda - As a parade of representatives of Uganda's notorious Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebel group swept into the refugee camp, Thomas Oling confessed that he had never experienced such excitement.

Mr. Oling has spent most of his young adulthood at this camp for displaced people on the outskirts of Gulu, a town that was once at the epicenter of the rebels' horrific 20-year civil war.

23 Oct 2006 description

In the first of a four-part series, the Monitor examines how Africans are developing a unique form of reconciliation based on community and forgiveness.

By Abraham McLaughlin | Staff writer of the Christian Science Monitor

PATONGO, UGANDA - Today a doe-eyed 20-something named Betty Atto, a former member of one of the world's most-brutal rebel armies, finally gets to take her first step toward redemption - toward the forgiveness she now seeks from the people she terrorized for so long.

It's a sun-drenched afternoon here in Africa's heartland, and Betty stands beneath a …

26 Jul 2006 description

Families of LRA rebels and traditional leaders will meet this week before high-level talks restart next week.

By Tristan McConnell | Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor

KAMPALA, UGANDA - Despite getting off to a rocky start this month, peace talks to bring an end to the brutal 19-year war in northern Uganda were adjourned this week with mediator Riek Machar citing "substantial progress."

The talks between the rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) and the Ugandan government are still regarded as the best chance in years to bring an end to the war.

26 Jun 2006 description

Talks between LRA rebels and Uganda's government could begin as early as this week.

By Tristan McConnell | Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor

GULU, UGANDA - "What do we want?" asks David Onen Acana, paramount chief of northern Uganda's Acholi people. "Peace at any cost."

For two decades, war has raged here between the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) and the Ugandan government.

07 Oct 2005 description

The LRA crossed into Congo, opening a new front in the conflict.

By Blake Lambert | Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor

KAMPALA, UGANDA -- The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), a cultish Ugandan rebel group known for abducting and enslaving teenagers, appears determined to expand its operations into a third country, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

More than 350 rebels crossed into the country's northeast last month from Sudan for the first time in the 19-year conflict.