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12 Jun 2014 description

Six years after the guns fell silent, and months into the second iteration of the Peace, Recovery and Development Programme (PRDP), the question of whether northern Uganda is truly at peace remains unanswered in many people’s minds.

31 Aug 2008 description
report Saferworld

Executive summary

Promoting development is a complex process involving many different players and often new resources, which impact on the lives of beneficiaries both in predictable and unpredictable ways. These can inadvertently contribute to divisions or fuel violence - particularly in environments already affected by conflict.Conflict-sensitive approaches to development aim to maximise the potential positive impact of development and minimise the potential for fuelling conflict.

This report documents how two development projects in Uganda became more conflictsensitive, and as a …

30 Jun 2008 description
report Saferworld

Executive summary

THE PROVISION OF SAFE WATER has the potential both to greatly improve quality of life for communities and to contribute to other long-term development improvements. But this potential can be undermined if water services are provided in a way that aggravates tensions or conflicts in the beneficiary communities.

30 Jun 2007 description
report Saferworld


"Conflict has lasted 20 years. Our children have been killed and abducted, our houses burned, properties looted, children with diseases, and we are left there suffering in the camps ... if the peace talks come to success I think there will be business because we can be free to move without fear."Field Officer, Rwot Ber Women's Association

The relationship between conflict and development is a highly complex one.

31 Mar 2007 description
report Saferworld


There is a growing consensus amongst researchers and policy makers that development and security are closely linked. Poverty and underdevelopment increase the risk of violent conflict and contribute to other forms of armed violence. This is clear in Africa where factors linked with underdevelopment such as weak state capacity, horizontal inequalities, and livelihood and resource pressures, contribute to conflict and insecurity.