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04 Jun 2002 description
report Marek Enterprise

An extract from "The Washington File - Africa edition"

27 Dec 1999 description
report Marek Enterprise

Machete-wielding Rwandan rebels attacked a resettlement camp in northwestern Rwanda, hacking to death at least 30 people and injuring scores of others. AP reported that the attack occurred in Tamera, a village 50 miles northwest of Kigali, on the DR Congo border. Most of the victims were civilians. The rebels allegedly crossed over from Congo on December 23 and attacked during the evening hours. An army patrol arrived too late to do any good. It was the first such attack inside the country since Rwandan troops crossed into Congo in August 1998.

04 Nov 1999 description
report Marek Enterprise

More than 100,000 Congolese displaced and up to 7,000 dead in fighting since summer, all on Uganda's doorstep in the Ugandan zone of occupation

05 Aug 1999 description
report Marek Enterprise

The death toll being reported by DR Congo MLC rebels from the alleged Sudanese Antonov bombing run in northwest DR Congo is now at 524 and rising.

11 Feb 1999 description
report Marek Enterprise

World Food Program now planning to move food to Goma by truck, a much more risky endeavor than by air

10 Aug 1998 description
report Marek Enterprise

For original document and additional information, see New Congo Net (NCN) Central Africa Watch at http://www.marekinc.com/NCN.html

Battle Summary - August 10, 1998 11:11 EDT USA, Reston, Virginia

It appears that a regional war is being fought in the DR Congo on two major fronts.

Eastern Front: There are five major activities underway in the eastern front:

11 Jan 1998 description
report Marek Enterprise

Xinhua reported on January 11 that the Kampala-Entebbe has been cut by floods since January 10. However, in the more important story, Kampala's New Vision reported on January 10 that as many as 185 people are known to have died of cholera in Uganda in an epidemic that is fast consuming much of East and Central Africa from the DRC through Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda up through Kenya and Somalia. The New Vision reported that 53 people died in Mbale.

Ministry of Health records indicated that 4,005 cases had been reported since the outbreak.