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09 Oct 2012 description

Local government so under-resourced that it will find it hard to deliver ambitious development plan for northern areas.

By Alex Otto, Oroma Gladys, Cho Woo Willy - International Justice - ICC
ACR Issue 329, 8 Oct 12

Officials and development experts in northern Uganda are concerned that the latest phase of a government project designed to improve people’s lives may not be achievable as there isn’t the staff or capacity on the ground to make it happen,

11 Jul 2012 description

As cases spread, parents are struggling to reach health centres to pick up medication.

By Bill Oketch, Gillian Lamunu, Arthur Okot - International Justice - ICC
ACR Issue 325, 10 Jul 12

As the nodding disease crisis in northern Uganda worsens, local health workers and parents have told IWPR that many of the children affected are still struggling to access treatment.

Meanwhile, parents are having difficulty providing children with the kind of nutritious diet needed to complement treatment.

03 May 2012 description

Questions are being asked in northern Uganda about the ability of local government and law enforcement to tackle the many child welfare problems facing the region.

The number of children neglected by their parents is on the rise in Uganda as a whole, and police statistics show that the highest offending rates are being recorded in the northern region, prompting warnings that district officials, police and community leaders are failing to cope with the challenge.

24 Apr 2012 description

Process of reintegrating rebel combatants will continue, but too little has been done to help victims.

By Moses Odokonyero, Simon Jennings

As a Ugandan law extending amnesty to former rebel fighters is renewed for a further two years, people in the war-torn north of the country say the conflict resolution process should be broadened to ensure compensation for victims.

Rights groups, meanwhile, are calling for changes to the law itself, to stop major war crimes perpetrators claiming amnesty and evading justice.

30 Mar 2012 description

Although Kony 2012 film largely deals with past events, it could prompt wider debate about justice.

By Moses Odokonyero - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 317, 30 Mar 12

I happened to be in Kitgum, one of the seven districts that make up the Acholi sub-region, in the same week that the Kony 2012 video was released.

27 Mar 2012 description

Court case exposes shortcomings of legislation as property disputes threaten now-peaceful northern region.

By Arthur Okot, Gillian Lamunu, Bill Oketch
ACR Issue 316, 26 Mar 12

Ugandan lawyers have criticised a recent ruling in a controversial land dispute in the north of the country, warning that it highlights a gap in the legal provisions that underpin customary land ownership.

24 Feb 2012 description

IWPR radio programme and community-based discussions provide vital channel for citizens to put concerns to local government.

By IWPR - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 314, 22 Feb 12

Community debates organised around a radio programme produced by IWPR in northern Uganda have prompted discussion about the quality of local services, particularly for people uprooted by 20 years of conflict who are resettling in their home areas.

15 Feb 2012 description

As refugee agency winds up work, concerns persist over future of elderly people still unable to return to homes.

By Arthur Okot, Bill Oketch, Gillian Lamunu - International Justice - ICC
ACR Issue 314, 13 Feb 12

The withdrawal of the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR from northern Uganda has sparked fresh concerns about the fate of vulnerable groups, particularly elderly people who have yet to return home after two-decades of conflict in the region, and are struggling to access basic amenities.

18 Oct 2011 description

Women and girls captured by LRA in northern Uganda struggle to settle back into former villages, while their children, often fathered by rebels, face complete rejection.

By Arthur Okot, Gillian Lamunu, Bill Oketch - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 305, 18 Oct 11

Agnes was abducted by Uganda’s rebel Lord’s Resistance Army, LRA, in October 1996. She was seized along with 138 other girls who were asleep in their beds at St Mary’s college in the town of Aboke in Lira district.

14 Oct 2011 description

Granting of amnesty for alleged rebel commander may jeopardise other cases.

By Barrett Holmes Pitner - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 304, 14 Oct 11

The collapse of the trial of an alleged ex-Ugandan rebel chief has raised serious concerns about the country’s ability to put any of its war crimes suspects on trial, experts warn.

03 Oct 2011 description

Court officials says appeal against acquittal of LRA suspect may allow them to get safety measures in place for future trials.

By Arthur Okot, Bill Oketch, Gillian Lamunu - International Justice - ICC ACR Issue 303, 3 Oct 11

An appeal against the acquittal on war crimes charges of the former alleged Lord’s Resistance Army commander Thomas Kwoyelo has given Uganda’s newly-formed International Crimes Division, ICD, of the High Court more time to implement crucial measures to protect witnesses.

25 Aug 2011 description

Authorities should not miss chance to deliver justice following 20-year conflict with northern rebels.

By Simon Jennings - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 301, 25 Aug 11

Early glitches in the trial of Thomas Kwoyelo, a former commander in the Lord’s Resistance Army, LRA, accused of war crimes, are a worrying indication that the Ugandan authorities may miss a crucial opportunity to deliver justice to people in the north.

17 Aug 2011 description

Efforts to defeat feared group run into trouble as regional governments fail to address threat.

By Barrett Holmes Pitner - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 300, 17 Aug 11

Amid concerns that efforts to flush out Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army, LRA, are flagging, the international community is facing stark challenges to defeat the rebels as they continue to wreak havoc in the region.

21 Apr 2011 description

Lawyers and activists in northern Uganda say IWPR’s Facing Justice programme has prompted women to speak out about rights violations and seek justice.

By IWPR - International Justice - ICC

21 Apr 11

Organisations advancing the rights of women and others who were uprooted by the conflict in northern Uganda have told IWPR of the crucial support that its Facing Justice radio programme is providing to those now seeking to rebuild their lives.

07 Apr 2011 description

IWPR radio programme on transitional justice provides survivors of the LRA insurgency with a platform to air their views on efforts to restore stability to northern Uganda.

By IWPR - International Justice - ICC
8 Apr 11

As the people of northern Uganda seek to rebuild their lives after the brutal, 20-year insurgency waged by the Lord’s Resistance Army, LRA, IWPR’s radio programme on justice and issues surrounding the resettlement of those uprooted by the conflict provides sought after information on post-conflict developments in the region.

10 Mar 2011 description

Broadcasters in Uganda and Sudan are producing shows aimed at persuading rebels to come home.

By Nancy Sai - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 291,

10 Mar 11

As calls mount to put an end to the atrocities still being committed by Ugandan rebels, radio is increasingly playing a role in getting some of these fighters to voluntarily return home.

Despite International Criminal Court arrest warrants for the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, Joseph Kony, and his senior commanders, the rebel force continues to wreak havoc in the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, the …

10 Nov 2010 description

Growing concern that vulnerable youngsters being trafficked or lured by promises they can make good money across border in Sudan.

By Florence Ogola - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 276,

10 Nov 10

Mother-of-four Acullu Rose has not seen her daughter since the 13-year-old left the family home in Atiak, northern Uganda, to travel to Sudan two months ago.

Rose fears the teenager has been lured into a life of prostitution by a merchant from Sudan who was doing business in Atiak, a trading centre only 50 kilometres south of the border.

"I have looked for my daughter …

27 Oct 2010 description

Money earmarked to help those affected by crimes said to be insufficient to meet demand.

By Richard Ekotu - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 275, 27 Oct 10

Activists fear that a fund set up to support victims of crimes under investigation by the International Criminal Court, ICC, is set to come under huge pressure as its remit expands and funding struggles to keep pace.

Over the past five years, the Trust Fund for Victims, TFV - set up under the Rome Statute, the treaty that created the ICC - has provided an invaluable lifeline for many war victims in Uganda and the …

21 Oct 2010 description

With many weapons from 20-year civil war still in circulation, police fear wave of killings could continue.

By Bill Oketch - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 274,

21 Oct 10

A spate of gun crime in Lira district has been blamed by police on the wide availability of weaponry left over from Uganda's civil war.

At the beginning of October, a 60-year-old woman was gunned down over a land dispute in Alito sub-county in Kole district, near the town of Lira.

16 Sep 2010 description

Stories by

Tajeldin Abdhalla Adam, Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa, Katy Glassborow, Blake Evans-Pritchard, Bill Oketch, Florence Ogola, Evelyn Kiapi, Moses Odokonyero, Simon Jennings.

March - July 2010


The first-ever review conference of the Rome Statute, the founding treaty of the International Criminal Court, ICC, took place in the Ugandan capital of Kampala between May  31 and June 11.

The landmark event brought together ICC states parties, observer states, international organisations and NGOs to take stock of what the court has achieved so far, and to discuss …