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14 Dec 2009 description
report Medair

Ecublens - Over the past six years, Medair responded to sudden emergencies while also strengthening our rehabilitation work to make a long-lasting impact on vulnerable communities. Our teams worked in Afghanistan, Angola, D.R. Congo, Indonesia, Iran, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

Sri Lanka

Medair was on-the-ground in Sri Lanka within 24 hours of the deadly Asian tsunami, and operational in five days. We worked in a neglected fishing village to secure safe drinking water and provide temporary shelters for the most vulnerable.

14 Oct 2009 description
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D.R. Congo - Almost one year has passed since the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) began attacking villages in northeast D.R. Congo, and the crisis shows no signs of ending, with more than 250,000 people currently displaced from their homes.

"The LRA rebels attacked our village on the 17th of September," says 18-year-old Marie Dawilegu. "I remember that the children ran frightened out of the schools. Everybody started running, as we all feared the cruelty of the LRA."

So begins the story of Marie Dawilegu, who has become one of D.R.

08 May 2009 description
report Medair

D.R. Congo - International NGO Medair has initiated a swift response to contain an outbreak of bloody diarrhoea in two health zones in Dungu territory.

In Amadi, one of the villages hit by the outbreak, seven people have died from bloody diarrhoea, with another 286 sick. Amadi is a two-day journey from Medair's base in Isiro.

Upon receiving the news, Medair responded immediately, packing medical supplies into boxes for emergency transport. "We sent 350 kilograms of supplies the next morning," said Guillaume Lemer, Logistics Manager.

05 Nov 2008 description
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All of Medair's staff in Dungu have been safely evacuated to Isiro after a deadly Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) attack on the town.

On the night of 1 November, LRA rebels attacked Dungu town. Heavy fighting ensued with the Congolese army (FARDC). The UN has reported that nine people were killed, and thousands have fled the area.

Medair's staff in Dungu town were able to evacuate by motorbike, and have now safely reached the town of Isiro, where Medair has a base.

All NGOs that were working in Dungu have evacuated by road because of the insecurity.

07 Oct 2008 description
report Medair

Medair remains the only active international NGO on-the-ground in Dungu Territory, with staff providing emergency health care and free medicine for IDPs, as the crisis escalates daily.

On 26 September, Jean de Dieu Mopanga, a Medair health coordinator, drove for three days from Isiro to Dungu in a 4x4 loaded with 450 kilograms of essential medicines. Four of those five medicine kits have now been distributed to health centres treating conflict-affected IDPs, with the fifth medicine kit in high demand and soon to be distributed as well.

08 Aug 2008 description
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In northern Uganda, Medair is helping hundreds of vulnerable children earn an income and provide care for their families.

Acan Lydia lives with her grandmother and two younger siblings in a small satellite camp in the sub-county of Adilang. Her grandmother takes care of them as best she can, but is often sick and unable to perform many household tasks. Acan Lydia and her siblings were orphaned when their mother died of HIV and their father died in the civil war.

15 Jul 2008 description
report Medair

After three-and-a-half years working for Medair in Uganda, Henrieke Hommes, a manager in our health programme, reflects on her experience and on the hope she sees in the embattled country.

These last few years were full of intense hard work for me, with many ups and a few down times too. It was a time of great development and growth on an organisational, professional, and personal level; it was a time of meeting many new people and developing great friendships. I lived through periods of major instability and times of relative security.

10 Dec 2007 description
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Medair Serves the Most Vulnerable -- In the feature, we examine the conflicts, disasters, and other crises that contribute to the vulnerability of our beneficiaries.

Throughout Asia and Africa, Medair provides emergency relief and rehabilitation for the most vulnerable people.

13 Jul 2007 description
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Uganda - Medair has received nearly €336,000 EUR from the European Union (EU) to continue its work with internally-displaced children in Northern Uganda.

The 18-month project will provide psychosocial support to trauma-affected children and ex-LRA child soldiers, in addition to practical assistance to 6000 orphans and 300 child-headed households.

"Previously we had been running this project on small grants that would last 6-9 months," said Anne Reitsema, Deputy Country Director, Medair Uganda.

07 Jul 2006 description
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Medair has built an airstrip to serve a displacement camp in northern Uganda. The Patongo airstrip, in south-east Pader district, will ensure continuous humanitarian access to the camp.

13 Jun 2006 description
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A child soldier escapes from the Lord's Resistance Army, and Medair helps him and his family struggle to return to a normal life.

06 Jun 2006 description
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In 2004, well in advance and in line with the 2005 UN declared international year of sport and physical education, Medair began a remarkable initiative that continues to have significant effects on young people in Uganda's war zones. They began providing sports equipment to schools in the Pader District of Uganda. Schools received footballs, netballs, and volleyball kits, and at the same time, Medair began promoting sports competitions in the primary schools for IDP's (Internally Displaced People).

31 May 2006 description
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""If there is no money for food, how can we buy books?" - parent in Patongo IDP camp, Uganda.

26 Aug 2003 description
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Not quite yet forgotten

09 Jul 2003 description
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By Dave Beer, Logistician /Administrator, DR Congo

06 Nov 2002 description
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David Sauter (Desk Officer)

31 Mar 2002 description
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Recent events in Karamoja have challenged the work of Medair in the region. Ongoing insecurity from the tensions arising from the Disarmament process met a climax last week in Kotido town.