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09 Aug 2018 description

Four major international NGOs launch an innovative and ambitious new education project, aiming to get thousands of out-of-school refugees and Ugandan children back into education.

The INCLUDE project will use accelerated education methods to teach children who have missed out on years of school. It provides interactive computer games to promote learning, helps children who have fled war to cope with the stress of their experiences, and engages communities to identify their own priorities for improvement.

31 Dec 2016 description

The need to build peace

27 Oct 2016 description

War Child launches a guide to sexual and gender-based violence legal protection in acute emergencies

30 Sep 2016 description

We live in a world in which 28 million children have been driven from their homes as a result of conflict, persecution and insecurity. If current trends continue, more than 63 million children could be forced to flee by 2025, of which over 25 million will cross borders and become refugees. At least 300,000 of these child refugees will end up alone, separated from their families. Without a step-change in the provision of education for refugee children, at least 12 million of them will be out of school by 2025.

23 Sep 2016 description

Forced Migration

The figures for forced migration are staggering and unprecedented. And yet the movement of people is a symptom of a crisis, not the cause. Until there is a global reduction in violence and conflict, the problem will continue to get worse.

22 Sep 2016 description

written by: Arden Jobling-Hey

This year, in recognition of International Peace Day, we celebrate the theme Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace. When we speak about building blocks, it’s hard not to immediately think about children. Specifically, the millions of refugee children around the world currently displaced by war in places like Jordan, the Democratic Republic of Congo or South Sudan.

16 Jul 2015 description

Local Solutions to Global Problem

20 Nov 2014 description

Child Protection

Child protection is about keeping children safe from violence, exploitation and abuse. It is an issue in all countries, including here in Canada. Here we have strict laws, social services and specialist charities that are all in place to prevent and respond to child protection violations. Widespread child protection crises are thankfully relatively rare here.

12 Jul 2013 description

Posted by Michelle MacInnes-Rae

12 Oct 2012 description

Posted by War Child Admin

In June 2012, a group of Canadian advocates travelled to Uganda to assess how they might be able to assist with War Child's access to justice work. They were accompanied by media executive, Denise Donlon, filmmaker Mick Gzowski and War Child founder Samantha Nutt. Here is the video of their visit.

19 Apr 2012 description

When it comes to development and humanitarian aid, innovation is a common buzz word. Here at War Child, creative thinking has been at the forefront of our philosophy since our founding in 1999. For us, innovation is not a trend but an essential way of thinking.

06 Mar 2012 description

As I walked into the middle of the circle to introduce myself, the women started cheering loudly; I had arrived at their event the only foreign woman in a group of men and this apparently deserved significant applause. After introducing myself, the women decided that I needed a new name and I was promptly dubbed Aya – a Lango word meaning ‘girl born amongst boys.’ I like my new name.

27 Mar 2008 description

Much of the war in northern Uganda has been fought by children. The rebel forces, the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) abducted between 20,000 and 40,000 children and forced to them to fight, become sex slaves or otherwise enslaved in service to the rebels. This would be appalling in itself, but this was no ordinary conflict. It was characterized by unparalleled savagery.

27 Mar 2008 description

How a legal aid program is protecting the rights of women and children.

Sexual violence against women and children is rife in northern Uganda. Until a unique intervention by War Child Canada, they suffered in silence. Now, we are offering them recourse to the law and the chance to seek justice.

11 Jul 2006 description

In Gulu district, northern Uganda, children are subjected daily to violations against their rights as a direct result of the 20- year conflict between the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) and the Ugandan Government.

21 Feb 2006 description

In July of 2005, Adrian Bradbury and Kieran Hayward embarked on a 31-day walk, GuluWalk, to raise awareness for a humanitarian emergency thousands of miles away, for children they'd never met and for a nation they'd never even stepped foot in.