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07 Feb 2018 description

Malnutrition in Eastern Africa among children raises concern

18 January 2018, Addis Ababa – The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the Africa Union Commission have signed an agreement to launch sustainable school food and nutrition programmes in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

23 Jan 2018 description
report EastAfrican


African countries are divided on the fate of Rwandan refugees within their borders following the expiry of the deadline of the cessation clause that effectively ends their refugee status.

The cessation clause is part of the 1951 Refugee Convention, which allows countries to declare that the reasons that led to people fleeing the country no longer exist, and that all those who fled should be able to return or risk losing their refugee status.

31 Dec 2017 description
report EastAfrican

In Summary
- Parties cited the need for more time to promote voluntary repatriation, while a section of asylum countries grappled with logistical challenges to examine individual cases of refugees seeking exemption or integration.
- Deadline for cessation elapses on January 1, 2018.

10 Oct 2017 description

From 25th- 29th September, 2017, 15 Rwandan refugees exiled in different countries since 1994 participated in the “Come and See, Go and Tell” programme organized by the Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugees in partnership with UNHCR.

30 Sep 2017 description

Ceci est un résumé des déclarations du porte-parole du HCR Andrej Mahecic – à qui toute citation peut être attribuée – lors de la conférence de presse du 29 septembre 2017 au Palais des Nations à Genève.

Le HCR, l’agence des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés, lance un appel à davantage de soutien de la part de la communauté internationale en faveur des réfugiés burundais et des communautés qui les accueillent, alors que la pénurie chronique de fonds entrave sérieusement les efforts humanitaires dans les pays d’asile.

29 Sep 2017 description

With only 12 per cent funding, UNHCR and aid partners are grappling with increasing needs of Burundian refugees.

By Cathy Wachiaya in Mahama, Rwanda | 29 September 2017

After fleeing violence in Burundi, Charlene Natete, her husband Jean-Marie and their two children, Alice, 7, and four-year-old Vestinne, are relieved when they finally reach Mahama refugee camp in Rwanda’s Eastern province. But, even here, their worries are far from over. All they own now is contained in a single bag.

06 Jun 2017 description

In the evening of Monday 1st May 2017, ten Rwandan refugees from Zimbabwe, Uganda and Congo Brazzaville arrived in Rwanda for a three- day visit under the ‘Come and See, Go and Tell’ Program.

Most of them came expecting to see an unsecured and destroyed country. At their surprise, they found a new Rwanda that’s steaming ahead on the development, a country that is waiting to receive them with open arms.

01 Oct 2016 description
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Joint Communiqué - English version
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Communiqué conjoint - French version

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and delegations from African countries as well as the African Union, agreed today on final steps to end the protracted Rwandan refugee situation after seven years of negotiations.

This ministerial meeting, hosted by UNHCR in Geneva, marks the last phase of a comprehensive solutions strategy for Rwandan refugees who fled their country between 1959 and 1998 to escape inter-ethnic violence and armed conflict.

02 Oct 2015 description

On 2 October 2015, a Ministerial meeting was convened at UNHCR Headquarters in Geneva to discuss the state of implementation of the Comprehensive Solutions Strategy for Rwandan Refugees and to review key issues and the way forward in bringing the strategy to its conclusion.

29 Sep 2015 description

Since March, approximately 200,000 people have fled pre-election violence in Burundi, heading to neighbouring countries of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

30 Dec 2014 description

On December 17th, 2014, a group of five former Rwandan refugees landed in Kigali. They include RUGIRA Desire who opted for voluntary repatriation from Uganda. Four other namely: Soter Hakizima and Asnath NSENGIYUMVA from Niger, Rcihard Niyomusabye Richard and Marie Chantal Mukeshimana from Uganda came throughout the “Come & See, Go and Tell program” to witness the situation in the country so that they can go back to asylum countries to testify to their fellow refugees. They attended the 12th National Dialogue before visiting different parts of the country.

02 Jun 2014 description

Rwanda started experiencing ethnic-based hostility from 1959. The hostilities forced thousands of its population to seek safe havens in different countries across the region. The 1994 Genocide against Tutsis that cast a dark shadow over the country saw millions of Rwandans scattered across the world, especially in Africa. Many lost hope for the country, fearing for the worst.

28 Feb 2014 description

Notes: This is a statistics report on repatriation of Rwandans from July 2013 to February 2014.

  • 4,773 Rwandans refugees have been repatriated, 23 refugees renounced refugees status and have been given Rwandan passports and remain in foreign countries
  • 74.46 % of the repatriated passed through Nkamira TC
  • 95.2% came from DRC
  • 59.8 % are female, while 59.8% are under 18 years old
  • The Western province received 73% of the repatriated.
  • 14.461 Rwandans expelled from Tanzania have been received
30 Jan 2014 description
report Human Rights Watch

Attacks on Opponents, Critics Abroad

(Nairobi, January 30, 2014) – Human Rights Watch has issued a new report about attacks and threats against Rwandan opponents and critics abroad, spanning the period of 1996 to 2014. The most recent case was the murder of Patrick Karegeya, a prominent Rwandan dissident who was found dead in Johannesburg, South Africa, on January 1, 2014.

31 Dec 2013 description

Notes: This is a statistics report on repatriation of Rwandans from July 2013 to December 2013.

  • 3705 Rwandans refugees have been repatriated, 23 refugees renounced refugees status and have been given Rwandan passports and remain in foreign countries
  • 73.54% of the repatriated passed through Nkamira TC
  • 94% came from DRC
  • 58.6 % are female, while 60.11% are under 18 years old
  • The Western province received 72% of the repatriated.
16 Aug 2013 description

IOM has stepped up efforts to support the sustainable reintegration of Rwandan refugees returning from neighbouring countries, including the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

The organization is training some 184 trainers, who will in turn impart their acquired skills to 1,500 selected returnees and vulnerable members of host communities in Rwanda.

12 Jul 2013 description
report IRIN

KAMPALA/JOHANNESBURG, 12 July 2013 (IRIN) - The future of tens of thousands of Rwandan refugees living in Africa remains uncertain nearly two weeks after the 30 June deadline recommended by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) for the discontinuation of their refugee status.