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30 Mar 2012 description

From the Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Law

Executive Summary

20 Mar 2012 description

Grilles d'Analyse ayant servi pour la classification des territoires du district du Bas-Uélé dans la Province Orientale, lors du 6ème cycle de Atelier National de l'IPC.

27 Feb 2012 description

A Report from the Greater North of Uganda


This report outlines the views and priorities of victims of serious violations of human rights law and international humanitarian law which resulted from the conflict between the Government of Uganda and the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). It details the serious violations that victims and victim-focused civil society organisations (CSOs) believe should trigger their right to remedy and reparation. Their priorities for remedy focus primarily on truth-recovery and accountability for harms committed.

06 Feb 2012 description

Nouvelles en bref

• Au Sud-Kivu, 5.042 réfugiés rwandais ont été enregistrés au cours d'un exercice de recensement effectué avec la Commission Nationale pour les réfugiés dans six territoires (Kabare, Kalehe, Mwenga, Shabunda et Walungu). 56% sont des femmes, 33% des enfants âgés de 5-17 ans. Les territoires de Shabunda/Bakisi, Mwenga/Itombwe et de Kalehe/Bahavu ont enregistré les chiffres les plus élevés de réfugiés. 74% des 5.042 interrogés ont indiqué leur intention de vouloir retourner chez eux.

06 Feb 2012 description

UNHCR operational highlights

• In South Kivu, a total of 5,042 Rwandan refugees have been registered during the census exercise conducted with the National Commission for refugees in 5 territories (Kabare, Kalehe, Mwenga, Shabunda and Walungu). Among them, 56% are women, 33% are children aged 5-17 years. Shabunda/Bakisi, Mwenga/Itombwe and Kalehe/Bahavu Territories have registered the highest refugee figures. Some 74% out of the 5,042 interviewed indicated their intention to return home.

30 Jan 2012 description
report ACTED

December was generally dry with mostly bush fires immanent in several parts of the district. Neem trees and desert dates were both becoming yellow and shading off leaves. No appearance of mushrooms and mosses were reported during the month. The prediction from the Meteorological Department mentioned that overall there are high chances for below normal conditions over several parts of the district. The calves’ mortality and abortion rates increased due to the prevalent livestock diseases especially CBPP and stress because animals move to far grazing areas to access pastures and water.

27 Jan 2012 description


  • The TDRP support for the development of a DDR Capacity Program at the African Union takes shape

  • Beyond TDRP countries, technical assistance is extended to Niger and South Sudan

  • DPKO/MONUSCO officially request TDRP support for a new project on DDRRR in the Democratic Republic of Congo

  • The Facility for Quality Enhancement and Innovation continues to deliver numerous evaluations and reports on DDR programs across the Great Lakes

24 Jan 2012 description
report ACTED

The month of December experienced minimal rains which confirm the establishment of the dry season and the current situation is likely to persist in January as predicted by the department of meteorology. This is further confirmed by the change in the vegetation condition with most of the trees especially Neem and Desert dates turning yellow and shading off their leaves, a sign that the dry spell is immanent. The month was also characterized by limited agriculture activity; all households had finished harvesting and stocking their product.

24 Jan 2012 description
report ACTED

Kotido district received very little rains in December (5mm according to the satellite imageries). The vegetation condition exhibited increased yellowing and shedding of leaves among Desert dates and Neem caused by increasing temperatures with no appearance of mushrooms and mosses, which is normal. The prediction from the Meteorological Department for the month of January mentions that there are high chances (50%) for below normal conditions over several parts of Kotido District.

24 Jan 2012 description
report ACTED

December was generally dry with mostly bush fires eminent in most parts of the district. Neem trees and desert dates were both becoming yellow and shading of leaves. No appearance of mushrooms and mosses, which is an indication of dry season setting in. The prediction from the Meteorological Department mentioned that La Niña conditions which have been prevailing across the tropical Pacific Basin since October 2011 are now close to its peak, with a gradual decline expected over the first quarter of 2012.

23 Jan 2012 description
  1. DDG Uganda objectives, partners and stakeholders
  • Strategic objective:

To build national capacities towards development of an environment free of threat of explosive remnants of war (ERW) and armed violence, where people of Uganda can live safely and have access to land and natural resources, in the process assisting the government in their efforts of becoming compliant with the International Mine Ban Treaty.

13 Jan 2012 description

This document was prepared by ECB and ACAPS based on secondary data review, available assessment reports and consultation with key field actors. It provides an update (23 September - 15 December 2011) of the current situation in Eastern Africa with a special focus on Somalia and displacement.

The annex contains general and sector specific background information on Somalia.

It should be used carefully for any decision making without alternate and verified field sources of information.

13 Jan 2012 description

From drought to floods — climate variability still impacting on vulnerable pastoral and agricultural communities.

The Eastern sector of the region has suddenly shifted from experi-encing severe drought to floods. This feature is a constant and urgent reminder of climate variability impacting on the most vulnerable pastoral and marginal agricultural communities.

12 Jan 2012 description

Human Rights Council
Nineteenth session
Agenda item 6
Universal Periodic Review


09 Jan 2012 description


Cette Revue Trimestrielle de Sécurité du LRA Crisis Tracker fournit un résumé et une analyse des activités signalées de l’Armée de Résistance du Seigneur (LRA) de juillet à septembre 2011 (la période de rapport soulignée) en République démocratique du Congo (RDC), au Sud-Soudan, et en République Centrafricaine (RCA).

09 Jan 2012 description


Par rapport aux premiers sept mois d’année 2011, les attaques signalées, enlèvements signalées, et meurtres signalés en novembre ont continué aux plus bas nivaux pour la quatrième mois consécutif. Novembre a égalé le moins numéro d’attaques LRA signalées d’aucun mois dans la Base de Donnés du LRA Crisis Tracker, qui date de décembre 2009.

Toutefois, les meurtres et enlèvements de civils sont montés légèrement en octobre 2011.

09 Jan 2012 description


In relation to the first seven months of 2011, reported LRA attacks, killings, and abductions in November continued at lower levels for the fourth consecutive month. November had the second lowest number of reported LRA attacks of any month currently in the LRA Crisis Tracker database, which dates to December of 2009.

However, reported civilian killings and abductions have risen slightly compared to October 2011.