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22 Dec 2005 description

Kampala (dpa) - Uganda said Thursday it is ready to negotiate with the government in the Democratic Republic of Congo following a ruling by the U.N.'s International Court of Justice (ICJ) that its soldiers plundered the resources of the DRC and committed human rights abuses.

23 Nov 2005 description

By Henry Wasswa, dpa
Kampala (dpa) - He came as a messiah, his rag tag guerrillas gunning their way from the bush to install him in power 19 years ago, erasing Uganda's dark chapter of state-induced killings, political oppression and economic chaos.

But people in the East African nation are taking a second look at President Yoweri Museveni, once a darling of the West for returning to normal a country once notorious for killings.

05 Oct 2005 description

Kampala (dpa) - Uganda welcomes the deployment of hundreds of Congolese troops to the north-east of the Democratic Republic of Congo to disarm Ugandan rebels who moved there over two weeks ago, a defence ministry spokesman said Wednesday.

The soldiers were flown to the area near the Ugandan border this week to apparently disarm a group of Lords Resistance Army LRA guerillas who moved to the DR Congo from southern Sudan from where they have been fighting a 19-year rebellion in northern Uganda.

"That is what we wanted all along. That is what we told the Congolese and U.N.

28 Sep 2005 description

Kampala (dpa) - At least 4,000 children who were among some of the tens of thousands abducted by the Ugandan rebels from the north of the country cannot be traced, a Ugandan human rights group said in a report obtained Wednesday.

The report by Uganda Human Rights Commmission (UHRC) also accuses government forces of torturing civilians in the war-ravaged region, using methods that included suspending weights on genitals for extracting information or instilling discipline.

26 Sep 2005 description

Kampala/Nairobi (dpa) - The United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUC) has held a first meeting with Ugandan rebels who fled to the DCR, a Monuc spokesperson said Monday.

12 Sep 2005 description

Kampala (dpa) - The first direct contact in 11 years between peace mediators and Lords Resistance Army (LRA) rebel leader Joseph Kony could help end the 19-year rebellion in northern Uganda, a former mediator in Kampala said Monday.

19 Jul 2005 description

Kampala (dpa) - The Norwegian government has withdrawn aid totalling 4 million dollars to Uganda, accusing Kampala of mishandling the political process, and failing to contain corruption and human rights abuses, the Norwegian ambassador said Tuesday.

15 Jul 2005 description

Kampala (dpa) - The Ugandan army said Friday that the rebel Lords Resistance Army (LRA) command structure has been weakened and 146 of their commanders killed in fighting in northern Uganda since 2002.

Army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Shaban Bantariza said at a news conference in Kampala that since the start of so-called "Operation Iron Fist'' in 2002, the rebels' numbers had been reduced from 8,000 to about 300.

"The war in northern Uganda against the rebels has been neutralized,'' Bantariza said.

"There are only about 10 commanders operating …

11 Jul 2005 description

Kampala (dpa) - Lord's Resistance Army rebels fired shells at a truck in a northern Ugandan village killing 10 and injuring 10, a military spokesman said Monday.

A relief worker with OXFAM, Kathy Relleen, said the number of dead and injured, from the attack Sunday in Paroga, about 480 kilometres from Kampala, could be much higher.

"Yes, these people were going to a market and the LRA ambushed their vehicle.

27 Jun 2005 description

Kampala (dpa) - Over 15,000 rebel fighters in Uganda have laid down their arms under the terms of an amnesty extended by the country's government five years ago, officials said Monday.

17 Jun 2005 description

Kampala (dpa) - Over 100 children abducted by Lords Resistance Army rebels have been rescued by government troops during raids on rebel camps over the past 45 days, an army spokesman confirmed Friday

In total 117 people were freed, most of them children and infants. During the raids government soldiers killed 121 rebels, captured 34 and forced 47 others to surrender, the spokesman, lieutenant colonel Shaban Bantariza, told a news conference.

Ten government soldiers were killed and 22 injured in the fighting. "The operations took place from May 1 to June 17.

16 Jun 2005 description

Kampala (dpa) - Persistent attacks by Ugandan insurgents, forceful drafting into a Sudanese former rebel army, tribal tensions and starvation have forced 8,000 Sudanese civilians to flee into northern Uganda since January, United Nations refugee agency officials said Thursday.

"The number of Sudanese refugees who have fled into Uganda since 2004 is over 18,000.

23 May 2005 description

Kampala (dpa) - Uganda has announced an Ebola alert, setting up preparatory emergency health measures particularly along the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan following an outbreak of the disease in the Republic of Congo, officials said Monday.

23 May 2005 description

Kampala (dpa) - A Norwegian diplomat has been named as one of the two mediators involved in peace contacts to end the Ugandan civil war that has displaced over 1.5 million people in the country's northern region, officials involved in the peace process said Monday.

Jacob Frydenlund has joined a team that is expected to bring the government and Lords Resistance Army (LRA) rebels to the negotiating table to end the 19-year war that has left tens of thousands dead or maimed.

10 Mar 2005 description

Kampala (dpa) - Government forces claim to have killed 73 rebels and lost four soldiers in clashes in northern Uganda and southern Sudan in the past month.

Six government soldiers were injured in the fighting between the army and the Lords Resistance Army (LRA)guerillas, and 26 rebels have been captured.

Twenty children who had been abducted by the rebels were rescued, the regions military spokesman lieutenant Paddy Ankunda said Thursday.

''Those are the figures of the fighting between February 10 and March 10.

25 Feb 2005 description

Kampala (dpa) - Lords Resistance Army rebels ambushed a military truck killing six people including four soldiers and injuring more than 50 others in northern Uganda, military officials confirmed Friday.

LRA guerillas fired gunshots at the truck outside Pader town, about 380 kilometres north of Kampala.

We have learnt that four soldiers and two civilians died in the ambush. Thirty-seven soldiers and 20 civilians were injured and this happened around 11 a.m. yesterday.

22 Jan 2005 description

KAMPALA, Jan 22, 2005 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- Uganda's northeastern district of Kaberamaido has been declared a disaster area after 10 people died of sleeping sickness, local press reported on Saturday.

The declaration of disaster area was followed an emergency meeting with officials from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries recently at the district headquarters, some 150 km northeast of capital Kampala.

22 Jan 2005 description

Kampala (dpa) - At least three people were killed and over 4,000 grass-thatched huts were burned down when fire swept an internally displaced people's camp in the northern Ugandan district of Gulu, local officials said Saturday.

A local council official of the area said Friday's fire swept through Acet camp, about 44 kilometres east of Gulu town, destroying it.

"The c=FFause of the fire is unknown, but almost all the camp was burnt,'' he said on phone from Gulu about 360 kilometres nor=FFth of Kampala.

14 Jan 2005 description

Kampala (dpa) - Thousands of Congolese refugees who fled into Uganda early this week following armed fighting in the north east of the Democratic Republic of Congo were encouraged to return home Friday by Ugandan authorities who claimed the fighting has stopped.