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31 Jan 2014 description
report ACTED

In this newsletter...

20 Feb 2013 description
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FOCUS - DRR: Anticipating emergencies, strengthening resilience

ACTED supported by the European Union’s Nobel Peace Prize

Community spirit at the heart of life (Jordan)

Za’atari refugee camp under water (Jordan)

The child friendly space, a veritable sanctuary for young refugees (Iraq)

Promoting hygiene at school to hold back waterborne diseases (Pakistan)

Helping Afghan farmers protect their livelihoods (Afghanistan)

Providing food for the "roof of the world" (Tajikistan)

24 Apr 2012 description
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FOCUS South Sudan: A new crisis country


24 Feb 2012 description
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FOCUS - Sahel: The food crisis looms

A future in dotted lines Log book of a mobile team at the gates of the Sahara Deprived of food and income “Many are those who would not cope without solidarity”

22 Oct 2010 description
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Generosity in the face of hardship (Tajikistan)

Improving Water and Sanitation facilities in prisons in South Sudan (Sudan)

The necessity of protecting the environment in Bahai, East of Chad (Chad)

Foes become friends across the border (Uganda)

Psycho-social support for the children of Gaza (oPT)

Congolese « Mamans » enthusiastic about the improvement of water facilities in Southern Kivu (DRC)

2010 Global Hunger Index (GHI)

Emergency relief to the flood-affected people of West Bengal (India)

Restoring Fisheries in the Sunderbans (India)

Transitional …

09 Jul 2010 description
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- Emergency in Kyrgyzstan

- Final step in the risk reduction project (Indonesia)

- Adressing the reconstruction needs of flood affected villages (Tajikistan)

- Farmers United Against Poverty (Uganda)

- Emergency response to the forgotten famine (Niger)

- ACTED provides means to combat cholera (Kenya)

- West-Bank breeders seek new ways to support traditionnal lifestyles (oPT)

- Third edition of Convergences 2015 (Paris)

- Portfolio of sanitation activities in the IDP camps of Zalingei (Sudan)

- Getting ready for the monsoon after Aila cyclone …

28 Feb 2010 description
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- Focus Haiti: Humanitarian assistance to more than 300,000 people

- ACTED involved in the national vaccination campaign in Tajikistan

- Behavior change: a long term commitment (Sudan)

- Fishermen set sail from Gunungsitoli under blue skies (Indonesia)

- Building towards the future: Small businesses make a big impact (Uganda)

- Tajik farmers visit Burgundy (France-Tajikistan)

- Farming in a time of drought (occupied Palestinian Territories)

- From a Congo to another: ACTED in support of the Likouala refugees (Congo Brazzaville)

- Rebuilding livelihoods …

31 Dec 2009 description
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Chad: Five years at the heart of the desert

In the field

  • Female volunteers participate to an ACTED project in Pakistan
  • Back to School in Gaza (oPT)
  • Building boats in the Delta (Myanmar)
  • Opening- up of Kouki (CAR)
  • The issue of drought in the Horn of Africa (Uganda)
  • The "Sanitized village" programme: At the heart of the sanitation issue (DRC)
  • ACTED-PSF Cambodia: A multidemensional struggle against HIV/AIDS

OXUS Tajikistan: Khosiat and her candyshop

30 Sep 2009 description
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Kit distribution in Erbil

On August 19th, ACTED distributed kitchengardening and agricultural kits to 49 vulnerable IDP and local families in Makhmur district of Erbil Governorate to support their livelihoods. Kits contained potato tubers for planting, a variety of seeds and an assortment of key tools such as shovels, rakes and hoes.

30 Sep 2008 description
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ACTED HAITI: ACTED is working towards the humanitarian crisis response in Haiti

"Haiti is dogged by bad luck". This is the sad reality that has been revealing itself in these last weeks after the subsequent passage of the cyclones Gustav and Ike and of the tropical storms Fay and Hannah over the lands and coasts of the is-land. The cyclones hit the South and the West, while the tropical storms stroke the North and the North West of the island.

According to the last rapports of the Haitian Civil Protection Direction, more than 400 people died during the floods and 60 are …

19 Mar 2008 description
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ACTED Afghanistan: Assessing the impact of the Land Allocation Scheme in Afghanistan

In January, ACTED's Appraisal, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (AMEU) in Afghanistan published 2 Livelihood and Capacity surveys based on several interviews and meetings conducted in both Dashte Shor and Khowja Alwan Land Allocation Sites, in Northern Afghanistan.

23 Jan 2008 description
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ACTED Indonesia: A new boat to go beyond road access problems

ACTED teams working in the ?eld do so in collaboration with local economic and social actors as well as with the populations. In the course of their projects, ACTED teams also interact with their local counterparts as well as with other international NGOs when present. Those exchanges sometime lead to speci? c collaborations...

ACTED Indonesia has been in charge of a new means of ? uvial transportation for several weeks now, after having been given a 10 meter sea-boat by the German NGO HELP.

16 Nov 2007 description
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ACTED Uganda: ACTED responds to ?oods in Eastern Uganda

The eastern part of Uganda has been affected by unusually heavy rains since July 2007. The rains resulted in massive ?ooding and landslides affecting thousands of people with mass displacement occurring. Houses, sanitation systems, roads and bridges have been destroyed and food crops have either been damaged or washed away. Tragically, most of the ? ood affected areas are those that have recently returned IDPs within their communities. The returnees had just started a new life outside the IDP camps when the ?oods hit.

26 Jul 2007 description
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ACTED Afghanistan: The Minister for Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) Ehsan Zia inaugurates CDCs projects

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