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16 Feb 2019 description

Hotter-than-normal temperatures and seasonal dryness persist, except in southern Tanzania

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Abnormally drier and hotter-than-normal conditions continue to persist in most of East Africa. Cropping conditions are poor in southeastern South Sudan and Kenya’s marginal agricultural zones, while water and pasture conditions are declining in many pastoral areas, particularly in the eastern Horn.

16 Feb 2019 description
report Direct Relief

Fatal cases of the disease continue to rise, and health facility staff are taking precautions as they treat patients.

By Lara Cooper

More cases of Ebola were reported this week, bringing the total number of confirmed and suspected cases to 817, more than 500 of which have resulted in death.

Though many more people died in the 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak, the latest outbreak of the disease, which began in August 2018, has a higher fatality rate, concerning health officials and prompting neighboring countries to screen travelers.

15 Feb 2019 description


Nearly 13 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance

More than 2 million new internally displaced people and 998 000 returnees in 2018

810 000 refugees from the DRC in neighbouring countries and 537 000 refugees from the region in the DRC

Nearly 13 million people affected by severe food insecurity

More than 1 million children under five who are severely malnourished (UNOCHA, UNHCR and UNICEF)

EU humanitarian aid:
More than €80 million in 2018


14 Feb 2019 description
report UN Children's Fund


• In 2018, Uganda responded to several crises including the refugee influx from DRC, Burundi and South Sudan, disease outbreaks such as cholera, and flooding in Bududa, Eastern Uganda.

• Those most affected by emergencies in Uganda were women and children. Sixty per cent of refugees and host communities were children still in need of essential services for their survival, development and well-being.

14 Feb 2019 description

South Sudanese refugees in the region as of 31 December 2018 (pre- and post-Dec 2013 caseload).

South Sudanese refugee arrivals in December 2018.

Refugees in South Sudan and 1.87 million IDPs including 194,916 in UNMISS Protection of Civilians sites.


4.62 million
persons of concern (South Sudanese refugees in the region; South Sudanese IDPs and refugees in South Sudan)

14 Feb 2019 description

South Sudanese refugees in the region as of 30 November 2018 (pre- and post-Dec 2013 caseload).

South Sudanese refugee arrivals in November 2018.

Refugees in South Sudan and 1.98 million IDPs including 194,747 in UNMISS Protection of Civilians sites.


4.47 million
persons of concern (South Sudanese refugees in the region; South Sudanese IDPs and refugees in South Sudan)

14 Feb 2019 description
  • The DRC Ebola outbreak is ongoing in a border area with high cross-border population flow with Uganda and Rwanda making it of particular concern.

  • According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), a “very high risk” remains that the Ebola virus spreads further in the DRC but also into neighbouring countries, in particular Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.

13 Feb 2019 description


● EVD awareness sessions continued in all target locations (Gimunu Boma, Tokori, Marakonye Boma and Attende Boma). WASH activities continued at Yei SSRRC and Yei airstrip screening points.

● EVD prevention activities were held on proper handwashing with soap and water in Morokonye Boma, Attende Boma in Gimunu Payam, Tokori Payam, and the SSRRC screening point, reaching a total of 3,458 individuals this week.

13 Feb 2019 description

Looking back at 2018 - the year that was

The year 2018 was an eventful one, not least because it ended with the signing of the Global Compact on Migration (GCM), an initiative championed by IOM. On 1 October, we welcomed our new Director General António Vitorino. Director General, Victorino is an equally accomplished diplomat and public servant, having served as European Commissioner for Justice and Home Affairs and is formerly Portugal’s Minister of the Presidency and National Defense. We look forward to working under his new leadership.

13 Feb 2019 description

In January, the number of people displaced by violence and conflict stood at 4.14 million, of which 1.87 million were internally displaced. In Upper Nile, the authorities in Fashoda reported that 12,000 people had returned from Sudan. In addition, an unknown number of returnees from Sudan were reported in Akurua and Kaka, Manyo County. In Unity, over 8,200 people reportedly returned to Guit County. Food insecurity deteriorated from late 2018, with 5.2 million people severely food insecure, including 36,000 people in famine-like conditions.

12 Feb 2019 description

The number of people facing severe hunger in the world has been steadily rising and remains deeply of concern.

Conflict and extreme climate events remain the main drivers behind severe food crises. Often occurring simultaneously, all dimensions of food security – food availability, access and utilization – are further undermined.

12 Feb 2019 description
report Monitor-Uganda

By Simon Peter Emwamu

The boreholes yield no water. The valley dams built for livestock have dried up. In its path is cracked clay soil, burnt red by the scorching sun. The vast destruction of the heat wave is evident in wilted grass, leafless trees and dust storms triggered by whirlwinds. Ongongoja Sub-county in the eastern Katakwi District has about 18,000 people. Previous water distress in the area prompted the government to provide 250 water tanks to families with permanent houses to harvest water.

12 Feb 2019 description

Kampala, 12th February 2019: Ugandan health workers have yet again acted with swiftness to respond to a suspected Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) case that occurred in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the body repatriated to Uganda by relatives for burial.

12 Feb 2019 description

Despite the slight improvement of the security situation in Burundi, human rights concerns persist and the underlying political conflict causing people to flee remains unresolved, with thousands of Burundians expected to seek refuge in neighbouring countries in 2019.


12 Feb 2019 description

South Sudan’s protracted conflict remains the largest contributing factor to internal displacement and exodus of refugees into neighbouring countries. In 2018, there has been an increase in the number of South Sudanese refugee arrivals in the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, the Sudan and Uganda.