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18 Mar 2019 description

Three years after the EU-Turkey statement the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) calls for European countries to take their share of responsibility for handling refugees, and not leave it to overstretched Turkey and Greece. "Three years after the EU-Turkey statement was agreed, Europe is neither providing sufficient support to refugees in Syria's neighbouring countries, nor giving people necessary protection within its borders," said Edouard Rodier, Director of NRC Europe.

15 Mar 2019 description


  • Approximately 11.7 million people in Syria require humanitarian assistance in 2019

  • USG announces $397 million in new emergency funding for Syria

  • Al Hol camp population exceeds 68,000, exacerbating needs and straining camp capacity

  • Increased airstrikes in northwestern Syria endanger and kill civilians, first responders


15 Mar 2019 description

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Antonio Vitorino

Director-General, International Organization for Migration

Syria Brussels Conference
14 March 2019, Brussels, Belgium

Distinguished Guests,

A lot has been said today on the incredible complexity of the Syria crisis. This is the first time I attend the Syria pledging conference as the new Director-General of the International Organization for Migration. Let me share with you a few comments:

15 Mar 2019 description


34 provinces covered

390 districts assessed

11,443 settlements assessed

64,186 key informants interviewed

3,225,380 returnees from abroad [2012-2018]

3,529,971 IDPs [2012–2018] currently in host communities

3,957,614 former IDPs have returned to their homes [2012–2018]

2,291,584 out-migrants fled abroad [2012–2018]

271,248 out-migrants fled to Europe (12% of out-migrants)

266,943 returnees and IDPs live in tents or in the open air

15 Mar 2019 description

European Commission - Press release

Brussels, 14 March 2019

From 12-14 March 2019 the European Union and the United Nations co-chaired the Brussels III Conference.

As well as renewing support to a lasting political solution to end the Syria crisis, in line with UN Security Council Resolution 2254, the Conference addressed the most critical humanitarian and resilience issues affecting Syrians inside their country and refugees and their host communities in particular in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

15 Mar 2019 description
  1. A delegation of the Republic of Korea government, led by Deputy Minister for Multilateral and Global Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kang Jeong-sik, attended the Third Brussels Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region, held in Brussels, the Kingdom of Belgium, on March 14, and announced the ROK government’s plan to provide humanitarian assistance worth US$12 million to the Syrian Arab Republic and its neighboring countries.

14 Mar 2019 description
report European Union
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Co-chairs' Declaration
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Co-chairs’ Statement Annex: Fundraising
  1. The Third Conference on "Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region" took place on 12-14 March 2019. It was hosted by the European Union and co-chaired by the United Nations.

14 Mar 2019 description

Lors de la troisième conférence sur la Syrie, organisée le 14 mars 2019 à Bruxelles à l’initiative de l’Union européenne (UE) et de l’Organisation des Nations Unies (ONU), la Suisse a réaffirmé son engagement dans le cadre du conflit syrien. Elle prévoit ainsi de débloquer pour 2019 un montant de 61 millions de francs pour soutenir la population en détresse en Syrie et dans les pays limitrophes, et un autre de 7 millions de francs en faveur de la promotion de la paix. La Suisse était représentée à la conférence par Mme Pascale Baeriswyl, secrétaire d’État du DFAE.

14 Mar 2019 description
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(Brussels, 14 March 2019) – International donors today pledged a record US$6.97 billion to support millions of people in need of humanitarian aid in Syria as well as to refugees and host communities in the neighbouring countries. Part of the overall pledge, $2.5 billion, is for the EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey this year.

In 2017, donors pledged $6 billion in Brussels and in 2018, $4.4 billion. Total fundraising for 2018 reached just over $6 billion by the end of the year.

14 Mar 2019 description


Between 1 January and 28 February 2019, 262 refugees and migrants arrived in Italy by sea, compared to 5,247 and 13,439 in the same period in 2018 and 2017, respectively. In February 2019, 60 persons reached Italian shores. During the month, there were five disembarkation events of comparatively small groups – ranging from 8 to 14 sea arrivals on the islands of Lampedusa, Pantelleria, and Sardinia.

Nationality of arrivals

14 Mar 2019 description

The Syria crisis is now entering its ninth year and having a disastrous impact on the lives of children, youth and their families. Collective efforts of governments and the international community have prevented at least another 2.5 million Syrian children from being out of school. However, every year, over one third or nearly 3 million school-age Syrian children remain outside of formal or non-formal education. In 2019, many children are not safe or do not feel safe, and their future is challenged.

14 Mar 2019 description

We, the 25 undersigned humanitarian, human rights and volunteer organizations call on you, in the run up to the third anniversary of the EU-Turkey deal, to take immediate and sustained action to end the unfair and unnecessary containment policy which is preventing asylum seekers from leaving the Greek islands. We also call on you to urgently reach a common responsibility-sharing agreement for hosting asylum seekers across EU Member States.

14 Mar 2019 description

The European Union’s deal with Turkey to return “irregular” migrants has led to policies and practices in Greece that are short-sighted, ineffective and dangerous, 25 organisations including Oxfam said today ahead of the deal’s third anniversary on Monday.

In an open letter to European leaders, they said that as many as 20,000 people have been stranded in unsafe, unhygienic and inhumane conditions in EU camps on the Greek islands in 2018.

13 Mar 2019 description

Budapest/Geneva, 13 March — As the devastating conflict in Syria enters its 9th year, a Red Cross Red Crescent partnership is launching a powerful interactive classroom tool to help European students understand and empathise with the dangers and difficult choices faced by young Syrian refugees and their families.

12 Mar 2019 description

Millions of refugees have fled Syria over the past 8 years of conflict. Today, many are seeking to build new lives elsewhere, including in neighbouring countries such as Turkey – host to the largest number of Syrian refugees in the world. WHO’s Refugee Health Programme in Turkey, established in 2016, aims to support Turkey’s Ministry of Health in ensuring that Syrian refugees have access to culturally sensitive health services with the same standard as those offered to other residents and citizens.

12 Mar 2019 description

Cindy Huang and Kate Gough

The international community is meeting in Brussels this week for the third conference on supporting the future of Syria and the region. While the conference partly focuses on achieving a sustainable political resolution to the Syrian crisis, it also supports the primary host countries of Syrian refugees in the region: Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon.