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29 May 2018 description

Reacting to a joint statement by the Truth and Dignity Commission and the Ministry of Relations with Constitutional Bodies, Civil Society and Human Rights  published on 24 May, Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Regional Director, Heba Morayef, said:

12 Apr 2017 description

By Salil Shetty, Secretary General of Amnesty International Beirut, Lebanon,

At a time of extreme contestation of what constitutes truth, and an era where “fake news” is almost celebrated, the rule of law based on real evidence is more essential than ever.

International human rights law and humanitarian law are long-established standards and norms, and are critical to be able to distinguish right from wrong.

16 Feb 2017 description

En réaction aux attaques armées qui ont frappé le pays en 2015 et 2016, les autorités tunisiennes ont renforcé les mesures sécuritaires et ont eu recours à des lois d’exception. Les cas étudiés par Amnesty International révèlent que des personnes ont été arrêtées de manière arbitraire, en l’absence de mandat délivré par une autorité judiciaire. Certaines personnes ont été soumises à des actes de torture et à d'autres formes de mauvais traitements pendant leur détention.

20 May 2016 description
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The Tunisian authorities must take prompt action to fully implement the recommendations made by the UN Committee against Torture and end impunity for torture and other ill-treatment, Amnesty International said today.

The Tunisian authorities must take prompt action to fully implement the recommendations made by the UN Committee against Torture and end impunity for torture and other ill-treatment, Amnesty International said today.

18 Mar 2016 description

Alors que la Tunisie s’apprête à prolonger l’état d’urgence dans tout le pays mardi 22 mars, Amnesty International met en avant le recours disproportionné et répressif du gouvernement à la législation d’exception pour bafouer les droits humains.

17 Feb 2016 description

A wave of recent arrests and harsh prison sentences in the southern city of Gabes against individuals accused of “breaking the curfew” following the outbreak of protests over youth unemployment are yet another signal of the repressive way in which emergency laws are being applied, Amnesty International said today.

25 Nov 2015 description
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Une femme est violée puis rendue coupable de l’agression. Une épouse est régulièrement battue chez elle et on lui dit de supporter les abus. Un homosexuel est attaqué et se retrouve plus susceptible que son agresseur de faire l’objet de poursuites.

25 Nov 2015 description
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Executive summary - English version
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Executive summary - Arabic version

In September 2012, a woman known as Meriem Ben Mohamed was charged with “indecency” after she reported rape by two police officers. By speaking out, Meriem shed light on the deep flaws in Tunisian legislation and sparked a campaign demanding legal change and protection to survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. “Raped and accused” became a phrase that highlighted the entrenched prejudices and discrimination against survivors of sexual and gender-based violence who, like Meriem, are often victimized and held responsible for the crimes they have suffered.

23 May 2013 description

This is part of a special ‘People on the Move’ series, highlighting the human rights violations faced by migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in every part of the world. These profiles are being published around the launch of Amnesty International's Annual Report 2013.

03 Dec 2012 description

AI Index: MDE 30/012/2012

Amnesty International is deeply concerned by reports that as many as 300 protesters and bystanders have been injured by the Tunisian police’s use of excessive force in Siliana, a city south west of Tunis, during demonstrations on 27, 28 and 29 November. Protesters have been calling for the departure of the governor of Siliana, economic development of the town and the release of 13 detainees arrested during protests in April 2011 and who remain in pre-trial detention. Further protests were reported on 29 November as a general strike continued.

23 Oct 2012 description

Les progrès réalisés en Tunisie en matière de droits humains après le renversement du président Ben Ali sont battus en brèche par l'équipe gouvernementale actuellement au pouvoir, qui suscite des doutes sur son engagement en faveur de réformes, a déclaré Amnesty International à l'occasion du premier anniversaire de l'élection de l'Assemblée constituante.

12 Apr 2012 description

The Tunisian authorities must investigate reports of violence by security forces against protesters in the capital yesterday and allow Tunisians to peacefully exercise their right to freedom of assembly, Amnesty International said today.

Security forces fired tear gas and used batons to disperse protesters marking Martyrs’ Day as they sought to enter Bourguiba Avenue in central Tunis on Monday, defying a 28 March decision by the Minister of Interior banning demonstrations in the area.

13 Jan 2012 description

Tunisia's interim government is yet to deliver the comprehensive human rights reform that protesters were calling for a year ago, Amnesty International said today.

A year after former President Zine al Abidine Ben Ali fled the country, the authorities have taken some positive initial steps, including signing up to key human rights treaties and allowing greater freedom for media and human rights organizations.

09 Jan 2012 description

Have people's human rights improved throughout 2011 as a result of the uprisings in MENA?

There is no doubt that many people across the region in 2011 suffered gross human rights violations on an extreme scale. For those in - for example - Syria, Yemen, Egypt and Bahrain, the protection of human rights may still seem a distant prospect.

09 Jan 2012 description

Middle East and North Africa: Protest and repression set to continue in 2012

Repression and state violence is likely to continue to plague the Middle East and North Africa in 2012 unless governments in the region and international powers wake up to the scale of the changes being demanded of them, Amnesty International warned today in a new report into the dramatic events of the last year.

14 Dec 2011 description

The Tunisian authorities must allow asylum-seekers to enter the country through Libyan border crossings and give them access to UN officials to establish their refugee status, Amnesty International said today, after another group of asylum-seekers was returned across the Libyan border.

In the latest in a series of such incidents, on 10 December Tunisian security forces returned a group of sub-Saharan African asylum-seekers to their point of entry along the Libyan border.

20 Sep 2011 description

European countries have shamefully failed to help thousands of mainly African refugees stranded near Libya’s borders, Amnesty International said today in a new briefing paper.

In Europe, now it is your turn to act, the organization strongly criticizes EU governments for failing to offer resettlement to the estimated 5000 refugees – who would face persecution or conflict if returned to their own countries – currently living in grim conditions on Libya’s Egyptian and Tunisian borders.

20 Sep 2011 description

When 65-year old Amina arrived in Tunisia’s Choucha refugee camp in March this year from Tripoli, a new waiting game began for her and her family.

She has spent the past two years hoping for resettlement in the US. But the recent conflict in Libya has meant that she and her family have had to put that idea on hold. In 2010 Gaddafi closed the UNHCR office in Tripoli and as fighting intensified in Libya, Amina, her daughter and baby granddaughter were forced to leave the country.

19 Jun 2011 description

150 bodies were found in the sea off the Tunisian Kerkennah islands only a few weeks ago. These bodies were of people who fled the violent conflict in Libya to seek safety in Europe. Their death added to the toll of refugees and migrants that have died trying to reach Europe from North Africa estimated at more than 1,800 so far this year.

This is not a new problem; desperate refugees and migrants have undertaken the same perilous journey for years and thousands have died.

25 Apr 2011 description

AI Index: EUR 30/007/2011 21 April 2011

A delegation of Amnesty International travelled to the island of Lampedusa and the “Village of Solidarity” in the environs of Mineo, in the Catania province, between 29 March and 2 April 2011. Prompted by widespread reports of a humanitarian crisis unfolding on Lampedusa, the delegation undertook research on the situation of thousands of foreign nationals who had reached Italian shores from North Africa in previous weeks.