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17 May 2011 description
report ACT Alliance

Support to People Affected by the Conflict in Libya - LBY111

Appeal Target: US$ 2,236,037

Balance Requested: US$ 1,590,218

Geneva, 17 May 2011

Dear Colleagues,

30 Mar 2011 description
report ACT Alliance

Appeal Target: US$ 1,024,103

Geneva, 30 March 2011

Dear Colleagues,

The conflict in Libya between Gaddafi's government and opposition forces which started on 16 February 2011 has resulted in violence in Libya, which has predominantly affected the main towns along the northern coast. According to the most recent UN OCHA report, more than 376,000 persons, mainly migrant workers, have fled Libya since 20 February.

28 Mar 2011 description
report ACT Alliance

Mar 28, 2011

While war is waged within Libya, Tunisians continue to show their deep solidarity with the tens of thousands crossing the border into their country. ACT Alliance is now cooperating with local groups.

By Arne Grieg Riisnæs, ACT Alliance correspondent on the Tunisian/Libyan border

"We're no heroes. We're just helping our brothers," says Aomed Aowel from the Tunisian capital.

22 Mar 2011 description
report ACT Alliance

Given the dramatic developments of recent days with the announcement of a no-fly zone over Libya and the shelling of General Gaddafi's military strongholds, ACT Alliance is now preparing to meet a large-scale and long-term requirement for humanitarian assistance in Libya.

14 Mar 2011 description

An ACT Alliance vehicle was on Thursday attacked by angry demonstrators close to the Tunisian-Libyan border. Agencies report increased tensions among the local population and in the refugee camps.

On Thursday, the ACT Alliance team in the Tunisian-Libyan border area experienced first-hand the increasing frustrations of the local Tunisian population. During a demonstration in the town Bem Guedem, around 50km from the border, cars from several organizations were attacked by angry protestors.

02 Mar 2011 description
report ACT Alliance
  1. Brief description of the emergency

    The week-long conflict between Gadhafi's government and opposition forces has resulted in riots and violence in Libya. According to a March 1 report from UN OCHA, around 147,000 have fled Libya since 20 February. The majority (75,000) have crossed into Tunisia

  2. 69,000 went to Egypt and 3,000 people have gone south to Niger. Most of the fleeing people are migrant workers from Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan and other countries who fear for their lives if they remain.