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21 Jun 2011 description

June 20, 2011 | Michel Gabaudan

Today is World Refugee Day -- a day for people to spend a little more time recognizing and honoring the world’s most vulnerable people. At a time when only a few of the world’s refugees and displaced people make the news headlines, I welcome any day that reminds people to stop and pay attention to all 43.7 million people who are struggling to rebuild their lives and communities.

17 Mar 2011 description

Zarzis, Tunisia - Refugees International (RI) has learned that flights to evacuate migrants seeking refuge in Tunisia's Shousha transit camp could be forced to end on Sunday. The International Organization for Migration told an RI team in Tunisia that its efforts to repatriate third country nationals fleeing Libya will be halted in three days due to a lack of funds.

15 Mar 2011 description

March 15, 2011 | Dara McLeod | Tagged as: Africa, Libya, Internal Displacement, Middle East

We left Tunis in the early hours of the morning for the short flight to the town of Zarzis, on the Mediterranean Sea. In the summer months, Zarzis is a bustling tourist resort town. Today, it is playing host to myriad government and non-government organizations that have quickly mobilized to deal with the huge influx of people fleeing Libya just an hour's drive away.

Upon our arrival, we drove to the Shousha transit camp near Tunisia's Ras Edjir Border Crossing.