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17 Nov 2011 description

International Medical Corps Key Activities

12 Oct 2011 description

International Medical Corps Key Activities

Sirte: International Medical Corps is continuing to provide staffing and material support to the Sirte 50km Field Hospital, the Sirte 50km Clinic, the Athalathin polyclinic, Wadi Jaraf, and the Al Gabiiba polyclinic. A mobile health team has been deployed to provide health services to conflict-affected populations in Waskha, Wadi Imrah, Wadi Jafrah, and Tawarga.

17 Sep 2011 description

International Medical Corps Key Activities

Tripoli: Teams are continuing to provide support for healthcare needs in Tripoli. Staffing support is being provided to the Al Khadra hospital and capacity building trainings have been held at the Mitiga hospital and Tripoli Medical Centre. Assessments have been undertaken, including a rapid assessment of primary healthcare services and currently continuing mental health and psychosocial support and gender-based violence needs assessments.

09 Sep 2011 description

International Medical Corps Key Activities:

Tripoli: Teams are providing staffing, management, training and supply support to the Tripoli Medical Center, Al Khadra and Mitiga hospitals. Assessments of mental health and psychosocial support and gender-based violence needs are underway and further trainings to strengthen local capacity are planned.

27 Jul 2011 description


The past week in Misurata has seen a continuation of fighting in areas between Dafniya and Zliten. There has been no major shift in frontlines, with the rebel force defensive line in Dafniya remaining approximately 10 km outside the town.

20 Jul 2011 description


International Medical Corps has provided a new frontline ambulance which will be operated in the Western Mountains

The security situation in Misurata was relatively quiet from July 14-18 following intense fighting in days previous. While limited shelling was reported on July 15-16, rockets landed in Awlad Aboshala and Al-Redat Mantikas, with three people killed and one injured. Reports indicate that large scale NATO activity continued towards Zliten from July 13 -17.
Overall this week, there have not been any major movements of the frontlines.

15 Jul 2011 description


After intensified fighting in Misurata along the frontlines on July 6-10 and heavy casualties received at the International Medical Corps Field Hospital, no shelling was reported from July 10-12. There were, however, still reports of casualties from minefields on the outskirts of Zliten. Large scale NATO activity towards Zliten continued on July 12 and fighting between Gaddafi forces and rebels also continued outside of Zliten with International Medical Corps receiving over 212 injuries from the frontline from July 10-14.

12 Jul 2011 description

On July 6, the rebels commenced a major offensive against Gaddafi forces in the Western Mountains in an effort to move towards Tripoli. On July 7, there were reports of the rebels having captured the town of Al-Qawalish, about 50kms of Gharyan, a small city that controls one of the main roads leading to Tripoli. 11 people were killed and 34 injured, with most of the patients wounded by landmines. 19 injured were transferred to Zintan, and 15 to Jadu. On July 7, heavy fighting also broke out in Asabah, east of Al-Qawalish.

01 Jul 2011 description


In the western mountains, rebel fighters managed to capture a large weapon depot from Gaddafi forces in Al Qa’aa, about 25 km south of Zintan on June 28. Two rebel fighters were killed in the attack. The weapon depot initially consisted of 70 buildings; however NATO destroyed almost half of the buildings a few days ago. Media reports differ on the weapons that were left by Gaddafi forces at the depot. Fighting also took place in Al-Gwaleesh, a town east of Zintan and approximately 50km from Gharyan.

28 Jun 2011 description


Overall, the situation on the western front, outside of Misurata, has been quieter since last Wednesday when NATO began to target Gaddafi positions. In the past few days, the Dafniya forward aid station and field hospital have received fewer casualties from the front-lines.
Shelling continues on a daily basis on all fronts, with artillery and Grad missiles forming the majority of attacks on the western front.

23 Jun 2011 description


Yesterday, NATO confirmed the loss of an unmanned helicopter drone that was being used over Libya to gather intelligence. NATO clarified that no attack helicopter has been lost in the fighting. NATO also acknowledged striking a military target in the Sorman area, 70km west of Tripoli. According to the Libyan government, the target hit was the home of one of Gaddafi’s top officials and killed 15 people, including three children.

21 Jun 2011 description


International Medical Corps is operating a field hospital in Dafniya With government forces making a massive attempt to break through the western front-line, fighting outside of Misurata continues to be fierce.

On June 16, there were reports of 10 people killed and at least 30 wounded after shells and rockets fired by Gaddafi forces landed in the city. This development is concerning for the civilian population, as rebel fighters thought that they had pushed Gaddafi forces out of the range of Misurata.

14 Jun 2011 description

June 13, 2011


While Dafniya was reported to be quiet on Sunday evening, clashes outside of Misurata continued over the weekend.

On June 12, fighting was reported around Kikla, Bir al-Ghanem and al-Rayana in the Western Mountains region. Due to intensified fighting in these towns, the hospital in Zintan received an increased influx of war wounded, including 35 injured and 4 dead.

11 Jun 2011 description


Severe fighting on the western and southeastern front outside of Misurata continued today, causing a high number of casualties. The fighting in Dafniya was reported to be particularly fierce, with Gaddafi forces using more sophisticated tanks than usual against the rebels. Consequently the situation at the Dafniya forward aid station was reported to be dire. Shelling has been constant since the morning with increased intensity in the afternoon.

07 Jun 2011 description


In the Western Mountains, the rebels continue their northeastwards advance and today managed to retake Yefren, breaking the siege that Gaddafi forces had imposed on the city. The back road toYefren (via Bir Ayyad) is now confirmed to be open. Zintan faced sporadic bombardment today andover the weekend, causing two civilian deaths in the central town area when a missile hit their house. Nalut and other smaller towns nearby have been targeted by rocket attacks.