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17 Sep 2014 description

TUNIS/NEW YORK – Tunisia’s adoption of a constitution guaranteeing equal rights and protection from gender-based violence is a huge step forward for women and girls, says Meherzia Laabidi, the vice-president of the country’s National Constituent Assembly. But with discriminatory laws still on the books, and few enforcement mechanisms in place, much more work remains to be done.

19 Aug 2011 description

On World Humanitarian Day we celebrate those who help others in times of crisis

CHOUCHA CAMP, Tunisia — As widespread unrest shook Libya in early March 2011, around 1,000 people per hour were crossing the border into Tunisia. Tents quickly sprung in the desert as refugee camps formed near small towns. While international organizations deployed staff and supplies to respond to the crisis, many Tunisians also rushed to the border to offer their skills to help refugees.

18 Aug 2011 description

TRIPOLI, Libya — As conflict in Libya still rages, responding to humanitarian needs within the country and at the borders with Tunisia and Egypt continue to be a challenge. UNFPA’s country offices in the region have mobilized efforts to work with local partners in Libya to provide emergency reproductive health care, but also important psychosocial services to affected populations.

02 Aug 2011 description

UNITED NATIONS, New York — When a 26-year-old street vendor in Tunisia set fire to himself in an act of desperation, he also ignited a flame of protest that rocked the entire Arab region. Youth’s involvement in the ‘Arab spring’ has been unprecedented.

31 May 2011 description

BEN GUERDEN, Tunisia —Tensions are rising near the Tunisian-Libyan border in the Choucha camp, home, for now, for more than 3,500 third-national refugees. Some are in transit waiting to be repatriated. However, others, many among them Eritreans and Somalis, are in limbo. Their home countries still beset by conflict, they are hoping to be granted asylum in a third country.

30 Mar 2011 description

CHOUCHA CAMP, Southern Tunisia -- "My father died when I was three years old. Armed bandits killed him one evening as he was coming home. Every night I remember this scene before falling asleep," says Mariam Ibrahim, a 20-year-old Somali who grew up amid civil war. She left Somalia at the age of 16 and was smuggled all the way to Libya hoping never to see Mogadishu again. "I didn't know if life would be easier elsewhere," she recalls, "but I wanted to run away from the kingdom of death."

03 Mar 2011 description

UNITED NATIONS, New York - UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, is tackling the health needs of the thousands of people fleeing the reported violence in Libya, including women and girls-particularly along the Libyan-Tunisian border, where conditions have reached crisis point.

An estimated 172,000 people have already fled Libya towards Tunisia, Egypt, and Niger. Among those, more than 90,000 people have so far crossed into Tunisia, according to the International Organization for Migration.