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26 Jul 2018 description
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Executive summary

Climate risks threaten to derail development gains, cause spike in eco-migrants and undermine efforts to end poverty and hunger in the Arab Region

New UN Development Programme report highlights the challenges and opportunities of building climate resilience as the region works toward peaceful low-carbon climate-resilient development

17 Nov 2017 description

This report summarizes the findings emerging from a pilot initiative to support inclusive processes and methodologies for monitoring SDG16 in six countries: El Salvador, Georgia, Indonesia, South Africa, Tunisia and Uruguay. Additionally, this report presents information from Mexico, which was not part of the pilot initiative but simultaneously developed a similar methodology in coordination with these countries.

31 May 2016 description

Greece - IOM Greece has published a report based on interviews with 1,206 unaccompanied child migrants in Greece. Some 508 said that they would not consider returning to their countries of origin because it was their intention to reach a northern European country and 282 expressed the wish to return back to their country of origin. The remainder initially expressed willingness to return home but later changed their minds and decided to stay in Greece.

26 Dec 2014 description

Croyant aux principes de la Charte des Nations Unies et solidement engagé en faveur du développement humain, le Japon est devenu l’un des plus grands partenaires financiers du PNUD au niveau mondial. Basé sur une confiance mutuelle de longue date, cet engagement s’est traduit en Tunisie par un appui significatif aux efforts visant à accompagner la période de transition démocratique, suite à la Révolution de janvier 2011.

02 Apr 2014 description

The fourth edition of ‘Shelter Projects’, is launched at a time when shelter is more relevant than ever as an instrument of humanitarian response. The case studies in this edition reflect the on-going challenges posed by responses to complex emergencies such as Haiti and Pakistan as well as new challenges derived from unprecedented level of population displacement in Africa, Asia and in the Middle East.

09 Apr 2013 description

Executive summary

UNHCR’s 2011 emergency operation in North Africa, which followed the outbreak of civil war in Libya, addressed one of the largest mixed migration crises that the organization has ever encountered. The unanticipated emergency generated a massive influx of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Tunisia and Egypt, two countries which themselves had only recently experienced major political upheavals. As a result of these considerations, little contingency planning had taken place.

19 Jun 2012 description
Executive Summary

Results of UN Survey of 130 Countries Provides In-Depth Status Report on Global Efforts to Improve Water Management

Rio de Janeiro, 19 June 2012 – Over 80 per cent of countries have reformed their water laws in the past twenty years as a response to growing pressures on water resources from expanding populations, urbanization and climate change.

In many cases, such water reforms have had positive impacts on development, including improvements to drinking water access, human health and water efficiency in agriculture.

25 Oct 2011 description
report European Union


Les électeurs tunisiens ont participé en très grand nombre au scrutin du 23 octobre dont les opérations de vote ont été globalement bien menées. Un consensus politique fort, qui s’est exprimé dans un contexte de très grande liberté d’expression, a permis la tenue de ces élections. Celles-ci sont issues de la volonté ferme du peuple tunisien d’être gouverné par des autorités élues démocratiquement et respectueuses de l’Etat de droit. L’Instance supérieure indépendante pour les élections (ISIE) a su organiser ces élections dans la transparence.

31 Aug 2011 description

Executive Summary

As a result of unprecedented civil unrest across a number of countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), national societies and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) have responded to the humanitarian crisis resulting from population movement and conflict.

25 Aug 2011 description

As a member of the United Nations Emergency Telecoms Cluster, TSF met in Tunisia with teams from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and the World Food Programme (WFP), in charge of the coordination of operations in Libya.

Following this meeting, TSF crossed the border between Tunisia and Libya, at the Dehibat border post in the south of Tunisia. TSF’s objective is:

  • to install fixed and mobile connections at Nalut and Jadu, to facilitate the communication of the hospitals in these two towns

29 Jun 2011 description

By Anthony H. Cordesman, Andrew C. Gagel Jun 29, 2011

The Burke Chair has prepared two new reports on terrorism in North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia: 2007-2010. These reports draw on unclassified US reporting by the National Counterterrorism Center and the US Department of State.