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24 Sep 2017 description

THAILAND, 24th September 2017 (NNT) – Ten southern provinces are battling severe floods triggered by heavy thundershowers.

Among the 10 southern provinces, Satun took the biggest hit. Local authorities are evacuating residents in affected communities. According to the latest report, the floodwater was as high as 30 centimeters in the capital district. Sandbags have been stacked up to divert the water away from economic zones.

23 Sep 2017 description

SATUN, 22nd September 2017 (NNT) – Satun province has been hit by its third and most severe wave of flooding this year with residents put on high alert to possible landslides and runoff.

Days of heavy rain in Satun province’s Ta Pae district have created flooding with waters 30 centimeters deep along many roads. Local administrators have concentrated their efforts on directing traffic to maintain transport systems but have described the flooding as the worst of three waves this year.

22 Sep 2017 description

The Mekong River Commission monitors the Mekong river daily, including water level, water quality, as well as flood and drought forecasting. Our data affirms that Typhoon Doksuri (Doksuri) is the main contributor to the rising water level in the Lower Mekong Basin (LMB).

20 Sep 2017 description
report East-West Center

by Ruji Auethavornpipat

Asia Pacific Bulletin, No. 396

Publisher: Washington, DC: East-West Center

Publication Date: September 12, 2017

Ruji Auethavornpipat, Visiting Fellow at the East-West Center in Washington, explains that “The trafficking of the Rohingya is clearly driven by violent conflicts in Myanmar’s Rakhine State. Without tackling this root cause, human trafficking networks may continue to operate in the shadows.”

20 Sep 2017 description
report Bangkok Post

The cabinet on Tuesday approved in principle the Agriculture Ministry's plan to proceed with a 17.6­billion ­baht flood control canal in Ayutthaya to help limit the impact of massive flooding and economic losses in the central region.

Known as Bang Ban­ Bang Sai canal, the scheme would involve the construction of a 23km canal from Bang Ban district to Bang Sai district, a two ­lane road along both sides, sluice gates, and other structures, said assistant government spokesman Col Atisith Chainuvati.

19 Sep 2017 description

Following the passage of tropical cyclone DOKSURI in Vietnam, media reported that nine people were killed, four people went missing, 112 people were injured and more than 150 000 houses were damaged. The most affected provinces are Ha Tinh and Quang Binh (North Central Coast Region). National authorities reported that in the district of Ky Anh, 80 percent of houses, schools and health stations have been damaged.

In Thailand, DOKSURI affected eight provinces. Hundreds of house have been damaged by the floods and assessments are still ongoing.

19 Sep 2017 description
report Save the Children

Around the world, there are too many refugee children who haven’t just lost their homes, they’re also losing their futures every single day.

More than half of all the refugee children in the world – 3.5 million children – aren’t in school.

19 Sep 2017 description
report Bangkok Post

Writer: Makkawan Wanakul and Chinnawat Singha

Six schools in Chaiyaphum's Muang district were closed and businesses shut their doors on Monday due to flooding caused by tropical depression Doksuri.

The municipal area was inundated, with low-lying areas under water a metre deep. Many shop owners closed up and took the day off.

With many streets impassable for small vehicles, motorists were advised to avoid the downtown area.

19 Sep 2017 description
report BenarNews

Razlan Rashid and Nani Yusof
Kuala Lumpur and Washington

Echoing comments by the chief Thai negotiator, a MARA Patani spokesman insisted Monday that Barisan Revolusi Nasional rebels were on its negotiating panel in informal peace talks, and these were on-going despite a disagreement last week over a limited ceasefire.

19 Sep 2017 description

On 18 September 2017, the Foreign Minister of Thailand attended the High-level Meeting on Hurricane Irma co-hosted by the United Nations Secretary-General and the President of the General Assembly; the high-level meeting aims to gain high-level political attention to the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma, secure commitment to support countries and people affected, and highlighting the need for building resilient communities to natural disasters, including those impacted by climate change.

18 Sep 2017 description

Total Assessments 172

Verified Return Villages 60

Refugee Villages of Origin 117

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18 Sep 2017 description

Total Assessments 9

Verified Return Villages 4

Refugee Villages of Origin 3

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18 Sep 2017 description

Total Assessments 75

Verified Return Villages 36

Refugee Villages of Origin 55

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18 Sep 2017 description

Total Assessments 138

Verified Return Villages 31

Refugee Villages of Origin 58

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18 Sep 2017 description
  • Total Assessments 517

  • Verified Return Villages 193

  • Refugee Villages of Origin 312

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18 Sep 2017 description
  • Total Assessments 123

  • Verified Return Villages 62

  • Refugee Villages of Origin 79

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18 Sep 2017 description
  • 6.8 M required for 2017
  • 7,164 contributions received, representing less than 1% of requirements
  • 6.8 M funding gap for the Bay Of Bengal Situation

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18 Sep 2017 description
report Bangkok Post

8 provinces reeling from heavy floods

Water is slowly receding in eight provinces ravaged by widespread flooding brought on by tropical depression Doksuri but heavy rainfall continues to wreak havoc in low-lying villages, authorities said Sunday.

17 Sep 2017 description
report Bangkok Post

Much of the Northeast and parts of the North are being bashed by tropical depression Doksuri, which has unleashed flash floods that have cut off roads, devastated villages and overfilled reservoirs and farmland, prompting emergency responses.

Doksuri, downgraded from a typhoon as it was centred in Nan at 10am yesterday, has dumped unprecedented levels of rainfall on some areas along its path as it gradually head towards Myanmar yesterday.