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14 Apr 2013 description
report UN Women

UN Women calls for greater participation of women to achieve peace in Sahel and urge world leaders to protect and advance women’s rights

“In Mali as well as in the Sahel, women are among the most affected by the crisis. They are also those with the strongest understanding of conflict dynamics. But yet, we remain confined at home and excluded from decision-making,” said Aiziza Mint Kadra, former Deputy Mayor of the historical city of Timbuktu in Mali as she shared her story with regional and international experts.

07 Apr 2013 description
report UN Women

“My main work is to do deliveries. In our health center there are on average 120 deliveries a month including two or three dead, but we try our best to avoid this,” says Fatmata Condé a midwife student in the locality of Donka in Guinea, trained by UN Women to address complications during pregnancy and delivery, due to violence.

04 Apr 2013 description
report UN Women

« L’essentiel de mon travail consiste à pratiquer des accouchements. Dans notre centre médical, on assiste en moyenne à 120 accouchements par mois, parmi lesquels on compte deux ou trois décès. Nous faisons cependant tout notre possible pour éviter qu’une telle situation ne se produise. » déclare Fatmata Condé, qui poursuit ses études de sage-femme dans la localité de Donka en Guinée. Elle a été formée par ONU Femmes à la prise en charge des complications liées à la violence, durant la grossesse et l’accouchement.