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26 Feb 2018 description
report European Union

On 26 February 2017, the Council adopted conclusions on EU priorities at United Nations human rights fora in 2018.

17 Oct 2017 description
report European Union

On Monday 16 October 2017 the Council adopted the EU Annual Report on Human Rights And Democracy in the World in 2016.

2016 was a challenging year for human rights and democracy, with a shrinking space for civil society and complex humanitarian and political crises emerging. In this context, the European Union showed leadership and remained strongly committed to promote and protect human rights and democracy across the world.

07 Jul 2015 description
report European Union

Summary: 6 July 2015, Brussels - Today, European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica, co-signed new regional funding for cooperation with representatives of regional organisations from West Africa, covering the time until 2020. The so-called Regional Indicative Programme under the 11th European Development Fund amounts to a total of €1.15 billion.

09 Dec 2014 description
report European Union

Summary: 8 December 2014, Brussels - EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica, has announced €61 million of new support in response to the Ebola crisis in the affected countries of West Africa, during a visit to Guinea. This will include direct support to the governments of Guinea and Liberia to help them cushion the impact of the economic effects of the outbreak, as well as measures to address security issues in affected countries. In addition, existing health and awareness programmes will be refocused to specifically tackle the challenge of Ebola.

05 Apr 2012 description

Du 26 au 30 mars 2012, s’est tenue à l’Hôtel SANCTA MARIA de Lomé, en République Togolaise, la Conférence régionale sur la situation agricole et les opportunités d’échanges des produits agricoles au Sahel et en Afrique de l’Ouest (CORPAO) sous le thème : « Le développement du commerce régional dans un contexte de hausse régulière des prix des produits agricoles : rôles des différents acteurs ».

03 Feb 2010 description

Brussels, 3 February 2010

Following an invitation from the government of Togo, the European Commission has decided to deploy an EU Election Observation Mission (EOM) for the Presidential elections scheduled to take place on 28 February 2010.

02 Feb 2010 description

IP/ 10/115

Bruxelles, le 2 Février 2010

Faisant suite à l'invitation du gouvernement du Togo, la Commission européenne a décidé de déployer une Mission d'observation électorale à l'occasion des élections présidentielles prévues pour le 28 février 2010. Cette Mission d'observation sera dirigée par le Chef Observateur M. José Manuel Garcia-Margallo y Marfil, membre du Parlement européen (ES).

La Mission sera constituée par un Chef Observateur et onze experts qui sont arrivés dans le pays ces dernières semaines.

30 Apr 2009 description

Executive summary

The food crisis of 2008 provoked a strong coordinated response from the world community and exposed fundamental problems in the agrofood sector, which continue. Prices remain high in many domestic markets of developing countries, and the risk of future volatility persists. The present economy-wide crisis creates severe economic and social difficulties, which aggravate agricultural problems and the food situation -particularly for least-developed countries and small farmers - and which require stronger actions.

01 Sep 2006 description
report European Union

The European Union welcomes the conclusion in Lomé on 20 August 2006 of a comprehensive political agreement approved and signed by all the participants in the inter-Togolese dialogue.

The European Union commends the perseverance and efforts of all participants in reaching this consensus. It pays unstinting tribute to the facilitating role played by President Blaise Compaoré of Burkina Faso, whose work was decisive.

07 Aug 2006 description
report European Union

The European Union welcomes the recent political developments in Togo, in particular the recent progress in the political dialogue. The Togolese authorities' agreement to the sending of a mission of two United Nations Special Rapporteurs, on torture and on extrajudicial executions, is a further positive sign.

24 Oct 2005 description
report European Union

P 118/05 (OR. fr)

Brussels, 24 October 2005 - The European Union has taken careful note of the detailed report on recent human rights violations in Togo, drawn up by the fact-finding mission dispatched to the country by the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

30 Aug 2005 description
report European Union

29.08.2005 Committee on Development - The Togo authorities will need to make greater efforts to restore democracy and guarantee fundamental rights if the EU is to resume cooperation aid. Four months after Togo's presidential elections of 24 April, which were followed by street violence in the capital involving security forces and opposition supporters, Parliament's Development Committee invited representatives from Togo's new government, some opposition parties and NGOs to a meeting on 29 August in Brussels to evaluate the situation in the country and its ties with the EU, …

22 Apr 2005 description
report European Union

P 039/05

Bruxelles, le 22 avril 2005 - A la veille d'une élection présidentielle capitale pour l'avenir du pays, l'Union européenne lance un appel pressent à toutes les parties afin que cette dernière se déroule correctement et dans le calme.

23 Feb 2005 description
report European Union

P 015/05

Brussels, 23 February 2005 - The European Union repeats the concern it expressed in its declaration of 9 February 2005, and it is still greatly alarmed at developments in Togo. While the European Union welcomes the positive signals given by the announcement of presidential elections within sixty days and restoration of the freedom to demonstrate, it condemns the violation of constitutional and legal provisions in the form of the maintenance of Mr Faure Gnassingbé as interim President of the Republic.

The European Union demands an immediate return to constitutional and legal …

09 Feb 2005 description
report European Union

P 009/05

Brussels, 9 February 2005 - The European Union has received news of the death of President Eyadema. It offers its sincere condolences to the President's family and to the Togolese people.

The European Union is following political developments in Togo with concern and supports the declarations made by the United Nations, the African Union and ECOWAS calling for the democratic process to be observed. The EU condemns any violation of the constitutional provisions governing the provisional exercise of power, which it regards as a coup d'état.