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08 Apr 2011 description

Togo, with a population of 6.6 million, is a republic governed by President Faure Gnassingbe, who was reelected on March 4 in a process characterized by international observers as generally free and fair. The election presented a stark contrast to the 2005 presidential election, which was accompanied by systematic fraud, voter intimidation, and widespread violence. Following the announcement of the official election results, limited incidents of violence between security forces and opposition protesters occurred.

08 Apr 2011 description

Ghana, with a population of 24 million, is a constitutional democracy with a strong presidency and a unicameral 230-seat parliament. In 2008 the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) won both the presidency and a small majority in parliament in an election deemed generally free and fair by domestic and international observers; John Evans Atta Mills was inaugurated president in January 2009. There were instances in which elements of the security forces acted independently of government authorities.

08 Apr 2011 description

The Gambia is a multiparty democratic republic with an estimated population of 1.7 million. In 2006 President Alhaji Yahya Jammeh was reelected for a third five-year term in an election considered partially free and fair. President Jammeh's party, the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC), continued to dominate the National Assembly after its 2007 elections, which were also considered partially free and fair. There were instances in which elements of the security forces acted independently of civilian control.

08 Apr 2011 description

Benin is a constitutional democracy with a population of 7.9 million. In 2006 President Boni Yayi was elected to a five-year term in multiparty elections. In the 2007 legislative elections, President Yayi's supporting coalition, Cowry Force for an Emerging Benin (FCBE), won 35 of 83 seats in the National Assembly and formed a majority with a group of 13 National Assembly members from minor political parties (G-13). Eventually President Yayi lost his parliamentary majority when the G-13 joined the opposition parliamentary group in reaction to unfulfilled political promises.

22 Oct 2007 description

$16 million in aid slated for Democratic Republic of Congo, Togo, Uganda

By Susan Domowitz

07 Oct 2005 description

David Dunn tells Senate committee he would encourage political, economic reform

Speaking before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee October 6, U.S.

17 May 2005 description

Welcomes African Union-ECOWAS effort to bring all parties together

The U.S. Department of State expressed concern May 17 over the violence that has been going on in Togo since the presidential election and welcomed an African initiative to bring the parties together.

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