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08 May 2018 description

Geneva, 8 May 2018 – A ground-breaking new humanitarian fund designed to mitigate and even prevent the damage and trauma caused by natural disasters has been launched by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

16 Apr 2018 description

Red Cross Red Crescent best practice in Community Engagement and Accountability (CEA) to prevent, prepare for and respond to epidemics in West Africa

Preparing for and preventing epidemics

Preventing outbreaks of disease is a key priority for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Stopping an outbreak before it spreads out of control saves lives, protects livelihoods and supports long term development.

16 Apr 2018 description

Documenting best practices and lessons learned in Community Engagement and Accountability (CEA) to prevent epidemics in West Africa

West Africa / 2017

08 Jan 2018 description

Summary of main revisions made to the Emergency Plan of Action (EPOA)

The current political climate in the country has played a negative role in the respect of timeline for implementation of activities at country level. Since August 19, 2017 that the country has been going through a socio-political crisis that paralyzed all activities. Since then, there has been no week or without a planned political demonstration. Apart from being violent events, some of these, while being peaceful hinder the normal course of any professional, commercial day to day businesses.

22 Dec 2016 description

1. Summary

In November 2015, more than 1,000 Cuban nationals were reported to be camped out at the Paso Canoas border crossing with Panama. In view of requirements for entering the country and the fact that these migrants did not meet them, a significant amount of people began to congregate in this border community, taking to living in the streets while they waited for a solution to their immigration status. The Costa Rican government issued permits allowing migrants to enter the country and continue on their way to the United States.

06 Jun 2016 description

This Operations Update requests an extension of time frame of one month (New end date: 30 June 2016) to enable the completion of the lessons learnt workshop, which will be used to enable the documentation of good practices, challenges and recommendations for future response in Togo and by other National Societies in the Africa Region. The DREF operation will end on 30 June 2016, and a final report will be made available on 30 September 2016 (three months after the end of the DREF operation).

A. Situation analysis

06 Mar 2015 description

A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

As of 27 February 2015, the outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in Guinea, which spread to Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone, has so far lead to 23,694 cases and 9,589 deaths. In Togo, the risks presented by the epidemic are because of its location and movement of populations from among affected countries.

19 Sep 2014 description
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To help National Societies combat the unprecedented Ebola outbreak affecting West Africa, IFRC has launched large-scale international Emergency Appeals in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Additionally, it is supporting smaller preparedness and response operations financed under the IFRC’s Disaster Response Emergency Fund (DREF) in Mali, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Togo, Benin, Central African Republic, Senegal, Chad and Gambia.1

27 Aug 2014 description
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Summary: CHF 154,913 was allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 03 November 2013 to support the National Society in delivering assistance to some 80,000 beneficiaries.

31 Mar 2014 description

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) West Coast Regional Representation (WCRR) established in 2011 in Abidjan covers seven National Societies of Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria Sierra Leone and Togo. The regional office is established to coordinate and provide technical support to the developments of National Societies (NS) programmes, institutional capacity that will maximise the Red Cross impact in the region.