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26 Jun 2015 description

An estimated one-third of government spending goes towards Chad's vaunted army, a dependable regional policeman and the pride of the people. But a taste of stability, and oil money, has Chadians wanting more.

By Ariel Zirulnick
JUNE 26, 2015

N'DJAMENA, CHAD — When asked why Chad has taken such an assertive role in its neighborhood, Moussa Dago gets up from his office chair and walks over to an enormous map of Africa, his elegant white jalabiya wishing as he moves.

15 Feb 2011 description

Soaring food prices - such as wheat, which has hit a 2-1/2-year high - could feed political tumult in Africa, despite earlier proclamations that an Egypt-style revolt would not spread to sub-Saharan Africa.

Egypt's revolution was triggered by many sparks, one of which was bread; or rather wheat, a staple whose soaring price and insufficient supply could become the dry wood for political tumult across the African continent this year.

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12 May 2008 description

The JEM rebel group - which Sudan accuses of being backed by Chad - reached the outskirts of Sudan's capital, Khartoum, for the first time this weekend, raising concerns about a proxy war.

By Rob Crilly | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

NAIROBI, KENYA - Sudan on Sunday cut diplomatic ties with its neighbor Chad, which it accuses of backing a Darfur rebel assault on Sudan's capital, Khartoum, over the weekend.

Although the Darfur rebels have little chance of toppling Sudan's regime, the advance is "the first time anyone has managed to take civil war …

14 Feb 2008 description

Tens of thousands of Chadians fled when rebels stormed the capital earlier this month.

05 Feb 2008 description

France did not repel this weekend's coup attempt on its former colony as it has in the past, but the UN Monday approved unilateral French action to support Chad's government.

By Scott Baldauf | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

04 Feb 2008 description

Rebels stormed Chad's capital, delaying arrival of EU troops to help refugees.

By Scott Baldauf | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - With rebels in the heart of Chad's capital, N'Djamena, surrounding the presidential palace, the complex Darfur conflict is set to take a dramatic and unexpected turn.

If President Idriss Déby's government falls by military coup, humanitarian aid operations feeding nearly 400,000 Sudanese refugees and displaced Chadians will be thrown into disarray, and half a dozen Darfur rebel movements taking …

25 Sep 2007 description

The UN is expected to vote Tuesday on a French plan to send peacekeepers to Chad.

By Matthew Clark | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

Kerfi, Chad

They came from the east without warning, spraying bullets into huts and burning and pillaging everything in sight.

But this attack - and hundreds like it - happened here in Chad, across Sudan's western border, last fall. And the victims weren't black tribes.

27 Jul 2007 description

Less rainfall on the fringes of the Sahara Desert is putting more of a strain on resources than ever before.

By Scott Baldauf | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

Iriba, Chad - With Darfur refugee women waiting up to two days for their chance to fill buckets at a communal water point, it's only a matter of time before bickering turns into a full-fledged fight.

In the 115-degree F. heat of the Touloum refugee camp, just across Sudan's border in eastern Chad, the stakes are high.

12 Jul 2007 description

A Chadian farmer's gift provides a chance at self-sufficiency for Darfuri refugees.

By Scott Baldauf | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

Iriba, Chad - When Darfuri refugees started streaming across the border into Chad four years ago, fleeing a civil war that has killed 200,000 and displaced 2.5 million, many Chadians opened their arms in welcome.

Al-Hajj Saboor Arta Bakit took one step further. He gave the refugees some of his land to raise their own crops. This step has earned him some local respect, some derision, and three separate stints in the local jail.

13 Apr 2007 description

By Scott Baldauf | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor and Rob Crilly | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa; and NAIROBi, Kenya - Keeping an eye on the crisis in Sudan's troubled Darfur region just got a little easier, thanks to a new satellite-mapping service offered by Google Inc.

Now anyone with a high-speed Internet connection can zoom in on satellite images of any of the 1,600 devastated villages and get detailed information provided by the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington.

The collaboration is an effort to …

11 Dec 2006 description

Violence threatens to drag Chad and the Central African Republic into a regional war.

By Rich Schapiro | Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor

GOZ BEIDA, CHAD - For the past three years, Arab militiamen have helped Sudan's government quell a rebellion in Darfur by slaughtering the region's mostly black African population and leaving behind a trail of rape, murder, and destruction.

08 May 2006 description

A peace deal signed Friday could pave the way for a UN peacekeeping force.

By Katharine Houreld and Claire Soares | Correspondents of The Christian Science Monitor

N'DJAMENA AND GAGA, CHAD -- The humanitarian disaster in Sudan's Darfur region, which the US labels a "genocide," has been growing steadily worse since it began in 2003.

01 May 2006 description

Amid rebel attacks, President Deby seeks a third term Wednesday in a vote boycotted by the opposition.

By Claire Soares

N'DJAMENA, CHAD - Often likened to a desert fox, Chadian President Idriss Deby is proving true to form, refusing to be smoked out of his hole despite Army desertions, unrest within his own clan, and increasingly daring rebel attacks.

On Wednesday, Mr. Deby is expected to be reelected for a third term - something he was banned from doing until his ruling party pushed through constitutional changes that were rubber-stamped in a referendum last year.

28 Apr 2006 description

Ahead of Sunday's deadline for Darfur parties to accept a peace deal, rebels are raiding camps to swell their ranks.

21 Apr 2006 description

After its military pushed back rebels last week, the threat of instability still looms large in oil-rich Chad.

By Abraham McLaughlin and Claire Soares

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, AND N'DJAMENA, CHAD - Amid reports of advancing then vanishing rebels, of bloody streets that have now apparently returned to normal, and of support for antigovernment rebels from neighboring Sudan, the future of this fragile oil-producing nation in north-central Africa remains uncertain.

"It's something that's with us every day" - whether rebels "are going to come or not," …

20 Apr 2006 description

By Daniel Pepper | Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor

ALONG THE CHAD-SUDAN BORDER -- For someone in a position of great responsibility, Chadian rebel officer Beshir Outman can be disarmingly self-deprecating.

"I know that in America 'Chad' is mostly a person's name," he says, before delving into the problems that drove him to leave a decent job managing logistics for Coca-Cola and join the rebellion that reached Chad's capital last week.


30 Jul 2004 description

By Abraham McLaughlin - Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
NDJAMENA, CHAD -- Sitting at his desk, his office door shut tight, Robert Gillenwater doesn't have time for distractions. As his air conditioner hums weakly in the heat of Chad's capital, he's focusing hard on getting thousands of tons of cereals, vegetable oil, and a highly nutritional corn-soya blend to the 180,000 refugees who've fled across the border from fighting in neighboring Sudan.