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26 Oct 2013 description
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The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme provides front-line assistance to grassroots communities in getting access to clean water, a resource central to sustainable development and poverty reduction.

UN Volunteers are active in many priority areas on which the International Year of Water Cooperation has been focusing the world’s attention.

Furthermore, UNV engages in joint operations with UN agencies in order to meet challenges in providing drinking water and sanitation in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

06 Apr 2009 description
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By Youssef Jai

Goz Beida, Chad: I will always remember 4 July 2008 when my dream came true... the UNV Programme Officer was telling me over the phone that I had been selected to join the United Nations Mission in the Central African Republic and Chad (MINURCAT) as a UNV volunteer Human Rights Officer.

I was in Morocco, where I'm from, and a few days later I flew to N'Djamena to check in for this extraordinary journey.

Eastern Chad is a very challenging environment and witnessing the genesis of MINURCAT has been a fascinating and sometimes complicated experience.

22 Aug 2006 description
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UNV volunteers are not young, fresh college graduates entering the job market. They are experienced professionals providing their expertise in community development projects around the world. In a recent interview with the German public radio station Deutsche Welle, Joyce Yu, Deputy Executive Coordinator of UNV, talked about who the UNV volunteers are and what they do.

20 Aug 2004 description
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Axel Melinon of France knows the media-labeled Darfur crisis all too well. As one of 23 UN Volunteers currently on the ground in Chad, he spends his days caring for some 15,000 Sudanese refugees that refer to Bahai, a small desert outpost situated along the north-eastern Chad-Sudan border, as their temporary home.

Axel, 30, who arrived in Chad in May 2004 to work with the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) as a refugee protection officer, was quickly sent to Bahai to set-up UNHCR's office and coordinate the transition of the refugees.