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23 Mar 2012 description

Despite peace agreement and UN backing, many say it is not yet safe to go home.

By Janet Anderson, Tajeldin Adam, Zakia Yousif - International Justice - ICC
ACR Issue 316, 22 Mar 12

More than 100,000 people uprooted by conflict in the Darfur region of western Sudan have returned home since early 2011 as the conflict there begins to cool, according to United Nations officials. But the vast majority of displaced people remain in camps, and those interviewed by IWPR said they needed full security guarantees before they could return home safely

08 Mar 2011 description

Witness speaks of attack on cattle market close to CAR capital in which many died.

By Wairagala Wakabi - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 290,

8 Mar 11

A witness in the International Criminal Court, ICC, trial of Congolese opposition leader Jean-Pierre Bemba last week provided details of an alleged massacre of at a cattle market close to the capital of the Central African Republic, CAR.

Testifying under the pseudonym Witness 79, and with voice and face distortion, she said that the attack at the cattle market at PK13, which is located 13 kilometres from the …

30 Nov 2010 description

More than a million people in Darfur and Chad tune in to weekly justice radio programme.

By IWPR staff - International Justice - ICC

30 Nov 10

Amid a crackdown on press freedom by the Sudanese government, a radio programme on justice issues, co-produced by IWPR and Dutch-based Radio Dabanga, continues to provide a rare source of impartial news to Darfuris and refugees in eastern Chad.

The weekly programme Fi al Mizan, or On the Scale, investigates justice issues affecting people's everyday lives and is translated into Arabic as well as three local languages: Fur, …

03 Sep 2010 description

Experts think sanctions unlikely against countries that fail to act on International Criminal Court indictment.

By Tajeldin Adam, Assadig Mustafa, Simon Jennings - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 268,

3 Sep 10

After Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir visited Chad and Kenya unimpeded, observers say they doubt the United Nations will take stern measures against countries that violate their obligation to detain individuals wanted by the International Criminal Court, ICC.

Bashir has been indicted by the Hague court and is accused of genocide as well as seven counts of war …

15 Jun 2010 description

 By IWPR  - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 261,

15 Jun 10

Listeners in Sudan have told how, after six months on air, IWPR's radio programme on justice issues in Sudan has made a real difference to their lives.

The programme, Fi al Mizan (On the Scale), which launched in November 2009 in partnership with Press Now's Radio Dabanga, has tackled important legal issues including insufficient procedures to prosecute rape in Sudan, legal immunity granted to government officials and ICC-related developments in the country.

The programme airs in Sudan and …

07 Jun 2010 description

Victims of conflict welcome outreach mission, but say more must be done to help them establish their rights before the court.

By Tajeldin Abdhalla, Assadig Mustafa, Simon Jennings - International Justice - ICC

04 Sep 2009 description

By Blake Evans-Pritchard, IWPR Africa Editor

Scott Gration, the United States' recently-appointed envoy to Sudan, understands that there are many different issues surrounding the Darfur conflict that must be resolved in order to put an end to suffering in the region for good.

Since his appointment in March, the former US Air Force officer has taken positive steps towards addressing some of them.

But not enough is being done to end the proxy war being waged across the border between Sudan and Chad, and unless this is resolved, peace within Darfur is likely to remain …

05 Feb 2008 description

Humanitarian crisis in Darfur likely to worsen as Chad rebels continue an onslaught many believe is backed by Khartoum.

By Peter Eichstaedt in The Hague (AR No.

28 Nov 2007 description

It says Chadian Arabs flooding into the region are fleeing violence - not part of alleged bid by Khartoum to Arabise the region.

By Katy Glassborow in The Hague (AR No. 145, 28-Nov-07)

The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, is downplaying claims by displaced Darfuris that the resettlement of Chadian Arabs on land from which they were expelled is part of a systematic campaign by the government of Sudan, GoS, to permanently change the demography of the region.

17 Oct 2007 description

By Katy Glassborow and Lisa Clifford in The Hague and Caroline Tosh and Daniel Barron in London

ICC Struggles to Reach Out to Darfuris

An IWPR investigation shows victims of Darfur conflict remain largely ignorant of the court that's pledged to deliver them justice.

As conflict rages in Darfur, few local people are aware of the work being done by the International Criminal Court, ICC, to prosecute those responsible for atrocities committed there, a wide-ranging investigation by IWPR can reveal.

24 May 2007 description

The court is urged to invest more in outreach work, as misinformation about its activities mounts.

By Sara Goodman in The Hague (AR No. 113, 24-May-07)

The ICC is facing enormous obstacles in educating the people of Sudan about the process of international justice. Faced with a hostile Khartoum government and continued violence in Darfur, prosecution investigators and outreach programmes are forced to operate from neighboring countries, such as Chad.