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30 Nov 2017 description
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Ali Younes 29 Nov 2017 17:04

Hundreds of African refugees are being bought and sold in “slave markets” across Libya every week, a human trafficker has told Al Jazeera, with many of them held for ransom or forced into prostitution and sexual exploitation to pay their captors and smugglers.

Many of them ended up being murdered by their smugglers in the open desert or die from thirst or car accidents in the vast Libyan desert.

27 Mar 2015 description
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A refugee camp in Chad has provided temporary sanctuary for thousands of fleeing Nigerians.

“I saw Boko Haram with my own eyes and I saw the bodies. If I think about the corpses, I will cry.”

These are the words of 12-year-old Tahiru Abakhar whose family was attacked by Boko Haram in Baga and again hounded by the Islamist group in other towns until they fled to neighbouring Chad.

31 May 2014 description
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An extraordinary Ecowas security summit has announced plans for a partnership with Central African states to fight "terrorism" in the region.

The Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) announced plans on Saturday to increase co-operation with Central African states in the battle against “terrorism”, amid fears of Boko Haram’s insurgency spreading across the region.

Nigeria has said repeatedly that it needs more help from its neighbours – including Chad, Cameroon and Niger – to end the brutal five-year insurgency being waged by the Islamist group.

06 Dec 2013 description
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06 Dec 2013 00:00| Alex Duval Smith

Chad has been hit by a refugee influx from Darfur and Central African Republic as well as the return of its citizens expelled from Libya.

The people at the World Health Organisation call it "routine childhood immunisation". But they have not witnessed the anything but routine sleuthing required of Anastasie Nague as she plays her part in preventing disease in a new, three-pronged humanitarian emergency affecting landlocked Chad.

11 Jun 2010 description
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Nekarambaya Kamndo runs his hand down the rain gauge, explaining how much rain should fall in a normal year.

"There should be 10mm in it," says the chief engineer of Am Dam, a sandbattered district in eastern Chad. "But last year just 369mm of rain fell in 17 days."

In 2000 596mm fell in 40 days. The consequences, say experts, are devastating.

19 Jan 2009 description
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LIBREVILLE, GABON - Eight rebel groups in Chad have joined together to form a unified insurgency that is preparing fresh military action, one of its members told Agence France-Presse on Monday.

The leaders of the rebel groups signed a deal in Sudan, just over the Chadian border, to form the alliance called the Union of Resistance Forces, said one of its leaders, Ali Gueddei.

"Our objective remains the liberation of the Chadian people and to overthrow the dictatorship," Gueddei told AFP by telephone, adding that all the rebel chiefs participated in the signing at Hadjer …

06 Jun 2008 description
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Thousands of child refugees from Darfur, some as young as nine, are being abducted and sold to warring militias as child soldiers, a British human rights group reports on Friday.

The organisation, Waging Peace, has filmed testimony in refugee camps in eastern Chad, describing how children, mostly boys between nine and 15, have been forcibly taken from their families by camp leaders, who are then trafficking them to militias.

The report singles out the Darfur rebel group fighting the Khartoum government, the Justice and Equality Movement, as the main offender.

16 Apr 2007 description
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Tagalo Hassan had no idea that the horrific violence of Darfur had spread like a stain across the border into Chad and had been creeping towards his village for months.

Being three years old, he could not have understood what was happening when the shooting started before dawn, or when a bullet shattered his right leg and cut a groove in his left.

The attack was carried out by Sudanese Arab horsemen, the feared Janjaweed, and their Chadian allies seeking to oust the government in the capital, Ndjamena. But there was no one on hand to explain any of that to Tagalo.

07 Mar 2007 description
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Edith Lederer | United Nations

The government of Chad has refused to allow the United Nations to send an advance mission to prepare for the possible deployment of UN peacekeepers, a setback to plans to help thousands of civilians caught in the spill-over of the Darfur conflict in Sudan.

At the same time, the UN Security Council cannot start deploying about 3 000 troops, police and civilians to beef up the 7 000-strong African Union force on the ground in Darfur because a letter from Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir supporting the deployment, which was supposedly sent last week, …