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31 Dec 2005 description


La production céréalière prévisionnelle totale des neuf pays du Sahel de la campagne 2005/2006, est évaluée à 15 161 700 tonnes. Si ces chiffres se confirment le Sahel connaîtra une production brute céréalière qui sera supérieure de 34% à celle de la campagne 2004/2005. Le niveau de production attendue sera aussi supérieur de 31% à la moyenne des 5 dernières années.

30 Dec 2005 description
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General Situation during December 2005
Forecast until mid-February 2006

30 Dec 2005 description
report African Union

29 DECEMBRE 2005

30 Dec 2005 description

By Pascal Fletcher
DAKAR, Dec 30 (Reuters) - Chad rebel groups opposed to President Idriss Deby said on Friday they had formed a military alliance to try to overthrow him, increasing pressure on the Chadian leader who accuses Sudan of backing the insurgents.

Eight anti-Deby groups, including one formed by Chadian army deserters and another which attacked an eastern border town in Chad this month, agreed in a joint communique to pool manpower and weapons to "free Chad of the dictatorship of Idriss Deby".

30 Dec 2005 description
report IRIN

NAIROBI, 30 Dec (IRIN) - Unidentified armed groups in the north of Central African Republic (CAR) may be preparing a major offensive, the African Union said in a report issued on Thursday.

29 Dec 2005 description

MILE REFUGEE CAMP, Chad, 29 Dec. (UNHCR) -- The 27-year-old Sudanese refugee woman is lying on a mat on the floor of her tent. Covered with a thin blanket, with a shawl over her shoulders, she is barely moving. The woman, Fatima,* scarcely glances at the nurse and the UNHCR community services officer who come in to take care of her.

28 Dec 2005 description

EMOP 10327.1 - Assistance to Sudanese Refugees and Host Communities in North-Eastern Chad

- WFP completes the December general distribution cycle in all the refugee camps with a full food basket.

- WFP survey on self-sufficiency is underway in the refugee camps.

- The WFP-operated air service requires urgent funding to continue serving the humanitarian community in support of the emergency operation.

Significant Events

28 Dec 2005 description
report IRIN

ABUJA, le 28 décembre (IRIN) - Le chef d'Etat nigérian et président en exercice de l'Union africaine (UA), Olusegun Obasanjo, a rencontré mardi le président tchadien Idriss Deby pour tenter de désamorcer la crise entre le Tchad et le Soudan voisin.

28 Dec 2005 description

KHARTOUM, Dec 28 (Reuters) - Sudan on Wednesday denied Chadian accusations it was supporting dissidents trying to oust President Idriss Deby and said an African Union summit would go ahead in Khartoum in January.

27 Dec 2005 description

Abuja (dpa) - African Union Chairman and Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo has set up a commission of inquiry to look into mutual accusations of attacks between Sudan and Chad, a spokeswoman said Tuesday.

27 Dec 2005 description
report IRIN

[This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations]

ABUJA, 27 December (IRIN) - President Idriss Deby of Chad met with Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigerian president and head of the African Union, in Nigeria on Tuesday, as part of efforts to defuse tensions between Chad and neighbouring Sudan.

The meeting comes days after the Chadian government declared "a state of belligerence" between itself and Sudan following a deadly border attack Chad blamed on the Sudanese government.

Deby's visit - as a guest at Obasanjo's farm in southwestern Nigeria - …

27 Dec 2005 description

Nairobi (dpa) - Chadian President Idriss Deby has accused neighbouring Sudan of helping Chadian rebels prepare a new attack from Sudanese soil according to news reports Tuesday.
According to Radio France Internationale (RFI), Deby said Sudan has sent some 50 military vehicles to Geneina in the the conflict-ridden western Darfur region late Monday to launch new "aggressions", throwing regional mediation efforts into disarray.

25 Dec 2005 description

Jeddah : 25 December 2005 - Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference would like to express his concern over the tension witnessed recently in the relations between Sudan and Tchad.

24 Dec 2005 description


Suite à une période de soudure (Juin-Août 2005) difficilement vécue par la population des zones à risque notamment la région du Kanem, une partie de la région du Lac et de celle du Mandoul ciblée à la fin de la campagne précédente, la situation alimentaire de la population de ces zones est en voie d'amélioration en cette fin du dernier trimestre de l'année en cours. Les récoltes des céréales, oléagineux et tubercules déjà entamés, en cours et en perspectives sont très prometteuses.

24 Dec 2005 description

EL-GENEINA, Sudan, Dec 24 (Reuters) - Sudan on Saturday said it was surprised by Chadian accusations it is supporting Chadian army rebels, and urged its western neighbour to form joint border patrols with Sudan to stop tensions escalating further.

24 Dec 2005 description


After a difficult lean period (June-August 2005), during which residents of at-risk areas such as the Kanem region, parts of the Lac region and portions of the Mandoul region were food-insecure by the end of last year's growing season, the food situation of the local population of these areas is finally improving as the last quarter of the year draws to a close. Ongoing and upcoming harvests of grain, oilseed and tuber crops are looking extremely promising.

23 Dec 2005 description

This week 's report covers the following sectors:Agriculture, Coordination and Support Services, Food, Health, Refugees and IDPs, Shelter and Non-food Items, Security