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31 Dec 2010 description


- There have been 874 cases globally this year (794 type 1 and 80 type 3), compared with 1,503 cases at this time last year (464 type 1 and 1,039 type 3).

- 20 countries have reported cases in 2010, compared with 23 at this time last year.

31 Dec 2010 description

This section summarizes FEWS NET's most forward-looking analysis of projected external emergency food assistance needs, six months from now, in countries where FEWS NET has a staff presence. Overall needs at a national level are compared to typical needs at this time of year during the last five years and categorized as Above-average, Average, and Below-average/No need. A star (*) indicates new information this month. Projected lean season months that are highlighted in red indicate either an early start or an extension to the typical lean season.

31 Dec 2010 description

Evènements clés

=B7 Près de 10 millions de personnes affectées par la crise alimentaire en 2010

=B7 Première visite africaine du Chef de l'action humanitaire

=B7 Plus de 1,9 million de personnes touchées par les inondations en Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre

=B7 Près de 58 000 cas de cholera reportés en Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre

=B7 Plus de 20 000 personnes affectées de la méningite en 2010

=B7 FCFA 184 milliards reçus pour l'action humanitaire en 2010

=B7 FCFA 219 milliards requis pour faire face aux besoins humanitaires en 2011 en Afrique …

30 Dec 2010 description
report Radio Dabanga

ABECHE (30 Dec .) - Sudanese refugees in the Chadian city of Abeche on Tuesday held a meeting with the foreign mediators of the Darfur conflict, the Qatari minister Al Mahmoud and the UN-African Union joint mediator Djibril Bassole. Refugee representatives from 11 camps, numbering 33 delegates in all, attended the meeting with the mediation team. They insisted that the peace deal should include all of the armed movements in a comprehensive deal.

30 Dec 2010 description
report IRIN

DAKAR, 30 December 2010 (IRIN) - This year in West Africa natural and man-made disasters - from floods to fighting - brought anguish and emergency assistance, and left communities, aid workers and analysts mulling the long-term causes.

The always harsh lean season brought a nutrition crisis in Niger, Chad and other parts of the Sahel; a massive aid operation saved many lives, experts say, but the very fact that under-nutrition regularly kills children in the region means prevention measures need just as much attention.


30 Dec 2010 description

Key Messages

- Food security conditions across the region are steadily improving with the increasingly widespread harvests and large shipments of rainy season crops to markets since October.

- Nominal prices for different crops are falling in production zones but are still high in deficit areas which are still awaiting an influx of commercial trade.

28 Dec 2010 description
report IRIN

NAIROBI , 28 décembre 2010 (IRIN) - Des milliers de personnes qui dépendent de l'extraction des diamants dans les régions orientales de la République centrafricaine (RCA) gagnent un salaire de misère et sont harcelées sans relâche par des groups armés locaux et étrangers, révèle une nouvelle étude de l'International Crisis Group (ICG).

Pauvreté et criminalité sont caractéristiques du secteur du diamant en Centrafrique, selon le rapport intitulé De dangereuses petites pierres : les diamants en République centrafricaine.

« L'incapacité des mineurs artisanaux à échapper à la …

28 Dec 2010 description

Record grain and pasture production forecast for 2010/11

- The cereal production forecast for 2010/11 is estimated at 2.6 million tons, a record this decade; pastoral conditions are also of excellent quality overall.

- Some 400,000 people were affected by climactic hazards or pests in 2010.

28 Dec 2010 description


- Thousands of individuals continue to return by road, rail, barge, and plane from northern Sudan to their homelands in Southern Sudan and the Three Areas of Southern Kordofan, Blue Nile, and Abyei. As of December 28, relief agencies had verified the return of 105,334 people in government-organized and spontaneous movements since October 30.

- The humanitarian community continues to prepare for and respond to humanitarian needs associated with population movements. U.N.

28 Dec 2010 description

Faits Majeurs

- Baisse des cas du choléra: 6 369 cas dont 180 décès;

- Polio : 18 cas confirmés cette année contre 64 en 2009 ;

- L'Appel de Fonds Consolidé (CAP) pour le Tchad financé à 70 % (2010) et 7% (2011).

23 Dec 2010 description
report Tearfund

Tearfund partners are seeing encouraging signs of progress in Niger's fight against hunger after drought-induced harvest failures.

Admissions to nutrition centres have dropped recently to 5,000 a week, in comparison with 8,000 between April and November.

Our partner Jemed is continuing projects in the north of the country to feed people and to increase their resilience to future harvest problems.

Staff are providing grain to the most vulnerable, loans for livestock, as well as cash-for-work schemes to boost families' incomes.

23 Dec 2010 description


· This Emergency Appeal was initially launched on 26 April for CHF1, 252,369 for 8 months to assist 400,425 beneficiaries.

· Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF): CHF 251,862 was initially allocated from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)' DREF to support the Red Cross of Chad (RCC) to respond.

· Operation update no.

22 Dec 2010 description
report UN News Service

22 December 2010 - The United Nations mission in Chad and the Central African Republic (MINURCAT) has handed over its programmes to the Government of Chad and the UN agencies in the country as it prepares to wind up its responsibilities there at the end of this month.

Speaking at the handover ceremony in the Chadian capital, N'Djamena, yesterday, the Deputy-Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Rima Salah, said that the UN country team has extensive field experience and will continue to work for the benefit of the Chadian people.

"The Government and the UN …

20 Dec 2010 description

Human Rights Council

Sixteenth session

Agenda item 3

Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to development


This report details the specific activities of the mandate and the Representative of the Secretary-General on the human rights of internally displaced persons, Walter Kälin, during the reporting period, until the end of his tenure on 31 October 2010.

20 Dec 2010 description

Period covered by this Ops Update: 08 October to 23 0ctober, 2010;

Appeal target (current): CHF 1,283,953 (USD 1,269,732 or EUR 995,930)

Appeal coverage: 7%;

Appeal history:

- This Emergency Appeal was initially launched on 8 October, 2010 for CHF 1,283,953 (USD 1,269,732 or EUR 995,930) for six months to assist 6,335 beneficiaries.

- Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF): CHF 289,750 was initially allocated from the Federation's DREF to support the National Society to respond.

Summary: The torrential rains all over Chad experienced in early September caused flooding …