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09 Nov 2018 description

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  • Malnutrition alarmante au Tchad P.1
  • Augmentation des cas à N’Djamena P.3
  • JMAH et protection des civils P.4
  • Assistance au retour des migrants P.5


09 Nov 2018 description

There are currently 654,113 persons of concern to UNHCR in Chad including 447,125 refugees and 3,653 asylum seekers. In the Lac region, there are 124,078 IDPs, 38,677 Chadian returnees, as well as 10,607 refugees. In eastern Chad, there 336,929 Sudanese refugees and asylum seekers and 3,858 Chadians (former refugees) voluntarily repatriated from Sudan since December 2017. In southern Chad, there are 96,438 CAR refugees as well as 45,710 Chadian returnees from CAR. In N’djamena, there are 6,804 urban refugees of different nationalities, but mainly from CAR.

02 Nov 2018 description

Every year, Chad confronts the lean season (the period between harvests, between May and September). During these months, households have little or no food stocks and vulnerable people resort to negative coping strategies that are harmful for their health (reduction of number and quality of meals) and that are likely to undermine their fragile livelihoods, such as selling productive assets.

25 Sep 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund


• 147,532 SAM children admitted in UNICEF supported health facilities to date;

• 13,016 children including 6,913 girls have benefited from psychosocial activities since the beginning of 2018;

• 2,574 pregnant women counselled and tested for HIV in the targeted regions (0.9% prevalence);

25 Sep 2018 description

Chad currently has 652.575 people of concern, including 449.748 refugees, 3.442 asylum seekers,

162.755 IDPs and returnees, 16,718 Chadian returnees from Central African Republic (at risk of statelessness), and 20.000 in other categories.

Water Shortage among Sudanese refugees in the east of Chad.

GAOUI Transit Site: 459 refugees benefit from relocation and reintegration under the ECHO-funded Housing Support Project.

Socio-economic and professional profiling of refugees in Chad completed.


17 Sep 2018 description


As part of the ‘Strengthening Accountability in Chad’ project,
Ground Truth Solutions (GTS) is responsible for gathering the views, perceptions, and priorities of affected people on the implementation of the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) 2017 - 2019. This project is a collaboration between Ground Truth Solutions and the CHS Alliance and is funded by the Swedish Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

04 Sep 2018 description

Germany, Nigeria, Norway and the United Nations hosted the High-Level Conference on the Lake Chad Region which brought together 27 nations, 24 regional and international organizations and representatives of national and international civil society. We convened to recommit to work together to address the humanitarian needs and build the resilience of the over 17 million people still affected by the regional crisis and to identify ways of strengthening the collective response.

01 Sep 2018 description
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The humanitarian crisis in the Lake Chad Basin is among the most severe in the world, with more than 10 million people in urgent need of life-saving assistance and protection. Yet, it is critical that we urgently scale up development interventions to strengthen resilience in the region, help people and communities recover as quickly as possible and prevent a further deterioration of the crisis.

The urgent need for a resilience-based approach

01 Sep 2018 description

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Mise en œuvre de la NWOW P.1
Visite conjointe UN-Donateurs à l’est P.3
Epidémie de rougeole au Tchad P.5


• Deux ans après la tenue du Sommet Mondial de l’Aide Humanitaire qui a posé les bases de la nouvelle façon de travailler, le Tchad évalue la mise en œuvre de ce processus.

• Les Nations Unies et les partenaires techniques et financiers du Tchad ont effectué une visite à l’est pour renforcer le lien humanitaire et développement.

07 Aug 2018 description

Household food consumption in the Sahel deteriorates during the lean season


• Poor harvests in 2017–2018 in the Lac, Kanem, Barh el Gazel, Batha, Wadi Fira, Guéra and Hadjer Lamis regions have caused depletion of stocks earlier than usual. This has brought about an early lean season and prolonged dependence on the markets. Household incomes are below average due to the financial crisis, meaning that the consumption deficit cannot be covered.

25 Jul 2018 description

418 927 - Nombre total d'enfants de 6-59 mois souffrant de malnutrition aiguë et nécessitant une prise en charge nutritionnelle dans les 10 régions analysées

189 926 - Les femmes en âge de procréer (15-59 ans) souffrant de malnutrition aiguë avec un besoin de prise en charge nutritionnelle

Combien : Au total, 418,927 enfants souffrent actuellement de malnutrition aiguë sur la base des résultats de l'enquête nutrition SMART réalisée en août 2017 au Tchad et que ce nombre pourraient augmenter au cours de l’année 2018 si des mesures urgentes ne sont pas prises,

24 Jul 2018 description
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Executive Summary [English]

Rainfall anomalies during the 2017 year and an ongoing economic crisis have negatively impacted the livelihoods of rural households in Chad, including agriculture, livestock, and nonfarm income activities. This has driven a deterioration in food and nutrition security across the majority of Chad’s Sahelian belt. In some regions, the rainy season was characterized by prolonged dry spells and an early end, which resulted in a 2.1% decrease in national cereal production compared to the five-year average and 5.1% reduction compared to last year’s levels.

30 Jun 2018 description

La consommation alimentaire des ménages du Sahel se détériore pendant la soudure


• Les faibles récoltes de 2017-2018 dans les régions du Lac, Kanem, BEG, Batha, Wadi Fira, Guéra et Hadjer Lamis ont entrainé un épuisement des stocks plus tôt que d'habitude. Cela a entraîné une soudure précoce et une dépendance prolongée aux marchés. Les revenus des ménages sont inférieurs à la moyenne en raison de la crise financière, ne permettant pas de combler le déficit de consommation.

29 Jun 2018 description


  • Planting of 2018 cereal crops started on time in southern farming areas under favourable conditions

  • Above-average harvest gathered in 2017

  • Prices of coarse grains remain below 2017 levels due to increased supply

  • Continued food and humanitarian assistance needed, including for refugees

Timely onset of rains favours normal planting activities

23 Jun 2018 description

Ce rapport a été produit par OCHA en collaboration avec les partenaires humanitaires et concerne les vagues de déplacements internes depuis le 21 juillet 2015. Il est publié par OCHA Tchad et couvre la période du 1er février au 30 avril 2018. Le prochain rapport sera publié vers le 31 juillet 2018.

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14 Jun 2018 description

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Nouvelles dynamiques au Sud P.1
Défis de protection au Lac P.3
Retour des réfugiés tchadiens du Soudan P.4

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12 Jun 2018 description

I am increasingly concerned by the situation in the Sahel. In Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Senegal, nearly 6 million people are struggling to meet their daily food needs. Severe malnutrition threatens the lives of 1.6 million children. These are levels unseen since the crisis of 2012, and the most critical months are still ahead.

08 Jun 2018 description

To prevent vulnerable communities from sliding deeper into food insecurity and malnutrition, the World Food Programme (WFP) and its partners deliver food and nutritional assistance throughout the lean season. WFP provides life-saving food and nutritional support to some 700,000 vulnerable Chadians. Among them, some 131,084 people-at-risk (87,384 children aged 6-23 months and 43,695 pregnant and lactating women) receive specialized nutritious foods and social behaviour change measures on key nutrition and health family practices to prevent malnutrition.