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15 Mar 2018 description

Washington, DC, 15 March 2018 – Today, the Syrian conflict enters its 8th year. Despite desperate need for peace, the situation in Syria remains dramatically unstable and leaves its people suffering. New violence throughout the country reminds us of the need to commit attention and resources to helping our brothers and sisters caught in this horrific conflict.

15 Mar 2018 description

A staff member from a Syrian organisation that Humanity & Inclusion (HI) partners with was killed yesterday. Mustafa, his wife and their two children – both under the age of 8 years old – were killed by shelling in Hamouriyeh, Eastern Ghouta. As today marks the 7th anniversary of the Syrian conflict, HI condemns once again bombing and shelling of populated areas and calls on all parties to the conflict to protect civilians.

15 Mar 2018 description

Geneva, Thursday 15 March 2018

Humanitarian access has deteriorated in seven countries over the past six months, according to the Humanitarian Access Overview report released today by ACAPS.

Out of the 37 countries included in the report, nearly half of them (18) are currently facing high humanitarian access constraints. Moderate humanitarian access constraints are an issue in nine countries and ten present low humanitarian access constraints.

15 Mar 2018 description

Arabic version

Today we mark another shameful milestone in the man-made tragedy that is the Syria conflict.

This is a war that has been waged almost exclusively against civilians, who have been bombed, gassed, besieged, starved, tortured and displaced, for seven interminable years, in the full gaze of the world. Hundreds of thousands of innocent lives have been sacrificed to this senseless conflict.

15 Mar 2018 description

By Meinie Nicolai, nurse and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) General Director

Most people in East Ghouta, Syria live underground. Medical care is increasingly provided in basements. What is happening there cannot bear the light of day.

I recently spoke to one of the directors of a hospital MSF has been supporting since 2013 in East Ghouta. The discomfort of sitting in a safe office in Brussels grew as she described the detail of her and her colleagues’ struggle.

15 Mar 2018 description

Minister highlights UK’s commitment to supporting Palestinian refugees and calls on other countries to do more

The UK is supporting the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) to help educate 500,000 children and provide health services for 3 million Palestinian refugees, including those affected by the brutal conflict in Syria.

15 Mar 2018 description

Funding required: $23.18 B
Funding received: $936.6 M
Funding percentage: 3.8%
People in need: 128.8 M
People to receive aid: 93.6 M Countries affected: 35

15 Mar 2018 description

European Commission - Press release

Brussels, 14 March 2018

Following through on its commitment to support Syrian refugees in Turkey, the European Commission is today mobilising additional funding for the Facility for Refugees which has so far given 500.000 children access to education and is supporting 1.2 million refugees with monthly cash transfers.

15 Mar 2018 description
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Human Rights Council
Thirty-seventh session
26 February – 23 March 2018 Agenda item 4
Human rights situations that require the Council’s attention

Conference room paper of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic


15 Mar 2018 description

GENEVA (15 March 2018) – For the past six and a half years, parties to the Syrian conflict have subjected thousands of women, girls, men, and boys to sexual and gender-based violence, a group of UN experts said today. Such acts have been used as a tool to instil fear, humiliate and punish or, in the case of terrorist groups, to enforce draconian social order.

15 Mar 2018 description


  • Close to 400 000 men, women and children remain besieged in eastern Ghouta, where intense hostilities continue to exact a heavy toll on the civilian population. The besieged enclave has seen a dramatic upsurge in civilian casualties amid a sharp escalation in airstrikes and ground-based attacks.

15 Mar 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund

By Rawd Dandash

Civil war

I had heard these terms in history class, abstract concepts I hadn’t paid much attention to. Seven years ago, at the age of eleven, they became my reality.


15 Mar 2018 description

The President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Peter Maurer, was inside Eastern Ghouta today (March 15) to see the conditions people are facing:

“Over the last couple of hours, I could talk to many people here in order to have an impression what the difficulties are for the people living here encircled and in need of almost everything - medicine first and foremost but everything which is necessary for the day to day life.”

15 Mar 2018 description
report REACH Initiative


• In the week prior to the start of the February Eastern Ghouta offensive, during which time data was collected, the incomplete SMEB costs of Kafr Batna and Duma subdistricts rose on average by 86,614 SYP (25%) to 427,829 SYP. The value of increase was greater than the highest complete SMEB cost observed this month. Prices in Kafr Batna and Duma have presumably risen significantly since the offensive began.

15 Mar 2018 description
report Islamic Relief

For seven years the Syrian people have been bombed, besieged and forced to endure one of the worst humanitarian crises in living memory.

The recent intensification of violence and increase in military offensives has made the situation even more dangerous for ordinary civilians. Ordinary men, women, and children have borne the brunt of this conflict, they continue to suffer a war that does not seem to have an end in sight.

The war continues to impact every aspect of life.

15 Mar 2018 description

"I regret that I got married. Girls my age are now studying. I am totally destroyed."

By Heba Kanso

BEKAA VALLEY, Lebanon, March 15 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As 17-year-old Aziza sat in her dark tent in a refugee camp, she rocked her baby while her tiny hands adjusted his pacifier, looking down at all she had left from two broken marriages.

15 Mar 2018 description
report Trócaire

Noelle Fitzpatrick
14 March 2018
March 15th marks the 7th anniversary of the current conflict in Syria.

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Origins of the conflict
This protracted conflict has killed more than 500,000 people and contributed to the largest refugee crisis in recent history. But lost beneath the shocking images of death and destruction is a clear understanding of the origins of this conflict.