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17 Nov 2017 description
report PAX

The bombing of Eastern Ghouta has intensified in the last two days. An area under siege for four years is now on the brink of disaster. Civilians are suffering from malnutrition, lack of access to medical care, and violence.

17 Nov 2017 description

Polio this week as of 15 November 2017

  • New on polioeradication.org: Polio infrastructure helping to stop malaria in Nigeria, and Innovations in reverse cold-chain building resilience for disease surveillance in Sudan.

  • Underlining their commitment to a polio-free world for all future generations, Italy has provided €4.5 million to deliver polio vaccines in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

17 Nov 2017 description


  • Save lives and restore livelihoods of conflict induced refugees and host communities.

  • Promote increased levels of food and nutrition self-sufficiency for Syrian refugees by creating income-generating activities to prevent negative or irreversible coping strategies.

  • Strengthen the knowledge base of Syrian refugees on quality and healthy diets during dire economic circumstances.

17 Nov 2017 description

OUTCOME 5: Boys & girls at risk and survivors of violence, exploitation and abuse have access to an improved and equitable prevention & response

Output 5.2: Displaced and host community boys & girls at risk or survivors of violence have access to an integrated package of quality prevention and response services

17 Nov 2017 description

At least eight civilians killed and about 94 wounded in the last 20 hours alone

  • Aerial strikes escalate after rebel attack on base

  • Eastern Ghouta's plight worsens as siege tightens

By Suleiman Al-Khalidi

AMMAN, Nov 15 (Reuters) - The Syrian army backed by Russian jets on Wednesday stepped up shelling and air strikes on a besieged rebel-held enclave in Damascus a day after rebels stormed an army base in the area, rebels, a war monitor and residents said.

16 Nov 2017 description

Mauritania hosts over 2,200 urban refugees and asylumseekers and almost 52,000 Malian refugees in Mbera, a camp established in 2012 in the arid south-eastern region close to the Malian border.
Despite the conclusion of a peace agreement in 2015, large-scale returns of Malian refugees are not expected due to persistent violence in northern Mali. In October alone, 689 new arrivals were registered in Mbera.

16 Nov 2017 description

More than 70% of all IDPs supported by the CCCM Cluster in camps are located in Idleb governorate. Additional displacements from other parts of Syria (e.g. Homs, Damascus) are expected and will require an extensive response within the governorate. On July 19, 2017, clashes among AOGs in Idleb led to the temporary suspension of operations by several agencies. Activities have now resumed.

The CCCM Cluster

16 Nov 2017 description

ROME – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is extremely concerned by the destruction this week of food intended for hungry people in the besieged enclave of Eastern Ghouta, about 15 kilometres from the Syrian capital, Damascus. The food was destroyed during fighting inside the enclave when food distribution points belonging to one of WFP’s local partners in Duma were hit. Fortunately, no people were in the buildings at the time of the strikes.

16 Nov 2017 description

Between 1 January and 31 October 2017, 14,597 unaccompanied and separated children arrived in Italy by sea, representing 13% of all sea arrivals in this period. This proportion is comparable to the first nine months of 2016, when 14% of those arriving by sea were UASC. Their numbers, however, have decreased compared to last year, when 22,772 UASC arrived in the first ten months of the year.

16 Nov 2017 description


Between 1 January and 31 October 2017, 111,397 persons arrived in Italy by sea. This is a 30% decrease compared to sea arrivals in the same period last year (159,427).
Disembarkations slowed as of mid-July 2017, with monthly arrival numbers being significantly lower since, compared to 2016. In October 2017, 5,979 persons reached Italy by sea, compared to 27,384 registered at landing points in October 2016.

16 Nov 2017 description


  • Syria: On 28 September, through a joint UN humanitarian delivery to newly accessible Deir-Ez-Zor governorate, IOM provided 6,000 clothing kits with each containing five different size sets considering family needs, reaching a total of 30,000 beneficiaries.

16 Nov 2017 description

Arrivées par la mer

138,800 1er-3ème Tr. 2017
303,838 1er-3ème Tr. 2016

361,709 en 2016
1,015,078 en 2015

Morts et portés disparus

2,666 1er-3ème Tr. 2017
3,543 1er-3ème Tr. 2016

5,096 en 2016
3,771 en 2015