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25 Dec 2009 description

LONDON, Dec 25 (Reuters) - For more than 40 years, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre (PTWC) has been alerting countries in the Pacific region to the dangers of killer waves.

Following the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed almost 230,000 people, the United Nation's Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) began coordinating efforts to create an Indian Ocean tsunami early warning system.

Before 2004, there were no sea-level monitoring instruments in the Indian Ocean and many countries did not have agencies responsible for tsunami warnings or points of contact to …

23 Dec 2005 description

SINGAPORE, Dec 23 (Reuters) - Around $13.6 billion has been pledged by donors around the world to rebuild Indian Ocean countries after the Dec. 26 earthquake and tsunami, which killed 231,452 people, the U.N. Envoy for Tsunami Recovery says.

24 Jun 2005 description

By Douglas Bakshian

LUXEMBOURG, June 24 (Reuters) - Despite the historic size of relief efforts, it will take as long as 10 years to rebuild what was destroyed in the tsunami that hit Asia last year, the United Nations said on Friday.

"It took between five and 10 seconds to destroy thousands of communities. Five to 10 seconds to wipe away 225,000 people," U.N. Emergency Relief Coordinator Jan Egeland told a news conference.

"It will take five to 10 years to rebuild all that was lost.

23 Jun 2005 description

SINGAPORE, June 23 (Reuters) - The toll of dead and missing six months after the Dec. 26 Indian Ocean quake and tsunami stands at 232,010, according to collated figures from government and health officials.


Bangladesh 2
East Africa 164* 139**
India 12,407 3,874
Indonesia 131,029 37,000
Malaysia 69 5
Maldives 82 26
Myanmar 61
Sri Lanka 38,940***

31 May 2005 description

By Sue Pleming

WASHINGTON, May 31 (Reuters) - Funds raised to help survivors of last December's Indian Ocean tsunami are being spent slowly by U.S.

21 Apr 2005 description

WASHINGTON, April 20 (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate voted on Wednesday to put an additional $320 million into U.S. food aid this year to ensure that projects around the world are not left empty-handed by help to victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami.

Senators approved the addition to the so-called Food for Peace program on a voice vote while debating an $81 billion emergency spending bill to fund the Iraq war. The House has passed its own version of the funding measure.

25 Feb 2005 description

By Jerry Norton

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia, Feb 25 (Reuters) - Humanitarian assistance to tsunami-affected countries in the Indian Ocean totals $6.28 billion, with Germany the largest contributor at $683 million, the United Nations said on Friday.

But if the United States follows through on a pledge to increase its contribution, it will become the biggest donor, said Hiro Ueki, spokesman for the U.N.

22 Jan 2005 description

By Elaine Lies

KOBE, Japan, Jan 22 (Reuters) - Experts and officials from around the world agreed to try to cut the number of deaths in disasters over the next decade and promised to set up a tsunami warning system at a conference that ended on Saturday.

But aid workers said the framework agreement, which the United Nations hopes will halve the number of people killed in natural disasters, lacked detail on the steps needed to achieve its aims.

The death of more than 225,000 people in last month's Indian Ocean tsunami had made an early warning system a top priority at the …

21 Jan 2005 description

BANGKOK, Jan 21 (Reuters) - The international aid effort for countries affected by the Indian Ocean tsunami is moving into "Phase Two", focusing more on reconstruction than pure emergency relief, a top United Nations official said on Friday.

"Three weeks down the line, I think now we are quite impressed with how rapidly the recovery efforts of people are starting to take place," Margareta Wahlstrom, the U.N.'s special tsunami envoy, told a news conference in the Thai capital.

18 Jan 2005 description

KOBE, Japan (AlertNet) - The Indian Ocean tsunami crisis has highlighted the need to broaden the pool of donors of humanitarian aid to reflect the growing prosperity of countries in Asia, the Gulf and Latin America, top U.N. and development officials said on Tuesday.

"In many ways, the Indian Ocean will be a laboratory now for a better world system... and here I look to traditional and new donors to come and help us," Jan Egeland, the U.N.

06 Jan 2005 description

By James Grubel

CANBERRA, June 1 (Reuters) - Australia's private donations for Indian Ocean tsunami aid could take eight years to spend, Australia's key aid agencies said on Wednesday after an audit found 18 percent of funds had been spent so far.

Australia's five major aid agencies said an audit of the first three months of tsunami aid showed the initial spending had been slow, but it was more important for the money to be spent properly.

"This is not some mindless rush just to spend money.

06 Jan 2005 description

By Arshad Mohammed

JAKARTA, Jan 6 (Reuters) - An effort by the United States, Japan, India and Australia to coordinate tsunami relief will be disbanded and folded into the broader U.N.-led operations, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said on Thursday.

The group's creation was announced by U.S. President George W. Bush just eight days ago as he tried to dispel criticism that the initial U.S. response to the catastrophe was slow. Some analysts saw it as an effort to appear engaged.

But U.S.

06 Jan 2005 description

JAKARTA, Jan 6 (Reuters) - A joint draft statement for Thursday's global tsunami crisis summit welcomes debt relief for devastated Asian countries and supports an early warning system.

05 Jan 2005 description

By George Thande

VICTORIA, Jan 5 (Reuters) - Seychelles is appealing for $9 million to help rebuild roads, bridges and schools ravaged by the tsunamis, a senior government official said on Wednesday.

The Indian Ocean archipelago, which lies more than 7,000 kms (4,350 miles) from the epicentre of the undersea earthquake, suffered widespread damage when massive waves hit three of its islands on Dec. 26.

05 Jan 2005 description

PARIS, Jan 5 (Reuters) - International police organisation Interpol said on Wednesday it was creating a support group to help teams working to identify the victims of a tsunami in southern Asia that killed around 150,000 people.

Senior police officials from 26 countries endorsed the creation of the group, which will consist of Interpol staff and officials from member countries, at a meeting on Wednesday at Interpol's headquarters in the southern French city of Lyon.

04 Jan 2005 description

(Updates South Korea and adds column for private donations)

03 Jan 2005 description

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia, Jan 3 (Reuters) - Relief workers flew helicopters and cajoled elephants to find and feed survivors and shift the rubble of razed towns on Monday, eight days after tsunamis changed the map of Asia.

Aid workers struggled to help thousands huddled in makeshift camps in Indonesia's northern Sumatra, where two-thirds of the 145,000 killed across the region died, and to reach remote areas after roads and airstrips were washed away.

Half a world away, three U.S.

31 Dec 2004 description

By Michael Perry

BANGKOK, Dec 31 (Reuters) - Aid trucks loaded with food, medicines and body bags rolled into tsunami-hit areas across Asia and aircraft dropped supplies to cut-off villages as a $500 million relief operation finally swung into gear on Friday.

Giant U.S.

30 Dec 2004 description

By Tomi Soetjipto and Dean Yates

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia, Dec 30 (Reuters) - Millions of people on Indian Ocean shores scrambled for food and clean water on Thursday, as disease, thirst, hunger and panic threatened survivors of the most devastating tsunami on record.

The death toll rose above 91,000, the latest increases coming mainly from Indonesia's Aceh province, which now accounts for over half of the dead.