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11 Jun 2018 description

Mogadishu 8 June 2018. The Government of Somalia has this week signed up to a regional marine partnership initiative to ensure the sustainability of the livelihoods, environment and resources of the Western Indian Ocean. Eight other countries in the region are taking part in the initiative – Comoros, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, South Africa, and Tanzania.

22 Jan 2014 description

1. Executive Summary

Situated in a region prone to man-made, natural, slow-onset or rapid complex emergencies, the IFRC EAIOIRO supports Red Cross and Red Crescent (RC / RC) National Societies in humanitarian response and enhancing communities’ capacity to be more resilient to hazards and risks.

02 May 2013 description


NEW YORK, 30 April (Department of Political Affairs) — The United Nations Trust Fund for the Fight against Piracy today approved a package of projects in support of anti-piracy efforts in Somalia and other affected States in the region, including Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Maldives and the Seychelles.

The announcement was made in New York by United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Tayé-Brook Zerihoun, who chaired the Board of the Trust Fund to Support Initiatives of States Countering Piracy off the Coast of Somalia.

21 Feb 2012 description
report European Union

Piracy in the Western Indian Ocean has been a growing threat to security, international shipping and development since the mid-2000s. While bearing all aspects of organised crime, piracy is a complex issue that can only be overcome by combining political and diplomatic efforts with military and legal action, development assistance and strong international coordination.

12 Dec 2011 description
report European Union

Brussels, 12 December 2011

The Council today approved the concept for a new Common Security and Defence Policy mission to support regional maritime capacity building in the Horn of Africa and Western Indian Ocean states. This decision kicks off operational planning for the mission.

08 Jan 2007 description

The Federation's mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity. It is the world's largest humanitarian organization and its millions of volunteers are active in over 185 countries.

Executive summary

Although the effect of the tsunami in the Eastern Africa region was comparatively small, the impact of the disaster on communities, combined with pre-existing vulnerabilities, exacerbated the situation.

07 Sep 2005 description
report Africare

On September 7, 2005, Africare welcomed five senior members of the Third District of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. The Third District includes 40 chapters in Virginia and the District of Columbia. Members presented Africare President Julius E. Coles with a generous donation to the Tsunami Relief Effort in East Africa.

Chairman of the Chapter Subcommittee, Brother Charles D.

09 Mar 2005 description

The Federation's mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity. It is the world's largest humanitarian organization and its millions of volunteers are active in over 181 countries.

In Brief

Revised Preliminary Appeal No. 28/2004; Operations Update no. 47; Period covered: 2-9 March 2005; Appeal coverage: 116.1% (Click here to view the provisional contributions list attached, also available on the Federation's website). Highlights :

14 Jan 2005 description

The Deputy Minister of Social Development, Dr Jean Benjamin today made a further appeal to the social sector to work together and coordinate efforts in assisting the Tsunami disaster victims by focusing on prioritising services such as psycho-social support to women and children.

She made this appeal in Pretoria at an emergency summit meeting of the social development sector that met to enhance coordinating efforts to assist the victims of the Tsunami disaster since its aftermath on 26 December 2004 that affected countries in Asia and Africa.

"The Tsunami disaster has …

10 Jan 2005 description

Fifteen days after the tsunami unleashed havoc in South and South East Asia, causing 155,000 deaths, leaving over five million homeless, and destroying the livelihood of thousands, the tsunami relief and early recovery effort is in full swing thanks to the unrelenting work and commitment of the national governments, the affected communities, the local and international NGOs and the UN system.

07 Jan 2005 description

by Andreï Neacsu in Nairobi, Tapiwa Gomo in Harare and Roy Probert in Geneva

It took about seven hours for the deadly wave to reach the Somali coast, from the moment it was caused by a massive earthquake under the sea near Indonesia, 5,000 km away.

When it struck on 26 December, it had left an estimated 150 people in Somalia dead and, according to the UN office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, 54,000 directly affected. The worst hit area was the region of Puntland.

For while the Asian countries that sit on the Indian Ocean rim have been hardest hit by the tsunami, the …

06 Jan 2005 description

The Coca-Cola Company has responded to the effects of the recent Asian tsunami disaster by providing US$ 10 million towards relief efforts. Africa sadly did not escape the ravages of this terrible natural disaster.

In Somalia, over 100 people have reportedly died from the disaster.

04 Jan 2005 description
report Africare

The earthquake and tidal wave that decimated many coastal regions of South Asia on December 26 extended a path of destruction all the way to the eastern coast of Africa.

The hardest hit African nation was Somalia, where over 100 people have been killed and many fishermen have been reported missing. Off the coast of Somalia, almost all of the buildings on the island of Hafun were swept away.