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13 Feb 2018 description

Victoria, Seychelles, 8th February 2018 - The Minister of Health (MoH) and the acting World Health Organisation (WHO) Liaison Officer have signed the biennial workplan for the period 2018-2019 at a media event at the Seychelles Hospital on Wednesday 7th February 2018. On behalf of the Seychelles government, Minister Jean-Paul Adam handed over the signed plan to Dr. Teniin Gakuruh of the WHO Seychelles. This took place in the presence of Senior Ministry of Health officials and the media.

09 Nov 2017 description

VICTORIA, November 8 2017 - Whilst their roles are different, journalists together with health workers are often on the frontline of disease outbreaks. It is therefore essential that the media is engaged in emergency response efforts, using their voice to share credible information towards reducing public health risks. This is the key message that was put forward during recent trainings conducted for journalists and editors of local media houses in Victoria, Seychelles.

31 Oct 2017 description

Depuis août 2017, Madagascar fait face à une vaste flambée épidémique de peste qui touche de grandes villes et d’autres zones où la maladie n’est pas endémique. Cette flambée épidémique comporte un risque modéré de propagation aux îles voisines de l’Océan Indien. Ce risque est atténué par la courte période d’incubation (le délai qui s’écoule entre l’exposition et l’apparition des symptômes) de la peste pulmonaire et la mise en place d’un dépistage des passagers au départ dans l’aéroport et d’autres grands ports.

30 Oct 2017 description

VICTORIA, 30 October 2017 ---- Today the World Health Organization handed over a number of vital supplies to the Ministry of Health in Seychelles that will help bolster preparedness against potential disease outbreaks, including 400 sets of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In addition to supplies, efforts are also underway to ensure effective plans, systems and protocols are in place to respond to any suspected plague cases should they occur in the island country.

27 Oct 2017 description

Madagascar is experiencing a large outbreak of plague affecting major cities and other non-endemic areas since August 2017. This outbreak carries a moderate risk of spread to neighbouring Indian Ocean islands which is mitigated naturally by the short incubation period of pneumonic plague and the institution of exit screening measures at the airport and other major ports. For more information, see the latest situation report available from:

21 Oct 2017 description

18 OCTOBRE 2017 | VICTORIA, SEYCHELLES - Des tests effectués le mardi 17 octobre par un laboratoire partenaire de l’Organisation mondiale de la Santé à Paris sur des échantillons provenant de cas suspects de peste pulmonaire aux Seychelles ont donné des résultats négatifs.

20 Oct 2017 description

A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

A plague outbreak in Madagascar has raised concern in neighbouring countries. As of 12 October, a total of 684 cases (suspected, probable and confirmed) including 57 deaths (CFR 8.3%) have been reported from 35 out of 114 districts. Of these 474 were clinically classified as pneumonic plague.

The Madagascar Ministry of Health (MoH) reported caseload on 16 October was 805 (confirmed and suspected) with 74 deaths.

18 Oct 2017 description

18 October 2017 | Victoria, Seychelles - Samples from patients in Seychelles suspected to be ill with pneumonic plague tested negative at a WHO partner laboratory in Paris, France on Tuesday, 17 October 2017.

The ten samples were shipped by the Seychelles Ministry of Health and WHO to the collaborating centre for Yersinia at the Institut Pasteur to confirm the status of several suspected and one probable case – a 34-year-old Seychelles national who had returned from Madagascar with plague-like symptoms.

15 Oct 2017 description

Dr Jude Gedeon met with the media on Wednesday 11th October to give an update on the pneumonic plague situation in Seychelles. Speaking to several media houses, he addressed the case of pneumonic plague that was confirmed yesterday. He also stressed on current and additional measures being taken by the Ministry of Health to prevent this from spreading.

15 Oct 2017 description

In an interview today, Tuesday 10th October 2017, Dr Jude Gedeon, Public Health Commissioner confirmed that a 34 year old man has been infected with pneumonic plague. The man who travelled to Madagascar, arrived in Seychelles on Friday 6th October 2017, at which point he was placed under passive surveillance.

15 Oct 2017 description

Madagascar is experiencing a large outbreak of plague affecting major cities and other non-endemic areas since August 2017. This outbreak caries a moderate risk of spread to neighbouring Indian Ocean islands. This risk has been mitigated by the short incubation period (the time from exposure to onset of symptoms) of pneumonic plague and the institution of exit screening measures at the airport and other major ports. For more information, see the latest situation report available from:

28 Feb 2017 description
report World Bank, GFDRR

Key Facts

This analysis suggests that:

  • The average annual direct losses from earthquakes, floods and tropical cyclones are nearly $2.8 million.

  • The 100-year return period loss from all perils is $18 million, or over 1% of Seychelles 2015 GDP.

  • The 250-year return period loss from all perils could be $21 million.

24 Feb 2017 description
report Government of Japan

The Government of Japan has been providing funds to non-profit organizations such as NGOs, Schools, Medical Institutions and local governments through the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) since 1989. This assistance was initiated in Seychelles in 2015.

02 Oct 2016 description

By Brigitte Leoni

VICTORIA, Seychelles, 2 October 2016 – A multinational tsunami drill in the Indian Ocean has taught Seychelles key lessons about how to save lives in the event that a potentially deadly wave strikes in the future, according to senior officials in the island nation.

Mr. Paul Labaleine, Director of Seychelles’ Division of Risk and Disaster Management, said that his archipelago’s participation in the 24-nation IOWave16 exercise held in September had underscored the need to get a range of participating bodies to work together better.

07 Sep 2016 description

By Brigitte Leoni

PORT VICTORIA, Seychelles, 7 September 2016 - Tourism in coastal areas is at high risk from tsunamis in the Indian Ocean as was demonstrated by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami which claimed the lives of up to 9,000 tourists from an overall death toll of 230,000.

18 Aug 2016 description

Summary: As of 12 July 2016, the Ministry of Health reported the number of cases as 1,062 with the outbreak extending to all five regions of the country, the 5 most affected districts being English River (101 cases) Anse Royal (99 cases) Anse Etoile (82 cases) Beau Vallon (78 cases) and Point La rue (62 cases).
Based on this, the NS is adding another 4 districts which will total to 5 intervention districts.

09 Jun 2016 description
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Situation analysis

Description of the disaster According to the Ministry of Health, 253 people have tested positive for dengue since January - 21 May 2016. There has been an exponential increase in the number of confirmed cases from week 16 onwards with the peak (66) in week 19. In total 175 males and 96 females tested positive for dengue (253 cases). The age range 2 - 79 years old, with 85% of the cases being less than 40 years.

12 May 2016 description

11 May 2016 - During a two-day mission to the Seychelles, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited the Supreme Court Annex - an infrastructure project constructed by UNODC under the Office's Global Maritime Crime Programme (GMCP) which aims to carry out maritime piracy trials in the East Africa archipelago.

09 May 2016 description
report UN News Service

8 mai 2016 – Au deuxième jour de sa visite aux Seychelles, le Secrétaire général des Nations Unies, Ban Ki-moon, a rappelé dimanche l'importance d'une approche concertée entre Etats pour résoudre les défis du changement climatique, du développement durable et de l'aide humanitaire d'urgence, saluant l'engagement de l'archipel à faire profiter le forum onusien de son expérience et de ces idées.