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15 Apr 2015 description

The UNHCR currently manages three refugee camps in Burkina Faso for refugees from the neighbouring country Mali. Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has been assigned to provide shelters to the refugees, and their work is partly funded by Sida.

If a country's government does not have the resources to take care of refugees from another country, the UN refugee agency UNHCR can intervene and help manage the task. Through the refugee organisation CONAREF, the Burkinese state decides where in the country the camps should be located.

15 Apr 2015 description

When the armed conflict in Mali flared up in 2012, many people ended up in the middle of the contending parties. Alhader Ag Azar was one of many who took his entire family and fled to the neighbouring country Burkina Faso. He appreciates the safety in the refugee camp, but misses the ability to move around freely.

10 May 2013 description

Fund will Spur Investment in African Agriculture Infrastructure
For Immediate Release
Thursday, May 9, 2013
USAID Press Office

17 Nov 2011 description

In order to ensure food production in the arid Burkina Faso you need to be able to store water between the rain periods. The small-scale water reservoirs are therefore important for people in rural areas and more drain-off reservoirs will be repaired and new ones will be built under the Sida-funded water reservoirs project.