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13 Dec 2018 description


Local leaders, youth and women of the Gak and Manuer sections in the counties of Aloor and Malueeth in the Greater Lakes region have unanimously agreed to end five years of inter-communal conflict that has claimed at least fifty lives.

12 Dec 2018 description


“Human Rights oiye… oiye, oiye!!!!, shouted William Kuichiang from South Sudan’s Human Rights Commission in Bentiu, as he rallied those attending a celebration of those very rights.

“Human rights oiyee, human rights oiye,” responded the men, women and students attending the event, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“South Sudan needs a strong legal system that will judge civilians and military who abuse the rights of women,” Kuichiang continued.

12 Dec 2018 description

11 December 2018

A series of special projects funded by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan are improving the lives of communities across the country by providing access to clean water, education and healthcare, safe houses for vulnerable women, and strengthening the justice system to hold perpetrators of sexual violence to account.

11 Dec 2018 description


“If we don’t stand firm to end this war, we shall have no future. Young girls are being raped every day, yet grandmothers are not spared either. I do not know where we are heading as a nation.”

The passionate appeal of Alice Kiden David, a soldier and nurse of the South Sudan People’s Defence Forces (SSPDF), is perfectly understandable. She has witnessed what war does to a country and its people. She fears that she may lost her son to violence.

10 Dec 2018 description

UNMISS “Protection of Civilians” (PoC) Sites

As of 06 December 2018, a total of number of civilians seeking safety in six Protection of Civilians (PoC) sites located on UNMISS bases is 194,916 including 114,469 in Bentiu, 29,190 in Malakal, 32,113 in Juba UN House, 2,284 in Bor, and 116 in UNMISS base and 16,744 in the area adjacent to UNMISS in Wau “.

10 Dec 2018 description


They came before dawn.

Arriving in Freedom Square in the murky pre-morning light, hundreds of athletes stretched their legs and jogged on the spot as they prepared to challenge themselves and each other in a 10-kilometre race around the streets of South Sudan’s capital city.

09 Dec 2018 description


At an undisclosed location in South Sudan’s Unity region, a rape survivor narrates her ordeal.

“We were coming back from the town, and on our way, we found people, and these people looted our items. After that, they tied us for eight hours in the bush, and then at 4:00am, they released us,” narrates the 18-year-old mother of two in Nuer language, to a patrol team of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

She, together with another woman, helplessly struggled in the hands of their molesters, she says.

09 Dec 2018 description


A large section of boda-boda motorcyclists and security officials in Yei River area have resolved to end hatred and mistrust between them to foster peaceful coexistence and build social cohesion.

The commitment was made at the conclusion of a one-day trust and confidence-building workshop organized by the Civil Affairs Division of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS). The workshop brought together at least 50 participants.

09 Dec 2018 description


Military personnel from the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces have completed a three-day training aimed at curbing conflict-related sexual violence in the northern town of Bentiu, where shocking incidents of rape and sexual assault have been reported in recent weeks.

Organized by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Human Rights Division, the training – which was planned days before the allegations of brutal rapes of some 150 women and girls near the town came to the fore – attracted 40 government soldiers.

07 Dec 2018 description

**Juba (7 December 2018) – Ahead of the International Human Rights Defenders Day on Sunday, 9 December, the Director of the UNMISS Human Rights Division and Representative of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in South Sudan, Eugene Nindorera, expressed gratitude and admiration for the work of human rights defenders and called for an expansion of the civic space in South Sudan to promote the implementation of the peace agreement. **

05 Dec 2018 description


“One rape is too many,” says Andrea Cullinan from the United Nations Population Fund.

Cullinan is also the National Coordinator representing various United Nations agencies, and national and international non-governmental organisations working in the prevention and response to gender-based violence, in South Sudan.

04 Dec 2018 description


Eighty-year-old Nyapuoka Gatkuoth Geer has seen a lot of suffering during the conflict that erupted across South Sudan five years ago.

In the southern Unity region, where she lives, fierce fighting between armed groups forced thousands of people to flee their homes. Many took their families into the bush and swampland, living on whatever wild fruits and vegetables they could scavenge.

02 Dec 2018 description

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan has condemned a series of brutal sexual attacks on women and girls travelling from their villages to the town of Bentiu in the Unity region of South Sudan.

30 Nov 2018 description

by Gideon Sackitey

“The children in this place are our own. They are our brothers and sisters, we will not put them in harm’s way.”

These emotional remarks by Jamus Ayut, the County Commissioner in Akobo, set the scene at the opening of a two-day workshop on child protection for 50 soldiers from the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Army-in Opposition (SPLA-IO)

30 Nov 2018 description

James Sokiri

The residents of Yei woke to an early morning colourful procession of boda boda motorcyclists wearing bright reflective jackets and safety helmets, carrying only female passengers in a symbolic gesture of their united efforts to end sexual violence against women and girls.

29 Nov 2018 description


Businessman Angelo Geng spent two weeks stuck on the road between the towns of Bentiu and Ajak Kuach after his car became bogged down in mud caused by heavy downpours during the rainy season.

“I was stranded because of the road conditions and no-one came to our rescue,” he said.

The roads in the Unity region of South Sudan are in a ruined state because of the impact of war and weather, which means that food and other vital supplies often cannot get through to internally displaced families and communities in need.

29 Nov 2018 description


Grasping their bibles, hymn-books and tightly clutching onto their crosses, over 6,000 congegrants prayed, sang, and danced. They had gathered at the Zion Episcopal Church of South Sudan: to give thanks for the signing of the revitalised peace agreement, and to pray that its implementation goes on without any “obstruction”.

29 Nov 2018 description


As the United Nations plane heads towards the town of Renk, the pilot informs all those on board that he needs to do a quick flyover of the airstrip to ensure it is in good enough shape to accommodate a landing.

He expertly steers the aircraft down towards the ground so that he can do a low sweep along the runway checking for any potholes or subsidence.

Once the check is complete and he is satisfied it is safe, he veers back up into the skies doing a sharp turn to circle the area before lining up the runway again and touching down safely.

27 Nov 2018 description


More than ten cultural groups within the Torit municipal council area, religious leaders, artists and Youth Peace Ambassadors recently engaged in various activities aimed at engendering community cohesion through nonviolent approaches.

Different Communities shared local wine and a traditional beer, locally known as ‘kpete’, in the spirit of togetherness at the municipal dancing ground.

27 Nov 2018 description


Every morning, Regina and Sunday Peters walk for two hours in the sweltering sun to get from their village to school in Kodok. After laboring over their lessons, they spend several hours selling milk for the equivalent of US50 cents a bottle before making the long journey home again.

The shy sisters, who are just 10 and 11-years-old, are among thousands of internally displaced South Sudanese returning to their homes in the Upper Nile region, thanks to an improving security situation and the presence of United Nations peacekeepers.