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06 Feb 2017 description

Author: Emmy Simmons

Project Director: Kimberly Flowers


Executive Summary

Sharp rises in global food prices in 2007/08 jolted global political leaders out of any complacency they might have had regarding the future of food and agriculture. Street demonstrations and food riots broke out in more than 40 countries across the world, provoking unrest and violence in several places.

23 May 2016 description

By Kimberly Flowers

19 Nov 2012 description

Less than 18 months into its life as an independent nation, South Sudan is facing a desperate struggle for survival. Because the terms of its separation from Sudan were not decided before independence, negotiations have dragged on over issues including borders, security arrangements, and the qualifications for citizenship, diverting attention from the urgent task of development. Most damagingly, the two nations have failed to cooperate on oil production, the mainstay of their economies.

20 Apr 2012 description

By Richard Downie

APR 19, 2012

06 Jan 2012 description

The world’s newest country, South Sudan, has been convulsed by serious violence between rival ethnic groups. Fighting at the turn of the New Year in Jonglei state left dozens, possibly hundreds, of people dead and caused as many as 50,000 residents to flee their homes. The violence, between members of the Lou Nuer and Murle, underscores the fragile security situation in South Sudan and exposes the continued inability of the fledgling state to protect its own citizens.

Q1: Where is Jonglei and what’s been going on there?

10 Aug 2011 description

By Richard Downie

Aug 10, 2011