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31 Jan 2018 description
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Alibef Taban’s story of life in South Sudan reads like a horrible game of Jenga.

One by one, conflict pulled out the supports his family needed to survive. And now they’re threatened with collapse from homelessness and hunger.

Alibef is the father of seven children. When South Sudan’s civil war invaded his village in December 2016, the family fled for their lives. Alibef is a farmer by trade, with an elementary school education under his belt. But his family is starving.

16 Oct 2017 description
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World Food Day is supposed to celebrate progress toward ending hunger around the globe.

But this World Food Day, 815 million people are hungry.

16 Aug 2017 description
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The complexities of the South Sudan refugee crisis are myriad. Merely crossing the border, leaving the war behind, doesn’t end the nightmare. Food for the Hungry is walking alongside refugees and host families in Northern Uganda who are part of the living hell of the world’s worst refugee situation since World War II.

11 Aug 2017 description
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31 Mar 2015 description
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Education offers positive alternative for children

PHOENIX (March 26, 2015) – Food for the Hungry (FH) recently received a UNICEF grant in the amount of $1,004,221, including a match of $286,792 from the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), which will enable FH to provide access to life-saving, inclusive education to girls and boys affected by the crisis in South Sudan.

05 Oct 2014 description
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From Crisis to Catastrophe
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From Crisis to Catastrophe - Summary

Aid agencies warn of famine next year as upsurge in fighting imminent

Agencies fear recent improvements will be wiped out as the number of severely hungry people will rise by 1 million in first three months of 2015

A group of leading aid agencies warned today that parts of South Sudan – already the world’s worse food crisis – could fall into famine early next year if the nine-month long conflict escalates as expected.

12 Aug 2014 description
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Training Africans to increase sales and grow small agricultural businesses

PHOENIX (August 5, 2014) – President Barack Obama spoke to 50 African leaders at the U.S.-Africa Business Forum in Washington D.C. from Aug. 4-6, to promote Africa’s economic growth in business and foreign investment. President Obama rallied support for Africa’s upcoming generation in creating business opportunities.

24 Jul 2014 description
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4 million South Sudanese civilians face acute food insecurity as conflict in rural areas continues

PHOENIX (July X, 2014) – South Sudan is being ripped apart by escalating violence, with millions displaced and food in short supply. Refugee camps are full of disease—cholera, malaria and severe waterborne disease risks are high for everyone, especially children.

12 May 2014 description

Juba, 12 May 2014 – On 20 May 2014, the international community will convene in Oslo, Norway, to discuss how to address the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan. In just under five months since fighting erupted, the situation in South Sudan has deteriorated severely, causing 1.3 million people to flee from their homes, including an estimated 300,000 to neighboring countries. Over 4 million people, including over 2.5 million children, are extremely vulnerable to food insecurity, as people have been displaced from their sources of survival. This crisis is worsening on a daily basis.

24 Jan 2014 description
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With 450,000 Displaced, FH’s Works to Prevent Gender-Based Violence

PHOENIX (Jan. 23, 2014) – Nearly five weeks of violent conflict throughout South Sudan has left at least 1,000 dead, 450,000 displaced and the climate of individual communities in constant turmoil and change. In the capital city of Juba, violence has greatly subsided. However, many rural areas, where Food for the Hungry (FH) works, have continued fighting.

28 Jun 2013 description
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By Pete Howard

On the White Nile River in South Sudan, fires in the distance can be indicators of violence.

Buck Deines, who works with Food for the Hungry’s (FH) emergency response unit, traveled to South Sudan. He tells about his experiences with death, dangers and the other harsh conditions FH/South Sudan staff face every day. Here is his blog:

During my recent travels with Food for the Hungry – into the northeastern Republic of South Sudan—I decided my FH colleagues were either out of their minds or among the most selfless people on the planet.

05 Sep 2011 description
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"I think this is one of the best things we could ever do for HIV; it's one of the most successful prevention methods," says FH's HIV/AIDS programs coordinator, Kim Buttonow, MPH. "You can have an HIV-free generation."

By expanding the prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT), children of HIV-positive mothers actually could choose whether to protect themselves from the deadly virus, instead of being born with it.