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10 Mar 2018 description
report Radio Dabanga

Representatives of the Dinka Ngok and Misseriya tribes have signed a community peace agreement for peaceful coexistence on Monday. More than 150 delegates from both tribes attended the conference in the disputed Abyei Administrative Area, the traditional homeland of the Dinka Ngok, who have with strong ties with the South Sudanese Dinka tribe.

The three-day conference was supported by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the UN Interim Security Force in Abyei (UNISFA).

18 Dec 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

Sudanese refugees from the Nuba Mountains living in camps in South Sudan have called upon the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) to resume the provision of services that have stopped for almost two years.

01 Nov 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

Khartoum and Juba have agreed to open four of the ten border crossings between the two countries and to activate the joint security arrangements.

On Monday, the Defence Ministers of Sudan and South Sudan held a session of talks at the Ministry of Defence in Khartoum, in preparation for the visit of South Sudanese President Salva Kiir Mayardit on Wednesday.

16 Oct 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

The number of South Sudanese refugees in East Darfur now exceeds 110,000, and the flow is expected to increase, according to Ibrahim Musa Ali, the Humanitarian Aid Commissioner for East Darfur.

In a press statement last week, Commissioner Ali says that the Government of East Darfur has taken tight security and health measures at the crossing points used by South Sudanese refugees as the flow is expected to increase in conjunction with the harvest season.

06 Aug 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

White Nile state authorities began investigating the recent riots in the Khor El Waral camp for South Sudanese refugees on Thursday.

Fighting broke out at the camp on Tuesday. Parts of the camp burned down and a number of UN food stores were destroyed. Four women teachers were reportedly raped. The causes are unclear so far.

Khor El Waral camp, with more than 53,000 South Sudanese, is the largest refugee camp in White Nile state. There are more than 160,000 refugees in the state bordering South Sudan.

06 Jul 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

Four people died of cholera in Delling in South Kordofan, including a university student. Three other students also contracted cholera. Meanwhile the university of Kadugli refuses to postpone the start of the new year.

A young woman who studies at the University of Delling died of cholera after being treated at the Delling Hospital, health workers in South Kordofan reported to Radio Dabanga on Wednesday. Three patients died in El Nila, east of Delling, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

05 Jul 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

The United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei handed-over dozens of stolen animals back to the pastoralist groups, following incidents of cattle theft between the Ngok Dinka and the Misseriya tribes.

The operations to recover and return the 62 animals concluded on Tuesday. 43 of the animals were stolen during a cattle raid on 30 June near the Sink water reservoir point, and they have been handed over to the Misseriya owner.

Ninenteen animals were returned to a Ngok Dinka pastoralist, who earlier received 58 herd of cattle which were recovered last week.

04 Jul 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

On Wednesday, the Commissioner of Ed Daein in East Darfur has ordered the evacuation of South Sudanese refugees from the town within 48 hours, to prevent the spread of cholera. The Kario refugee camp has been isolated. The North Darfur Health Ministry will send medical investigation teams to a number of localities.

04 Jul 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

The state Ministry of Health placed medical tents to combat the spread of cholera in the overcrowded Kalma camp for displaced people in South Darfur.

Five people died of 'acute watery diarrhoea', as the deadly disease is called by the Sudanese authorities, in the Nyala Academic Hospital, the Ministry of Health reported on Monday. Minister Yagoub Ibrahim Eldamuki told reporters that the Academic Hospital received 50 suspected cases of acute diarrhoea; sixteen of them have been discharged from the hospital.

30 May 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

Patients with cholera, or 'acute watery diarrhoea', are reportedly being transferred to the capital of Sudan. The cases come from White Nile state, where the disease has taken-on epidemic proportions.

Information from doctor colleagues has led Dr Syed Ginat to believe that several hospitals in Khartoum have received cases of watery diarrhoea from White Nile state; in the military hospital, the academic hospital, Ibrahim Malik hospital, and Omdurman hospital.

26 Apr 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

Thousands of refugees from South Kordofan have arrived in Pamir camp in South Sudan, after being forced to leave Yida camp because of a shortage of food.

10,000 new refugees from the Nuba Mountains have arrived in Pamir in Ruwang, a reporter at the scene told Radio Dabanga. The refugees that have reached the camp in the past three months mostly come from Yida, after humanitarian organisations there have scaled down food and aid activities last year.

07 Mar 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

A medical convoy, containing mobile clinics for early screening for cancer, testing for HIV, and sexually transmitted diseases, has arrived in the South Darfur capital. 5,000 patients are planned to be treated.

The convoy took six days to arrive in Nyala from Katila locality, and includes 18 specialists, general doctors and paramedics.

04 Jan 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

More than 70 Sudanese refugees who fled the fighting in Blue Nile state for Doro, the largest and oldest refugee camp in South Sudan’s Maban county in Upper Nile state, were reportedly murdered on 24, 25, 26 December 2016.

A missionary described scenes of horror to Radio Dabanga as bodies are unburied and thousands have quit the camp to live in the open.

24 Oct 2016 description
report Radio Dabanga

The Public Order Court in Darfur has fined six South Sudanese from Kario camp on the charges of obstructing an officer on duty and terrorism against the state during a raid on Monday. A pregnant woman who was injured during the raid awaits her trial in the hospital.

The court in Ed Daein, the capital of East Darfur, sentenced a camp leader and five refugees to three months in prison and to paying a fine of SDG5,000 ($812.70) on Thursday.

10 Sep 2016 description
report Radio Dabanga

Thousands of residents of Abyei, on the border between Sudan and South Sudan, have returned to the contested area after certain parts have witnessed a steady security situation.

“About 74,000 of the residents” have returned to the eastern areas of Abyei so far, according to Deng Meding, the chairman of the Supervisory Committee of the Government of South Sudan. He told Radio Dabanga that the returnees have settled in Tageli, Longe, Romamir and Nadol.

02 Sep 2016 description
report Radio Dabanga

Sudanese refugees from Blue Nile state living in South Sudan’s Upper Nile complain of inadequate seed and farming land granted to them, which could detrimentally affect the agricultural season this year.

The refugees of the Blue Nile in Upper Nile of South Sudan State have complained of a lack of seeds and the narrowness of the land they are granted for the purpose of farming which could affect the agricultural season in the camps this year.

01 Aug 2016 description
report Radio Dabanga

The already dire humanitarian situation in Blue Nile State is deteriorating more because of the armed conflict in South Sudan, says Ibrahim Beis, human rights observer in the state. Two children died of starvation recently.

Beis told Radio Dabanga on Sunday that the prices of basic consumer goods are soaring as the trade across the Sudanese-South Sudanese border has stopped. “The most affected areas are those south of Yaboos, Shali, and Wadaka, where the prices of sorghum are skyrocketing.”

08 Jul 2016 description
report Radio Dabanga


The humanitarian organisations working in the South Sudanese Yida camp for refugees from South Kordofan continue to phase out their services.

The aid activities at the Yida refugee camp in South Sudan's Unity State are decreased in line with the relocation programme of the about 70,000 refugees from the Nuba Mountains to new sites in the vicinity.

08 Jul 2016 description
report Radio Dabanga


The refugees from Blue Nile and Darfur who sought shelter in the Duro camp in South Sudan's Upper Nile state are in dire need of health care and medicines.

“Afaf Feisal (3) died of malaria last week because her mother did not find treatment,” Suleiman Ibrahim Hammad, coordinator of the Darfur site of the camp reported to Radio Dabanga on Wednesday.

03 Jul 2016 description
report Radio Dabanga

Hundreds of South Sudanese fleeing the fighting in Bahr El Ghazal reached North Darfur last week.

Suleiman Mukhtar, Member of Parliament for Ailliet Jarelnabi constituency confirmed to Radio Dabanga that more than 700 South Sudanese refugee families arrived in the areas of Dalil Dukhri, Haskanita, and Abu Sufyan.

No assistance has so far reached them, Mukhtar said. He appealed to the authorities and international humanitarian organisations to intervene and provide aid.