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16 May 2018 description

Their fields have become war zones, and much of the population of Yei in South Sudan cultivates the tiniest plot of land to survive within the city’s perimeter. Terre des hommes is supporting families by developing urban vegetable gardens to tackle child malnutrition. Report.

A 4x4 negotiates its way along the reddish dirt road surrounded by bright green fields bathed by the morning sun. “The Yei region was the breadbasket of South Sudan,” says Ladu Jackson, a Tdh employee. “It was also a trading hub.”

13 Apr 2018 description

Experts say that in 2018, 90% of South Sudan’s population, including more than one million children, will suffer from food insecurity. Terre des hommes is distributing seeds in the besieged city of Yei to increase harvests, supply markets and promote trade.

23 Aug 2017 description

Today, Swiss Solidarity is re-launching the emergency “Famine in Africa” to tackle food insecurity, a major issue for many African countries. In South Sudan, 6 million people – half the country’s population – are affected, and the health and lives of children are in danger. Terre des hommes (Tdh) is helping families in Yei, a city cut off by armed forces, by sharing urban farming techniques.

03 Mar 2017 description

Famine has been declared in some parts of South Sudan on February 20. This declaration is based on the highest level on the IPC scale* of food insecurity. It is only called out in the worst case scenario, where more than 20% of the families face acute food shortage and the death rate of children under five is higher than four deaths per 10,000 children a day. In some other parts of South Sudan, humanitarian actors talk of deaths of starvation and the urgent need of food and agricultural assistance.

21 Feb 2017 description

A humanitarian crisis is currently unfolding in the besieged town of Yei, in South Sudan, trapping 100,000 people. In response to the crisis, Swiss Church Aid (HEKS/EPER) and the children´s aid foundation, Terre des hommes have launched a CHF 1.5 million project, supported by Swiss Solidarity.

13 Aug 2014 description
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Life for those people who have been displaced by conflict in South Sudan is extremely hard. They are living in temporary tents and shelters during a rainy season which brings mud and disease. They have very little access to health care, sanitation and education. This is especially felt by the children who have been forced to leave their homes and schools and many of whom have lost family members and witnessed violent conflict.

13 Aug 2014 description
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Since the beginning of the conflict in December 2013, more than a million people are fleeing. With continued fighting, the spread of cholera and the threat of famine, the situation is escalating dramatically. Without humanitarian assistance, the lives of thousands of children will soon be in danger.

27 Jul 2011 description

Twelve million people are affected by the food crisis. 2 millions children. Half a million children are severely malnourished and in danger of imminent death. The latest figures (FAO, UNICEF) on the disastrous drought in the Horn of Africa are overwhelming. Terre des hommes is already working in the border region between Kenya and South Sudan, and will be launching an additional emergency mission in the next few days for the distribution of vital goods, nutritional aid and child protection.