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11 Dec 2017 description
report PAX

A group of concerned citizens in South Sudan warns that the situation in the country is likely to become even worse unless a genuine, inclusive political process can be started immediately. The group says South Sudan's internal conflicts cannot be settled by war, but must be settled through political dialogue based on a shared vision for a peaceful future in which the South Sudanese are united in diversity . The Concerned Citizen's Network for Peace (CCNP) therefore calls upon the wisdom of the leaders of all South Sudanese parties to act for the general good of all citizens

02 Nov 2017 description
report PAX

Report on cross-border peacebuilding in South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya demonstrates the importance of investing in youth

The report ‘Sustaining Relative Peace’ is a reflection on over ten years of peace work with armed youth and their communities and leaders in South Sudan and the borderlands with Uganda and Kenya. These communities mostly consist of shepherds.

29 Sep 2016 description
report PAX
Executive Summary

A large number of people in the Horn of Africa have grown up in the midst of armed conflict. They are never far from violence and danger. The abundance of weapons in the region and the constant influx of new arms play a large role in these conflicts. In the report 'Armed and insecure', PAX provides a unique overview of the manner in which armed conflict and the arms trade reinforce each other.

12 Jul 2016 description
report PAX


The Dutch peacebuilding organisation PAX is extremely concerned about the resumption of hostilities in South Sudan.

Gun battles in the capital Juba are continuing despite a call from the United Nations for an immediate cease fire. Skirmishes are taking place elsewhere in the country as well. The latest round of fighting has already claimed at least 300 lives, including many civilians.

19 Jan 2016 description

This report about possible developments in South Sudan up to 2020 is based on a study by Jaïr van der Lijn of SIPRI, commissioned by PAX. Its purpose is to con-tribute to the debate about how to stimulate peace, security and development in South Sudan, and to present implications for (inter)national action.