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18 May 2018 description
report EastAfrican


South Sudan has restricted the movements of people and goods along its borders with the DR Congo over the Ebola spread fears.

Health minister Riek Gai Kok announced on Thursday that the risk of the Ebola spread to South Sudan was high due to the proximity between the two countries.

“While cases of Ebola Virus Disease have not yet been detected in South Sudan, the risk is high because of movement of people from DR Congo into South Sudan,” he said.

An isolation facility

04 May 2018 description
report EastAfrican

Kenya will not be certified polio-free this year as planned as live viruses have been found in sewage samples collected from Nairobi.

The Ministry of Health was notified by Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri) of isolation of polio virus type 2 from an environmental sample collected on March 21 from one of the sites in Eastleigh, Kamukunji Sub-county.

“Genetic sequencing of the isolate in CDC Atlanta laboratories subsequently confirmed it is circulating vaccine-derived polio type 2(CVDPV2).” the ministry said in a statement.

20 Feb 2018 description
report EastAfrican

In Summary
- The parties to the Igad-led negotiations agreed on the composition of a transitional government and security arrangements.
- About 14 factions are in attendance in the talks officially known as the High Level Revitalisation Programme to review the stalled implementation of the 2015 South Sudan peace agreement.
- But observers are concerned whether all remaining issues of the 2015 peace agreement yet to be discussed will be concluded by Friday when negotiations close.

22 Dec 2017 description
report EastAfrican

As South Sudan's warring parties haggled over a ceasefire deal this week, dozens of refugees streamed into neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, fleeing what they said was a fresh government offensive.

The apparent push to recapture the key rebel stronghold of Lasu came as mediators tabled a ceasefire agreement in Addis Ababa, which was signed by major parties to the four year conflict on Thursday and is to go into force on December 24.

Lasu attack

29 Nov 2017 description
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In Summary
- One of the things to be implemented is the revitalisation programme of the August 2015 agreement by Igad.
- The second approach to restoring peace involves the re-unification of the three factions of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) led by Uganda's Museveni.
- The third and the most challenging process involves the National Dialogue launched by President Kiir.

06 Sep 2017 description
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More than 300 million people rely on the waters of the River Nile.

The Nile river basin contains over 10 per cent of Africa’s landmass, in 11 countries: Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Egypt, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea and Kenya. Many of these countries rely almost exclusively on the Nile as their source of freshwater.

15 Aug 2017 description
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In Summary

  • Fr Emmanuel Lodongo Sebit has urged the Sudan People's Liberation Army to exercise maximum professionalism and avoid turning their guns on civilians

  • Various human-rights reports have linked South Sudan's army to cases of harassment, torture and killing of innocent civilians while in combat with rebels.

South Sudan's army is once again in the spotlight for alleged mistreatment and harassment of civilians in Yei River State in Central Equatoria.

18 Jul 2017 description
report EastAfrican

The Khartoum government, Juba and the United Nations have signed a one-year deal to facilitate the flow of relief aid to the victims of famine in South Sudan until July 2018.

The three partners signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Monday in Khartoum for the agreement that aims to deliver 90,000 metric tons of aid, especially to the Upper Nile and Unity states.

The Sudanese Aid Commissioner, Mr Ahmed Mohammed Adam, said Khartoum was committed to the food delivery to the neighbouring state, adding that they would open more corridors this year.

27 Jun 2017 description
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In Summary

  • Refugee Solidarity summit in Kampala brought in pledges of $358.6m (Ushs1.25 trillion), which although was praised by President Museveni and the UN Secretary General António Guterres as a good starting point, is still far less of the earlier intended goal by $1.6b (Ushs5 trillion).

  • The lukewarm response to Uganda’s solidarity with a refugee population of close to 1.3 million refugees out of which 950,000 are from South Sudan, is a reflection of the growing void in humanitarian aid funding for the South Sudan crisis.

07 Jun 2017 description
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  • The peace accord was mediated by the Evangelical Presbyterian Church leader Bishop Elias Taban Parangi after a four day joint military committee meeting in Kampala.

  • SPLA was represented by Maj-Gen Marshal Stephen Babanen while SPLA-IO Yei River State was represented by Brig Hillary Edson Yakani.

27 Oct 2016 description
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  • More than eight million people are facing starvation in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Burundi due to a poor harvest that has stretched the region’s food reserves.

  • In Kenya, more than one million people, mostly in the northeastern and coastal areas, are facing starvation; in Uganda, the below-average crop production due to drought has left close to half a million people in Karamoja, Teso, Acholi and West Nile regions exposed to hunger.

02 Aug 2016 description
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Amid rising concern over the risk of disease outbreaks, the Uganda government is carrying out mass polio and measles immunisation for children who have recently escaped fighting in South Sudan.

The immunisation drive is being conducted at settlement points, where people have sought temporary shelter and targets all children under the age of five years.

28 Jan 2016 description
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In Summary

  • The Burundi issue will dominate agenda as heads of state decide whether to allow the deployment of 5,000 troops in Burundi by the AU.

The 26th African Union (AU) summit is heavily loaded with agenda items.

One of the burning issues is whether the Heads of State who arrive here later this week will authorise the deployment of an armed force in the troubled central African country of Burundi.

14 Sep 2015 description
report EastAfrican

By Jeff Otieno and Apolinari Tairo


  • East Africans should brace for three months of El Niño rains, local and international meteorologists have warned.

  • The torrential rains are expected between September and December in most areas, but will extend to February next year in some parts of the greater Horn of Africa region.

20 Apr 2015 description
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In Summary

What is normal rainfall?

•Above average rainfall, normal rainfall and below average rainfall are calculated using the long-term average rainfall of a particular ecological zone. The long-term average rainfall of a region is the mean rainfall amount for the past 30 years. It is calculated for both the long rains and short rains.

02 Mar 2015 description
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04 Sep 2014 description
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By ISAAC KHISA Special Correspondent


  • Plant genetic resources are seeds and planting materials (traditional and modern varieties, crop and wild plant species) that can be used to develop crop varieties resistant to pests and diseases as well as tolerant to climate change.

East African crop scientists have embarked on a five-year project to conserve indigenous plant genetic resources to improve food security across East Africa.

01 Sep 2014 description
report EastAfrican


  • Although most farmers in East Africa are ready to make efforts to boost production, the institutional set-up, governance as well as management of land and other resources create conditions that inherently make farming an inefficient enterprise.

  • To a large extent, agriculture is in the hands of small-scale farmers who use rudimentary tools of production and methods passed down across generations, resulting in low crop yields, despite their high commercial and export potential.