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19 Dec 2017 description

Published on Monday 18 December 2017

The aid organisation lost contact with three members of its team yesterday, Sunday 17 December, in Southern Sudan.

Following the publication of several press articles, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL invites the media to be very cautious about the information published around this event.

31 Mar 2017 description


20 Mar 2017 description

The state of famine was declared at the end of February in South Sudan. 4.9 million South Sudanese - 42% of the county’s population - need food aid. 100,000 people are in direct mortal danger. Beyond providing a vital emergency help, a long-term assistance will be unavoidable.

23 Feb 2017 description

27 humanitarian agencies working in South Sudan have warned that unless substantial funds are immediately provided to those working on the ground, organisations will struggle to stop famine spreading across the country in the next few months. The statement follows Monday’s declaration of famine in parts of the country.

29 Nov 2016 description

While South Sudan is undergoing a conflict between government and rebel forces, needs of populations, who are sometimes unreachable, are increasing every day. In this context, national teams are essential to understand the country’s environment and to be accepted by populations. When they are involved and talented, some of them can become expatriated. SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL’s new Head of Mission in the country knows this well. Opu Islam is a former Bangladeshi national staff.

From Bangladesh to South Sudan

21 Jul 2016 description

The civil population, stuck in a noose of internal political rivalry, is once more the victim of violence, looting, assassinations, with many displaced. In Juba, fighting has resumed since 8 July between the two rival sides and the body count has reached the hundreds, with thousands more having to flee. The camps run by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and the Protection of Civilians sites that house some 28,000 people were not spared and are actually being targeted by heavy shelling on 10 July.

04 May 2016 description

For over two years, South Sudan has been facing a civil war. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), one fifth of the population - about 2 million people - is displaced. While the President Salva Kiir has divided the country in 28 States, creating new intercommunity tensions, access to basic services is becoming increasingly difficult for one of the poorest populations in the world.

23 Jul 2015 description

South Sudan, the youngest country in the world, has been devastated by civil conflict since December 2013. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams have been operating in the fields of water, sanitation and hygiene as well as food security since 2006. Lapo Somigli, our Field Coordinator in Malakal, Upper Nile State, returns from a one-year mission.

What is the situation in Malakal today?

30 Jun 2015 description

In the worsening humanitarian context of South Sudan, tens of thousands of refugees and internally displaced persons are gathering in camps protected by the United Nations. Inside those camps, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is providing water and building toilets.

22 Apr 2015 description

South Sudan is a country that humanitarian aid workers - whatever their origins - can be reluctant to travel to. It conjures up images of rudimentary living conditions, serious security problems, and unwelcoming people. Agnieszka Goscinska, who has just returned from a year spent as SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s Head of Mission in South Sudan, sees things very differently.

28 Nov 2014 description


Location description

Haat Boma is in Korwai payam of Ayod county on the north west part of Ayod. It is bordered by Unity State on the west, Fangak County on the North and Canal/Pigi on the east.

Reasons for assessment

Due to recent displacements, Haat was identified as one of high priority areas for assessment in the OWG meetings in Juba.

Situation outlook, trends and prospects

23 Dec 2013 description

The entire SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL team is in shock following the probable assassination of one of our south sudanese team members at Ajong Tock in South Sudan on December 21st, 2013.

The charity has been working in this country since 2006, where it carries out large-scale projects to provide access to water, hygiene and sanitation. All these projects have been suspended due to the sudden upsurge of violence in the country during the last week.