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06 Feb 2018 description

Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) mission in South Sudan intervened in emergency shelter and nonfood items (ES & NFIs) by conducting series of needs assessments and distributions to reduce the suffering of the affected population in remote and hard to reach locations in South Sudan. The PAH Project coordinator for ES’ & NFIs, Lumaya Emmanuel said the emergency shelter and NFIs project was running for eight months beginning 1st of June 2017 and concluded on 31st January 2018.

31 Oct 2017 description

In the last Non-Food Items (NFIs) project, which started on 1 October 2016 and ended in May 2017, Polish Humanitarian Action’s (PAH) emergency response team conducted 10 mobile interventions that made every effort possible to reach 93,412 IDPs through in-kind NFIs distribution. Explaining the mission, PAH’s project coordinator of NFIs/CBI projects, Lumaya Emmanuel, said his emergency response team assisted the most vulnerable host communities and returnees, mostly those who have found life so difficult to live in refugee camps in Uganda and have decided to return to Nimule.

18 Jul 2017 description

Being a humanitarian worker in South Sudan might prove more challenging on different fronts. All ranging from lack of access, poor attitude from communities and their leaders, insecurity, and so on. Despite all this, vulnerable populations affected by conflict, epidemics and other natural calamities still need to be served or supported.

29 May 2017 description

Humanitarian Situation in this Area

Inter-Cluster Response Mission (ICRM) lead by UNOCHA went to Mayendit (Southern Unity) on 7th April 2017 to response to families affected by famine, where IOM and PAH, for Shelter and NFI Cluster, participated.

16 Feb 2017 description

In just over 20 years, Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) has become one of the largest and most active non-profit humanitarian organizations based in Central Europe. Headquartered in Warsaw, PAH works around the world to reduce suffering caused by various humanitarian crises. Rooted in human rights and driven by the guiding principles of humanitarianism, impartiality, and neutrality, Polish Humanitarian Action strives to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable communities during all phases of a humanitarian crisis.

28 Dec 2016 description

PAH’s Emergency Responses in South Sudan

South Sudan has been facing serious challenges since its independence. The conflict (on going since December 2013) renewed after the July 2016 fighting in Juba. The regions that were viewed as peaceful in the past years, mainly the Greater Equatoria states and Western Bar El Ghazal State, as well as Greater Upper Nile are experiencing huge violence. The conflict is causing a massive displacement of people.

21 Nov 2016 description

Activity: Post Distribution Monitoring of NFI distribution carried out in Uror County, Jonglei state

Location: Pieri

Duration: 21st -24th April 2016

Itinerary: Juba-Yuai-Pieri-Yuai-Juba

21 Nov 2016 description

Activity: Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) of Shelter NFI distributed in South Mayendit County,
Unity state.

Location: Mayendit

Duration: 25th June to 1th July 2016

Itinerary: Juba-Rumbek-Mayendit-Rumbek-Juba

18 Oct 2016 description

Location Information

State: Yei river of CES

County: Kajo-keji


Boma: Kansuk, Bori, wudu, Mondi, bajur liwolo

GPS Coordinates: N 03’51’9.93” E 031’39’37.81”, N 03’47’2.21”E 031’30’23.99”

Situation Overview

18 Oct 2016 description

Location Information

State: Unity State

County: Mayom

Payam: Wangbour

Boma: Pibor

GPS Coordinates: E029 07’’43.72 N09 08’21.13’’

Situation Overview

DRC conducted needs assessment in late July and reported to the SFP and the national cluster who requested a mobile partner to go and conduct a deeper sector specific needs assessments.

26 Apr 2016 description

At the end of February 2016 Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) finalized another emergency preparedness and response project in South Sudan financed by The European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO). PAH has been working as a mobile emergency partner in South Sudan since 2012 and will continue in 2016 with ECHO funding for mobile emergency response.

14 Sep 2015 description

Activity: Carry out WASH and NFI Needs Assessment in surroundings of Yuai and Pieri due to recent fighting in Pajut and Padiek

At the request of: RRA from Pieri, Uror County, Jonglei State

Location: Pieri and Juet, Uror County, Jonglei State
N:17 54’ 22.66’’
E: 031 53’ 17.54’’

Duration: 9-16.06.2015

Itinerary: Juba-Yuai-Pieri-Yuai-Juet –Yuai-Juba

04 Aug 2015 description
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Stories from the Field

In 13-months long project, thanks to support of ECHO fund Polish Humanitarian Action managed to conduct rapid responses in the realm of water, hygiene and sanitation in most acute emergencies in Jonglei State and during the cholera outbreak in Central Equatoria.

28 Jul 2015 description

This year’s outbreak of cholera in South Sudan has claimed 38 lives so far.

01 Apr 2015 description

Situation overview

The Inter-Cluster Working Group (ICWG) in Juba and Bentiu conducted an Initial Rapid Need Assessment (IRNA) team to Mankien in Mayom County from 20-23 February 2015 to assess the humanitarian situation in the area. The team consisted of a thirteen-person UN and INGO team with participants from various humanitarian organisations, representing 8 clusters (Education, FSL, GBV, Health, NFI&ES, Nutrition, Protection, WASH). The team was received by representatives of the SSRRC, and INGO partners working in Mankien.

19 Feb 2015 description

In 2015, thanks to the funds acquired from ECHO and the Common Humanitarian Fund PAH has the chance to carry out immediate aid activities in communities affected by natural disasters, conflicts and sudden outbreaks of cholera.

In 2014 the Emergency Response Team (ERT) carried out a total of 10 interventions, two of which took place in regions affected by outbreaks of cholera epidemics – Ikwotos and Juba, and two in UN IDP camps – Bor and Bentiu.

28 Nov 2014 description


Location description

Haat Boma is in Korwai payam of Ayod county on the north west part of Ayod. It is bordered by Unity State on the west, Fangak County on the North and Canal/Pigi on the east.

Reasons for assessment

Due to recent displacements, Haat was identified as one of high priority areas for assessment in the OWG meetings in Juba.

Situation outlook, trends and prospects

20 Nov 2014 description

Activity: Conduct a quick assessment of water and sanitation situation together with identifying needs for ES NFIs in Pagil and surroundings.

Location: Pagil
N 8' 14140.30 / E 30'4042.75

Duration: 8-14.11.2014

Itinerary: Juba-Rumbek-Pagil-Rumbek-Juba

General context / Background of the assessment:

Population information

31 Oct 2013 description

Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) has been implementing emergency response in Jonglei state, the most troubled state of South Sudan. Jonglei state has a great number of victims of inter-communal violence, natural disasters and fighting between government and non-state actors since 2011. It is in this context that the Emergency Response Team (ERT) has gone to the field to respond to situation.